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VB & Cremerie de Paris has a very long and fascinating history ...
More than just square meters in the heart of Paris
Cremerie de Paris is like an "open history book"
with amazing new chapters adding all the time.
In which concerns "fashion" our history goes back to the year 1648

Cremerie de Paris is connected to the life of many fashion icons,
Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, Thierry Hermes, Empress Eugenie,
Anastasia Romanov, Coco Chanel, Pokemon, Adererror ...


Fashion influence going back to 1527

"Maison des Carneaux"
The corporation of Clothiers and Bonnetiers
were cramped in the nearby Saint-Jacques tower.

1527 The corporation bought a new house
at 13 rue des Chargeurs (13 rue des Déchargeurs)
The house was on the grounds of what is today
the roadway of rue des Halles
Cremerie de Paris
N°1 et N°3.

Hotel de Villeroy vers 1552
agrandir le plan fait par Olivier Truschet en 1552


1648 to 1865 Pavillon des Drapiers
Meeting Place of French Fashion People
during the times of the Bourbons
Louis XIV & Marie Antoinette

Acquisition of a small building and construction of a Pavilion

1648 the "corportation"
buys the neighboring building on 11 rue des Déchargeurs.
The house was right in between 13 rue des Déchargeurs
and the mansion of the Villeroy family 9 rue des Déchargeurs.

The "corparation" mandates the architect Sébastian Bruant
(father of the architects Jacques and Libéral Bruant)
to build the "pavilion".

Louis XIV
A child follows the construction,
the young King Louis XIV.
He spends part of his childhood next door
at the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB),
owned by his teacher Nicolas V de Villeroy.

portail Crémerie de Paris

The "Pavillon des Drapiers / Pavillon de la Mode" finished in 1660.
The architect Jacques Bruant.
also erected
the Hôtel Desmartes 18 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris
or the Châteu du Fayelin in the departement Oise.

Sébastien Bruant, his young brother,
was the architect of the Hôtel des Invalides.

nef du Pavillon des Drapiers

Ruth Fiori who published the book "Paris Déplacé"
explained the façade on page 53 of her book:

"Originally, the facade,
topped with a broken roof,

consisted of three floors punctuated by double columns
superimposing the three orders of architecture.

In the center,
a small avant-corps
contained the coat of arms of the guild of drapers

(the nave, which has since become the emblem of Paris)
in a medallion held by two caryatids.

It was surmounted by a pediment in the center
of which
stood a seated woman depicting the City of Paris"

facade Pavillon des Drapiers
The Pavillon des Drapiers / Pavillon de la Mode (n°11)
or the entrance of the Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon / Hôtel de la Poste (n°9)
and the Théâtre des Déchargeurs (n° 3)
bear witness to the extraordinary economic wealth
of rue des Déchargeurs during the 17th century.

Louis XIV adulteLouis XIV adulte
1671 arrived at VB, the neighboring Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon
La Poste,
the Royal French Postal Services
owned by the Pajot & Rouillé family.

They carried mail with horses and exchanged
international courrier with the
Thurn & Taxis
Postmasters based in Brussels and in Frankfurt.
Thanks to the Thurn & Taxis we were able to reopen
Cremerie de Paris in 1986.


Louis XIV adulte
1710 Louis XIV appreciates La Poste for its efficiency.
When a letter is really important
the Sun King comes in person
to deliver it directly to the postmaster Louis Leon Pajot
because he distrusts those around him.
It is likely that Louis XIV passed through the Pavillon des Drapiers
that he saw being built
during his childhood at 9 rue des Déchargeurs.

galerie des portraits
The great room of the Pavilion comprised a Portrait Gallery.
Geographically it is partly juxtaposed
with the current Cremerie de Paris N°1.


1738 The next King, Louis XV
is upset about the wealth accumulated
by La Poste and
by the splendor of the receptions
held at VB, Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon.

On May 21, he withdraws the postal license
from the Pajot & Rouille family.
The drapers pavilion continues its activity.

Pavillon des Drapiers
on N° 9 rue des Décharge
urs (unchanged)
and on N°11 (reconstructed in 1868)
is now located Cremerie de Paris N°1.

