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facing the entrance to the center of Paris ... see Skyviews
1 min from Chatelet les Halles
2 min from Samaritaine & Louis Vuitton
8 min from Louvre & Notre Dame

30 min from both Paris Airports
2h40 min from London & Bordeaux
3h35 min from Cologne & Geneva & Marseille

click on the 3D picture, walk up the Marguerite de Navarre staircase,
turn right and discover the Vin de Blaye Pop Up Store

Pop Up Cremerie de Paris N°1- N°1 Museum (250m2)
N°1 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D
Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB) - 11 rue des Déchargeurs
75001 Paris / France - mail: b@vb.com
3D Visits of all the VB.com Pop Up Stores & Cafes
see N°1 - N°2 - N°3 - N°6 - N°6 3D - N°7 - N°8 - N°9 - N°9 3D - N°10 - N°18 - N°19 - Metro

Very Beautiful Brand Expos at Cremerie de Paris / VB.com

metro: Chateletleshalles.com/sortie1
main subway exit of the French capital

Metro exit also named after Marguerite de Navarre,
grandmother of the first Bourbon King
Henri IV, grandfather of King Louis XIV.
The Bourbon Kings are all part
of the 894 years of history of VB & Cremerie de Paris.

Cremerie de Paris
thanks to a little jewel from Coco Chanel

Center of Paris by VB.com

look at your keyboard,
only two letters,
a unique adress in the heart of Paris
rooting in centuries of history.
Meeting Place
of the World's most famous Brands ...

1080 m2 full of history in 5 neigboring buildings that exist
since 1370 / 1870 , 1678, 1160 / 1760, 1860 and 1870

Building a Spectacular Metro access

Sortie Marguerite de Navarre
right in between the different Cremeries de Paris
Samaritaine (150m), Canopé (200m), Centre Pompidou (300m),
Marais (500m) and Louvre (500m)

When a Cremerie de Paris Pop Up Store is over
it starts to shine all around the World ...

VB.com Brand Directory
Many Brands
have a connection with Cremerie de Paris
through their Pop Up Stores
through our Internet Cafe
or through things that happened in Paris
a long long time ago.

Cremerie de Paris

VB.com / Cremerie de Paris Pop Up Stores
Meeting Place of the World's
most famous Brands

Amazon Pop Up at all Cremeries de Paris

Game of Thrones by WB.com

Metal Gear Solid V from Konami Launch

von Dutch Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris N°6

Siemens Connected Gallery

Background of the VB.com domain

There are many many many Expo Locations
but not everyone has a seven centuries of History
and no other one a Two Letter Dot Com.

gate Cremerie de Paris
The Villeroys and the Bourbons - VB
1370 - Everything started with the Villeroys (V)
1530 - Marguerite de Navarre, grand mother of the Bourbons (B)
1646 - Nicolas IV de Villeroy working for Henri IV, the first Bourbon King
1646 - Little Louis XIV coming to our VB mansion of his teacher Nicolas V de Villeroy
1671 - End of a Story - The Villeroys sell the house to move to the Versailles Palace

gate Cremerie de Paris
Avant-garde Fashion Hotspot
1648 - birth of a fashion Hotspot in the Kingdom of France
Young Louis XIV watches the construction
Queen Marie Antoinette loves to come for fashion meetings

Avant-garde Hi-Tech Story
1671 - turning VB into "La Poste", a Telecom company
1702 - connecting with the Thurn & Taxis Postal family
1738 - End of a Story - Louis XV takes La Poste away

gate Cremerie de Paris
Eugenie, art director of les Halles transmits the stories to children
1855 - Les Halles Foodmarket & Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III
1880 - Alix Hessen, a little girl growing up with fairytales around Cremerie de Paris
1888 - Vincent van Gogh, Eugene and Anna Boch & The Red Vinyard

gate Cremerie de Paris
The Romanov Children love Cremerie de Paris
1910 - The legends around Cremerie de Paris & VB fascinate the Romanov Children
1918 - Anastasia Romanov, great-aunt of today's Cremerie de Paris

gate Cremerie de Paris
End of a Story
after the Revolution VB remains in the memories of some children

1918 - Cremerie de Paris legends survive through Carl Solms and Dmitri Romanov
1920 - Dmitri Romanov and Coco Chanel inventing N°5
1938 - Coco Chanel meeting Aimée de Heeren, a secret service agent
1960 - Coco Chanel & Aimée de Heeren, nightwalks through Paris
1970 - Closing of the historic Cremeries with the end of the Les Halles foodmarket
1971 - Before leaving this world Coco Chanel left a little jewel to & Aimée de Heeren

Cybercafe de Paris
Return of a Story - first Internet cafe in France
1986 - Running into Thurn & Taxis - return of Telecom at N°2

1991 - VB.com - a Two Letter Domain
1993 - A little jewel from Coco Chanel ... reopening Cremerie N°1

gate Cremerie de Paris
1995 - Internet inventor Dr Jon Postel and Cremerie de Paris ... coming soon
1999 - Running into a man from the first flight to the Moon ... coming soon
1999 - Inventing Phone Book of the World
2000 - Internet Lessons at Cybercafe de Paris

Two Letter Dot Com Domains

Return of a Story - Expos
2012 Nike Barbershop, the first Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris
2012 - 2018 Building the Metro Exit "Marguerite de Navarre"
2013 - Reopening Cremerie N°3 - Pop Up Cafe Gladines
2014 - first Pokemon Store in Europe
2015 - Renault Twingo 3, first major Car Launch Event
2015 - Konami first major Computer Game Event
2017 - Siemens Connected Gallery first major Hi Tech Expo
2018 - Amazon first Brand to expose at all Cremeries at the same time
2019 - Microsoft Gears V Launch - first event at Cremerie N°9
2019 - Game of Thrones Series 8 Launch at Cremerie N°6 & N°8
2020 - first AliExpress / Alibaba Pop Up in Europe
2022 - Subway launches cookies

A bit of VB history in French

VB since 1370 ... times of
the Villeroys (State advisors)
and the Bourbons (Kings of France)

Marguerite de Navarre
Nicolas IV de Villeroy
King Henri IV
Dame Madeleine de Villeroy

King Louis XIII
Anne d'Autriche
Hotel de Villeroy & Palais Royal & Louvre
Nicolas V de Villeroy