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Nicolas IV de Villeroy (1543 - 1617)

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Nicolas IV de Villeroy (1543 - 1617)

great-great-great-grandson of Richard Neufville (13?? - ??), merchant at the Les Halles foodmarket
who bought part of a house which later became the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon

great-grandson of Nicolas I Neufville (?? - 1549)
grandson of Nicolas II Neufville de Villeroy and Guillaume Prudhomme, seigneur de Fontenay-en-Brie.
great nephew of Pierre Legendre (1465 - 1524), wealthy treasurer of France.
son of Nicolas III de Villeroy and Jeanne Prudhomme
husband of the poet Madeleine de l'Aubespine, Dame de Villeroy

father of Charles de Villero
grandfather of Nicolas V de Villeroy

Nicolas IV de Villeroy was a Secretary of State in the Kingdom of France.
Minister and Secretary of State
under the Valois Kings Charles IX, Henri III
and the Bourbon Kings Henri IV, Louis XIII
Owner of the Hotel de Villeroy until his death in 1617

Nicolas IV was born in Paris in 1542.