Louis XV is succeeded by his grandson Louis XVI (1754 - 1793)
who was married to Marie Antoinette,
the youngest daughter of Maria Theresia, Empress of Austria (1717 - 1780)

Marie Antoinette
During the 1780s
Marie Antoinette (1755 - 1793) liked to come to the receptions
and to the fashion meetings
held at the Pavillon des Drapiers
so she could meet young fashion talents.

According to Mireille D, a Lady that lives at the
Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon today.
Queen Marie Antoinette also came to VB
because her seamstress lived at the old mansion.
Mireille knew the stories from her neighbour Alice Bourquenot (1916 - 2008)
a seamstress that worked for the fashion house Carven
and that used
to dress Josephine Baker (1906 - 1975)

Video about Marie Antoinette from the Chateau de Versailles

Pavillon des Drapiers 1780
rue des Décharge
urs in 1780
in the red circle today's Crémerie de Paris N°1

Book by Lucien Coutant about the Corportation des Drapiers
explaining the history of the Pavilion
and the French tissue industry,
see page 14 and page 17


Thierry HermesHermes
Someone who's name is still around
and who has known the
"Pavillon des Drapiers" in activity
was Thierry Hermes (1801 - 1878)
1837 the founder of the fashion house Hermes
settled in Paris.

more on the links between Thierry Hermes
and Crémerie de Paris

1860 Construction of the Paris foodmarket
Pavillon des Drapiers replaced
by Cremerie de Paris
The place fascinates the ultimate fashionista
Empress Eugenie

Renovation of the Halles Centrales food market
Construction of rue des Halles
Pavillon des Drapiers replaced by Cremerie de Paris N°1


Empereur Napoléon III et Impératrice Eugénie
1848 / 1853 Napoléon III became first President and then Emperor of France
He pursued the unfinished project of his uncle Napoléon Bonaparte
to renovate the Paris Les Halles food market.

Baron Haussmann
1865 Baron Haussman
created the future rue des Halles.
A project supervised by Empress Eugénie,
wife of Napoleon III

Pavillon des Drapiers 1780
To find space it is necessary to remove
Rue de la Limace and Rue des Fourreurs.
Also the first buildings of Rue St Honoré
(N° 1 to N°31 rue St Honoré)
as well as N°13, N°15, N°17 and N°19 rue des Déchargeurs
including the Pavillon des Drapiers / Pavillon de la Mode.

There were many demolitions in the neighborhood
where Rue de Rivoli (1848) and Boulevard Sebastopol (1854)
had just been drilled.
Many buildings had to free up space to carry out the project.

Le 9, 11 et 13 rue des Dechargeurs avant le percement de la rue des Halles vers 1865
Pavillon des Drapiers on 11 rue des Déchargeurs
around 1865 shortly before its demolition
and the opening of rue des Halles.

plan du 15 rue des Halles / 11 rue des Déchargeurs

The building on 11 rue des Déchargeurs
corner 15 rue des Halles
including the new Cremerie de Paris
and was constructed 1868,
shortly after the opening of the Pavillons Baltard.

1869 opened the new Cremerie de Paris.

Impératrice Eugénie
Eugénie has a fascination for the new Cremerie de Paris.

While still in school at Sacré Coeur de Paris
the history teacher has told Eugénie about Queen Marie Antoinette
coming to this place.

Eugénie was fascinated by fashion
and the Beaux Arts.
The past of the Pavillon des Drapiers
and the long long history of the Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB)
created in her a special link
to the geographic point
"Crémerie de Paris".

Eugénie was considered to be the biggest fashionista
of her times.

Living at the nearby Palais des Tuileries
(no longer existing ... facing today's Pyramide du Louvre)
Eugenie followed the construction
of the new Cremerie de Paris,
remplacing the old Pavillon des Drapiers / Pavillon de la Mode.

Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon on 9 rue des Déchargeurs
was saved from demolition
as Eugenie asked the Baron Haussmann
to change the axis of the future
rue des Halles.

Pavillons des Drapiers
Sad that the Pavillon des Drapiers had to go
to make space for the
future Rue des Halles.
Eugénie request to keep the facade of the pavilon
which is dismantled stone by stone
and reconstructed
in the garden of the Musée Carnevalet.

