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History & Timeline:

1847, Oct 1:
foundation of the company
Telegraphen Bauanstalt Siemens & Halske by
Werner von Siemens
and Johann Georg Halske coming soon
The company was baed on an invention on the telegraph
using a needle instead of the Morse code.

construction of the first long distance telegraph line,
500 km connecting Berlin with Francfort.

opening of a London office
were the company is represented by Werner's brother
Carl Heinrich Siemens,
later called Sir William Siemens.

opening of a St Petersburg office
were the company is represented by Werner's brother
Carl Wilhelm Siemens,
later called Sir William Siemens.

construction of the telegraph line,
8.000 km connecting London with Calcutta.

Siemens powers the World's first street lighting
in Godalming, United Kingdom.

Exposition de l'Electricité à Paris
Siemens presents an Electric Tram
connecting place de la Concorde
and the Palais de l'Industrie.
It is possible that Werner vopn Siemens
came by Cremerie de Paris,
facing the nearby Pavillons Baltard.

Werner von Siemens retires
and leaves the management of the company
to his brother Carl
and his nephews Arnhold and Wilhelm.

Brain Wash team
2017, Oct 13 - 15: Siemens Connected Gallery
showing Siemens kitchens
in a Laser environement
at Cremerie de Paris N°1.
Expo créated by M.D., Laetitia Crampe
and Carla de Barros from Extreme Events.

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

Family name of company founder Wernher von Siemens.

Siemens Logo

The Siemens Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The Siemens Letter Internet Domain
was registered 29 September 1986
is hold in the name of Siemens.