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Telephone +1 805 967 7611 Mail Contact
Adress Decks Brands, 250 Coromar Drive Goleta CA 93117 USA
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Time Lapse of the Opening Cocktail by Cremerie de Paris

Resumée of the UGG campaign by Publicis Worldwide

1:00 min Video FEEL _____ with Susanne Bartsch (2021)

1:27 min Video FEEL YOU with TELFAR (2020)

History & Timeline:

Byron Bay beach
Late 1960s is born the fashion to use shoes made of sheep skin
an the Byron Bay beach in Australia. These shoes help surfers to warm up
when getting out of the ocean. The surfer Shane Stedman invented this new type of shoe.

1978, another Australian surfer, Brian Smith moves to the south of California
with UGG shoes in his luggage
and he launches the UGG Australia company.

1980s, UGG Australia shoes become fashionable in the Southern part of California
and from California they get little by little know around the World.

Deckers Outdoor Corporation
1995 UGG is acquired by the american shoe company Deckers.
Deckers is located in Goleta near Santa Barbara in the south of California.

Oprah Winfrey
2000, UGG shoes appear in Oprah Winfrey's TV show ...
she declares having fallen in love with UGG boots.
Oprah Winfery has the same kind of effect on the fame of UGG brand
Marylin Monroe once had on Chanel back in 1955.

Luxury and leasure style enter the UGG catalogue. UGG Australia opens up in New York

Vogue magazine starts writing about the shoes. In Europe the luxury & casual UGG lifestyle finds it's fans.
UGG starts to be sold in Paris, London and Amsterdam.

2003 summer high society fashion trendsetter
Countess Caroline von Krockow Lahame discovers UGG
while studying in New York - she falls in love with the brand.
Caroline brings UGG products as original wedding presents
whenever a royal or high profile wedding takes place in Europe.
And soon the new royal or merchant Princesses buy UGG baby shoes
... future European kings and queens
adopt UGG Australia as soon as they are born ....

UGG Boutique in Miami Beach
2010 September 23 Opening of the UGG store in Miami Beach.

UGG Boutique in New York
2010 October 28 Opening of the UGG store in New York Madison Avenue.

UGG Boutique in Las Vegas
2010 November 18 Opening of the UGG store in Las Vegas.

Tom Brady posing for UGGTom Brady on giant UGG Poster in New York
2011 footballer Tom Bradey signs an ad contract with UGG Australia
a giant UGG / Tom Bradey poster get sets up in New York city

2011, UGG starts a new project in high fashion
... the UGG Collection
a mix of Italian craftmansship and the sensation the soft UGG sheep skin.

2011 October 13 opening of the UGG store in Toronto.

UGG Boutique in London
2012 June 1 opening of the UGG store in London Piccadilly.

UGG flagship store Korea
2012 Oct 9 Opening UGG fagship store Korea

UGG photo by Peter Lippmann
2012 Oct 1 launch of a new UGG ad campaign
with the fashion photographer
Peter Lippmann

Cremerie de Paris Logo

Dec artist Aurore Pot and Robert SchwertnerPreparing the window display for the UGG store Cremerie de Paris
2012 Oct 3 to Oct 10 UGG installs an amazing Pop Up Store in Paris
at Cremerie de Paris 15 rue des Halles 75001 Paris.
Pictures Making of.

Jean Michel Herrault at UGG Opening PartyUGG Opening Party at Cremerie de Paris
2012 Oct 11 is the Opening night
Above pictures show Jean Michel Herrault, president of Deckers France
the facade of the UGG Pop Up store and the lower floor of the Cremerie. = Very Beautiful on a iPhone keyboard
2012 Oct 12 UGG Australia enters the fame list
next to other world fashion, design and technology leaders. redraws the history of it's lates addition,
the Very Beautiful UGG Australia Brand.

UGG Boutique in Paris
2012 Oct 19 UGG opens a flagship store in Paris in the Marais ....

UGG Life Sensation photosUGG Life Sensation photos
Discover the Life Sensation photos taken by the fashion photographer
Andreas Krueger in the Cremerie. Above pictures shows Louis Henri Schlumberger from
and Sarah Boland in an unusual look.

Along the UGG Expo at Cremerie de Paris
a UGG bus is driving around the Champs Elysees.

>UGG Pop Up at Cremerie de Paris
2012 Nov 2 Extension of UGG Pop Up store at Cremerie de Paris.

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

Coming is an imaginary name.

UGG Logo

The UGG Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The 3 Letter Internet Domain
was registered 25 September 1997
is hold in the name of UGG.