See also article in French by Éléonore Marantz

more on the links between Empress Eugénie
and Crémerie de Paris


1880 / 1910 Transmission of the VB stories
from Eugenie to a little girl
and then to the young Romanov children

End of the Second Empire
Little by little the stories around Crémerie de Paris
(Pavillon des Drapiers / Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon)
are forgotten in Paris


Impératrice Eugénie
1870 France was attacked by Otto von Bismarck
who won the Franco Prussian war.
Napoléon III and Empress Eugénie had to go into exile.
End of the Second Empire.


Impératrice EugénieAlix Hessen
1880 The old Empress was feeling nostalgic
of France: Biarritz, Saint Cloud
and the Halles de Paris
she had constructed with Victor Baltard and many other people.

She loved to transmit her souvenirs to children,
in particular a little girl that had lost her mother
and that lived with her grand mother Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901)
Having lost her only child,
Alix Hessen (1872 - 1918) played an important role for Eugenie.

Alix loved all the fashion stories
that had happened at Cremerie de Paris since 1648.
The children liked best the stories about
little King Louis XIV (1638 - 1715)
coming to VB for school classes.

Young Alix loved the stories.
Age 12 she fell in love with a 16 year old Russian, Nicolas Romanov
Against the volonty of their respective families they stay in contact.

Alix Hessen
1898 Alix marries her boyfriend who
had become Tsar Nicolas II of Russia.
Soon are born
five beautiful children.

Alix Hessen
1910 Alix Hessen / the Tsarina
repeating Eugenie's fairytales about Cremerie de Paris
to her own children
Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei
Sometimes around some of their cousins like Dmitri Romanov
Carl Solms or Friederike Solms

les enfants Romanov

For the young Romanov children
Cremerie de Paris and VB, the Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon
are like the "Castle of Snow White"
or the "House of Santa Claus",
a place full of fairy tales
where the main actor is the child Louis XIV.

All children dreamed of travelling to Paris
to discover Cremerie de Paris.
Only Olga Romanov was there with her mother in 1896,
at the occasion of an official visit to Paris.

World War I and the Russian Revolution made it
impossible for the children to come ...

Anastasia Romanov inspired many movie makers
Don Blooth created a "music box - together in Paris"
which is Hollywood imagination,
while "the real music box" exists,
it is the Cremerie de Paris N°1.

Anastasia would be amused that her childhood stories
resulted in the fact that 70 years later
one of her remote great nephews would be
able to buy the historic place
and turn it back into a fairytale.

As there was so little money to start the new journey
she might have helped from the skies
to make it happen ...

As our grande tante / great aunt
she would come to many Pop Up Store Opening Parties
be maybe she follows them
from the skies
just like some other people
connected to our long long history ...

more on the links between the Romanov
and Cremerie de Paris


1920 Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanov
Return of a Story

Coco Chanel et Dmitri Romanov
1920 Dmitri Romanov survived the Russian Revolution
and escaped to Paris.
He was the oldest of the Romanov children,
most of them having been killed.

Once arrived in Paris
Dmitri was looking for Cremerie de Paris
he knew from the many stories.

Once he found it
he showed it to Coco Chanel.
Chanel that was eight years older
fell in love
with both Romanov
and Cremerie de Paris.

histoire du parfum Chanel N°5
What is left from their story is N°5

un petit bijoux des Romanov
and a little jewel ...

Chanel was captivated by a N° 5 symbol
forged into the century old railings
of the central staircase
in the courtyard of
Créemerie de Paris / Hôtel de Villeroy & Bourbon VB

She returned to the saircase all along of her life
sometimes accompanied by her friend
Aimée Lopes de Sotto-Maior / Aimée de Heeren.


more on the links between Coco Chanel
and Crémerie de Paris

discovet the Inside Chanel Videos on

1938 Chanel fascinated by a Secret Service Agent
Aimée Sotto Major / Aimée de Heeren
Return of a Story


Aimée Lopes de Sottomajor
1938 Chanel met Aimée Sotto Maior / Aimée de Heeren
who arrived in Paris under the cover of a "wealthy fashion shopper"

At the Versailles Circus Ball given by Lady Mendl
she was the very first "person in the public eye"
to wear a Christian Dior dress.
The designer, still unknown at the time,
was working for Robert Piguet.
The dress got the attention
of Marcel Boussac who later financed the launch of Dior.

