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Image Book Title and Author
Story of Hermes Little Book of Hermes
Story of the fashion house

Written by
Karen Homes
The Hermes Scarf The Hermes Scarf:
and Mystique

Written by
Nadine Coleno
Hermes Book La Reine Mage (French)

Written by
Leila Menchari,
of the Hermes window
29 rue du FbG St Honoré)
Hermes de Vives Voix Hermes de Vives Voix
Stories about the company

In French by
Luc Charbin
Hermes Book Hermes
Pop Up Book
showing Hermes Scarves

Written by
Patrick Thomas
& Stéphane Foenkinos
Fierces and Fragiles Hermes Book Fierce and Fragile: Big Cats in the Art of Robert Dallet
(Hermes designer)

Written by
Alan Rabinowitz
Les Annees Hermes Margiela
Les années Hermes

Written by
Musée de la Mode d'Anvers
et Martin Margiela
Hermes Book An ABC
of Hermès Crafts

ritten by
Olivier Saillard
Jean Louis Dumas Photographer Jean Louis Dumas
(CEO of Hermes
1978 - 2006

Written by
Sandrine Dumas-Brekke
Diary of a Nose The Diary
of a Nose:
A Year in the Life
of a Parfumeur

Written by
Jean Claude Ellena
("nose" of Hermes)
Carres d'art Carrés d'Art III - Dictionnaire
et cote des
Foulards Hermès

Written by
Geneviève Fontan
Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré
(Collection Paris
et son patrimoine) (French)

Written by
Dominique Fernades
Beatrice de Andina
Bring Home the Birkin Bringing Home
the Birkin:
My Life in Hot Pursuit
of the World's
Most Coveted Handbag

Written by
Michael Tonello
Hermes Addiction Hermes

Written by
The Countess Collection
Hermes Book Hermes LookBook One
Hermes au fil des jours Hermes au fil des jours

In French by
Alice Charbin
Hermes Book Les Vitrines Hermès : Contes nomades de Leïla Menchari

Written by
Leila Menchari,
Michele Gazier
Hermes Book La Reine Mage (French)

Written by
Leila Menchari,
of the Hermes window
29 rue du FbG St Honoré)

Hermes has never organised a Pop Up Store
at Cremerie de Paris / VB.com
Links go back to the times Thierry Hermes
settled in Paris and came to see the Pavillon des Drapiers.
This was in the 1840s / 1860s before the construction
of the Halles Centrales foodmarket under the eye of Empress Eugenie.
Too bad Thierry Hermes did not write a book himself because
VB.com would have been able to learn a lot about it's own history,
fashion hotspot since 1648.

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