Cremerie de Paris N°9 - Saint Honoré

Cremerie de Paris N°9

In the heart of Paris and the heart of history of France

Since 700 years, Cremerie de Paris has seen many people and histories go through it's locations.
Many iconic brand builders and inventors have been there. Facing the Porte du coeur de Paris,
the new Metro exit Marguerite de Navarre they are in the heart of the capital of France.

Cremerie N°9 goes back to the 12th century
with t's historic basements still in place
which were part of a 13th century monastery
Banana wall and Cremerie during the times of the Halles Centrales (1870-1970)
Art Gallery (2003-2018)
Pop Up Store Paris (since 2019)

Why Cremerie N°9 ?

  • Only Expo Spot in the World with a Two Letter .com
  • historic location - the oldest of the Cremeries
  • chic rue Saint Honoré
  • 3m25 de Baies Vitrées
  • 17th century building
  • 12th century cellars
  • Hi speed Wifi


120m² on one main floor.
ceilings between 3m30 and 4m00
Extra two 2th centurt cellars 57 m2 + 60 m2.


Possibility to enter up to 2m29 wide cars
Large window (2m28 + 0m09 + 0m91m)
with a view of the entire inside of the Cremerie N°9.


Cocktail Lounge


45 rue Saint Honoré, 150m from Cremerie N°1.
Facing place Marguerite de Navarre.
Métro Exit Chatelet-Les Halles, sortie 1 - Marguerite de Navarre.