Chanel showed Aimée her little secrets:
Cremerie de Paris and the Cedre Imperial Meudon
and she told her the fairytales surrounding them.
Old fairytales coming from Russia via her boyfriend Dmitri Romanov.

Chanel was fascinated by Aimées charisma and beauty.
She did not realise that the young it-girl
that created a fair wherever she arrived
was not only a "fashionista" ...

In reality her fashion shopping was paid by the state of Brazil.
The real reason for beeing in Paris
was not to live in the world of fashion
but to work as a "Secret Service agent"
Getulio Vargas, the President of Brazil wanted to know more
about WW2 preparing in Europe.
Germany had invited him to join the AXIS coalition.

Chanel's connections helped Aimée to
meet people so she could get information.
With what she found out from Helmuth James von Moltke
Aimée turned into a "secret resistant"
influencing Varges to stay away from the "invitation".

Aimée Lopes de Sottomajor
Aimée needed to get in contact with the US administration
and give the information to Roosevelt.

Joe Kennedy London
1938 December at a London reception Aimée met two young men,
who might be able to help her.
They were the older sons
of the American Ambassador Joe Kennedy Sr.

1939 February the older one
Joe Kennedy Jr came to visit her in France.
She showed him Cremerie de Paris
and the Cedre Imperial Meudon
she knew from Coco Chanel.
Something happened,
what should never happen
to a Secret Service Agent,
she fell in Love

In the summer the couple met again on the cote d'Azur,
but Aimée needed to continue her Secret Service mission in Paris.

1939 November Aimée got a warning.
A German Agent in the Rio "Palacio de Catete"
had intercepted a message to Vargas.
Aimée now in danger had to disapear instantly
taking the next possible ship from le Havre to New York
as a Segnora Lopes.

Chanel that was not informed about her departure
and would have to wait for almost 20 years
to see her again.

Aimée wanted to convince President Roosevelt
to take action in the war.
Joe, her young fiancee was a friend of President Roosevelt's sons
He would help her with a mission that was difficult
as Roosevelt wanted the US to stay neutral.

1940 Aimée continued lobbying work in New York
1941 Time magazine selected her as
one of the World's three most fashionable women.

1941 December 11 Roosevelts declared war
and decided to liberate Europe.

years go by ...

Coco Chanel agée

1960s Getting old Coco Chanel was more and more lonely.
One day she run into Aimée,
now called Aimée de Heeren.
They became friends again,
a new friendship that lasted for Chanel
to the end of her life.

The two Ladies took the habit to walk around Paris in the middle of the night.
One (Aimée) was just coming home from a party,
the other one (Gabrielle) could not sleep suffering from insomnia.

They favorite walking destination
was the Paris Les Halles foodmarket operating throughout the night.

After a drink at Maison Rouge
they went to Cremerie de Paris
walked into the courtyard
and sat on the magical old staircase
with a N°5 symbol forged into the railings.

This was the time to share souvenirs from the past
or to
talk about fashion


un petit bijoux de Coco Chanel
1970 just before Christmas Coco Chanel left a little jewel to Aimée.
The jewel once came from Russia
and had been a present of Dmitri Romanov.
Chanel had keept the jewel all her life
as a luck bringer ...

more about the links between Aimee de Heeren
and Crémerie de Paris

1 1993 A little jewel from Coco Chanel
Reopening of Cremerie de Paris
Return of a Story

1986 Aimée de Heeren met a young student.
A descendant of the old postmasters created the connection.
Aimée was intrigued that the young student
also knew some stories about VB & Cremerie de Paris.

Aimée Lopes de Sottomajor, Ben von Solms
There were some variations in the stories,
but they had the same origin .... the Romanov children.

15 years earlier the young man,
had a babysitter
that over half a century before
was part of the inner circle of the young Romanovs.

Carl Solms et Ben Solms, enfant
The babysitter, his great uncle
Carl Solms was a cousin and a childhood friend
of Alexei and of Anastasia Romanov.
Just like Dmitri Romanov
he had escaped from the Russian Revolution.

Carl Solms et Alexei >Romanov
This picture taken in 1910 shows Carl Solms
with his cousin Alexei Romanov and with Tsar Nicolas II.

Unfortunately for the student
nothing was left for him
from the long gone fortunes of the Romanovs
except a bit of magic
The magic was called Aimée.

1987 The small Cremerie de Paris N°2 reopened
as a Sony phone store.
The Boutique specialized in repair service.

The glamour of Sony
and the need to get service for a camera or a walkman
attracted many audiovisual people
you cannot meet in normal live:
famous photographers, iconic film makers,
true fashionistas,
Lady Diana (1961 - 1997).


1993 Cremerie de Paris N°1 was for rent
but the owner did not want to take the risk
to rent it to someone in his early twenties with no financial background.
Impossible to get the rental file accepted ...
France is not like the US ...

a miracle happened

Aimee suggested not to rent
but to buy the place.

"The owner will have no risk"
But how to buy major real estate
with the revenues of phone repair shop ?

"France is a country that makes things difficult for young people
even more if they are immigrants.
You need to find a Bank in America or in Germany to finance you.
Pick up the phone and try your chance"

Deutsche Bank showed some interest in the project
but a high deposit was requested ...

un petit bijoux de Coco Chanel
Aimée took the decision
to sell the little jewel
Coco Chanel had left her
and to use the money
to help with the down payment.

The project was accepted.
as if Coco Chanel,
that had already died 22 years earlier,
had told Aimée
"You need to
continue the
VB story ..."

more on the links between Aimee de Heeren
and Cremerie de Paris

1995 On the grounds of the former
Pavillon de la Mode
opened the first Internet Cafe in France


Cybercafe de Paris
1995 Internet arrived on the grounds
of the former Pavillon des Drapiers / Pavillon de la Mode.

The start was difficult.
Not many visitors came to the cafe
as internet was still unknown in France.

Only a few already connected Americains,
a little desperate as their respective Hotels
had no web connection.

Nike BarbershopNike Barbershop
The cafe got to meet an American that had made quite an extraordinary trip
back in 1969, july 20
the first flight to the moon.

Two Letter dot com domain
Another one, also from California,
had invented the "dot com system".
Without our dog that loved this client we would never have gotten into contact.

Dr Jon Postel was completely captivated by the long long history of Cremerie de Paris
less the one related to fashion
than the one related to hi-tech.

Having invented the domain system used today to send emails
it amused him to know more about a place that had seen
"avant garde emails" (letters carried by horses)
three hundred years earlier
Thank to his influence
the historic families of our house
the Villeroys (state advisors)
and the Bourbons (Kings of France)
now have their names in one of the
676 Two Letter Domains.

Almost all Two Letter domains are in the United States or in China,
a few in Germany,,
a few in the UK,,

Only two in France in Rueil Malmaison
and in Paris

making Cremerie de Paris
the one and only
fashion showroom
or Pop Up Store location in the World
to have such a short web address.

Most of the web cafe visitors were really young.
They had crossed the Atlantic
to visit the World's fashion capital.
Most of them not knowing who they were
or who they were going to become ...

From time to time someone
returns to open a Pop Up Store
for a brand he is now in charge of
or he has invented
in the meantime ...

Phone Book of the World
Also remainig from the Cybercafe days is our
Phone Book of the World
giving an international visibility
to our fashion events.

.A Kennedy touch
Reopening Cremerie de Paris

Aimée de Heeren
2004 Aimée already over a hundred years old
coming to Cremerie de Paris for Internet lessons.

Unfortunately barriers of time made it impossible
to meet most of the people she knew
Coco Chanel, Christian Dior
Alexander Bell or Thomas Edison.
We only know them through her stories.

Having a friend in common
with all these people
that lived quite some time ago
is like being able
to bypass the barriers of time ...

Someone who remained
in her heart was
Joe Kennedy Jr

Kennedy family
picture of the Kennedys taken on Cap d'Antibes, France 1939

Aimée de Heeren, Joe Kennedy
Aimee de Heeren and Joe Kennedy Jr
during WW2 trying to influence
President Roosevelt to take action against Germany.

Joe Kennedy Jr died 1944 August 12
while fighting for the liberation of France.
Aimée Sotto Maior never became Aimée Kennedy

But the girlfriend of the oldest Kennedy boy
remained an icon for the younger brothers,
John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

Whenever rushing through the French capital
they came to see her.
We got the meet the youngest one

Kennedy boys
Ted Kennedy (1932 - 2009), the youngest of the four Kennedy boys
also came to our web cafe
as his Paris Hotel, the Ritz
was not yet connected.

Ted Kennedy, Aimée de HeerenCaroline Kennedy, Ben Solms
Ted Kennedy (youngest brother of Joe), Aimée de Heeren,
Caroline Kennedy (daughter of JFK), Ben Solms (Cremerie de Paris)

2004 Computer connections started to arrive everywhere
and the need for Internet Cafes declined
2005 February 15 sadly Cybercafe de Paris closed.
The Boutique was rented out to a project that turned into a nightmare.

2006 September 13 Aimée left this World
leaving behind a friendship that had lasted for twenty years.
2009 June 16 the former hi-school student left France.


The little jewel from Coco Chanel
and all the iconic people
we were able to meet
through Aimée de Heeren
and at the webcafe
were like a mission
to continue
the VB Story ...

2011 January Cremerie de Paris reopened
as a Fashion showroom.
The first client is the American brand Blauer USA.

2011 July plus October & November Cremerie de Paris getting renovated.


2012 Nike Barbershop
Return of a Story

Nike Barbershop
2012 Fashion returns
with America's most valuable fashion brand: Nike

At the occasion of the Euro 2012
Nike wanted to run a spectacular
ad campaign

Everything turns around hair style
in particular the one of the footballer
Mario Balotelli

Antoine Leca from the agency Auditoire
was asked to set up
the Nike Barbershop.
With the help of Guillaume Rioufol, Nike discovers Crémerie de Paris
It is the very first Pop Up Store.

more on the Nike Barber Shop


2012 UGG Fashion Expo & Pop Up
Return of a Story

UGG Pop Up Store
2012 Return of fashion
UGG Australia arrives in France.

With the help of Catherine North
UGG creates an original shoe fashion expo.
Fans of the brand need to take of their shoes off
and walk through a tunnel.

3:23 min Video Ugg Pop Up Store by Cremerie de Paris

more on the UGG Pop Up Store


2013 - 2017 five consecutive Marc Cain
FW showrooms
Resisting endless constructions
for a spectecular subway exit
Return of a Story

2013 to 2018
"endless" constructions
right in front of Cremerie de Paris

sortie du metro Marguerite de Navarre
2013 - 2019
Construction of subway exit
Marguerite de Navarre.

Marc Cain Fashion showroom
2014 - 2017 Luckily some fashion brands
are faithful clients and help
to survive the construction.

Marccain comes five times from Germany
The showroom is decorated by Maria-Cora Eichenauer and Baerbel Bronkal.

1:53 min Vidéo Marc Cain Showroom by Crémerie de Paris

plus sur le Showroom Marc Cain


2018 Under Armour Pop Up Store
Return of a Story

Under Armour Pop Up Store
2018 The iconic US sports clothing brand
and owner of the Two Letter Domain
The Under Armour Pop Up Store was designed by
Jessica Koortens.

1:00 min Vidéo #IWILLchallenge by Savly
3:38 min Vidéo for by Crémerie de Paris

more on the Pop Up Store Under Armour

Under Armour


2018 A former webcafe visitor returns ...
Pop Up for the World's largest
fashion retailer
Return of a Story

Amazon Pop Up Store Paris
2019 Amazon has the project to open the very first physical store in France.
Julie Joie, a powerful young woman
has the mission to find a
a 500m2 location on the Champs Elysées.

Unfortunately Cremerie de Paris N°1
is to small and not in the expected area,
but Julie promises to come back with her children
so we would tell them about
the young Louis XIV caming to the house.

Two weeks later Julie calls back
so we would confirm a detail we had mentioned during her fist.
Yes in the 1990s Cremerie de Paris
was the fist Internetcafe in Paris.

Apparently the founder of the brand loved to come to the cafe
at a time nobody knew about Amazon.
The project is modified and instead of 500m2
Amazon takes all the Cremeries de Paris
N°1, N°2, N°3, N°6, N°7
to open several Boutiques and one Amazon Café

Maison de noel Amazon Maison de Noel Amazon
The pop up is organised in cooperation with several fashion brands
like Timberland or Levis

Event organised by Anne-Lise Menard,
Julie Joie, Julie Richard and Mathilde Campion.

2:37 min Vidéo Making of the Amazon Pop Up Store

7:38 min Amazon Pop Up Store by Crémerie de Paris

0:49 min Amazon Pop Up Store 360° by Crémerie de Paris

plus sur le Pop Up Store Amazon


2019 Pokemon by Celio Pop Up
Return of a Story

Pokemon by Celio Pop Up Store
2019 Pop Up Store Pokemon N°2
organised by the fashion brand Celio
November 5 to 16

Pokemon Center Paris

Celio selected Cremerie de Paris for its
historic links with the Pokemon
going back to the composer Igor Stravinsky
that inspires the Pokemon music.

The Pop Up Store was imagined
by Julia Grosman, third generation of a French Fashion family
with an unbeleivable history.

The Pop Up celebrates the launch of "Épée and Bouclier"
and the Celio x Pokemon collection capsule

more on the Pokemon Pop Up Store
more on the Pokemon by Celio Pop Up Store

2020 ultra hi fashion
from Eastern Europe
Misbhv Showroom
Return of a Story

2019 November 26 ... heavy rain falls on Paris
Arriving directly from Charles de Gaulle Airport
one of the most elegant woman from Eastern Europe:
Patrycja Szklarczyk
Two days later the project is confirmed ...

Misbhv Fashion Week Showroom
2020 January 14 to 19 Fashion Week Showroon Misbhv
first time a brand from Eastern Europe comes to Cremerie de Paris

The showroom was imagined
by Patrycja Szklarczyk and by Ada Kepinska
The furniture looks amazing but it is so heavy
two vans are necessary to drive the 1.368 km from Warsaw.

more on the Fashion Week Showroon


2021 A school boy turning
into the fastest growing
Fashion Brand
Racer Worldwide
Return of a Story

Attracted by Coco Chanel and Misbhv
the phone of Cremerie de Paris rings.
We are asked to make a "facetime" call
to show the place for another fashion week showroom project.

Surprise the guy on the phone is a teenager.
The project is instantly confirmed.

A few weeks later
walking through Paris we see posters here and there
"For the Fashion Week
YOU are invited to the Racer Worldwide
Pop Up Store Opening party"

Oups the opening night
thousands of fashonistas arrive.
There are so many the young teenager would have needed to book
half of the Louvre ...
His boss, company founder Mihhail Zigaldo,
a little older,
is already 20 ...

Racer Worldwide
2021 Fashion Week Showroon Racer Worldwide
one of the fastest growing fashion brands
at Cremerie de Paris
October 1 and 2

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2022 june & july Klarna x Shein,
Summer Pop Up Store

Mai 2022 a call with a Swedish number.
On the line Daniel Chang from xNomad
missioned by Klarna, an important Scandinavian Hi Tech financial company
to organize an event in several European countries.

For France he wants Cremerie de Paris
already shedulled for another event
that needs to be resheduled.

Oups Cremerie de Paris
already knew Shein,
at the time still known very little ...

Shein x KlarnaShein x Klarna team
2022 Summer Pop Up Store Shein x Klarna
23 june 23 to july 10 2022

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the event was followed by another Pop Up
a FW Showroom and a Fashion Show
on the nearby River Seine
organised by Devi Sok

. 2023 Jan NBA x Primark
Influencer cocktail


Nov 2023 a visit from Leeds, UK
Elle Newman and Lee Marriott ecome to Paris
to organise a cocktail
to launch a cooperation between Primark
and the National Baskettball Association NBA.

Captivated by the long fashion history
of Cremerie de Paris
the event gets on its way right away.

Shein x KlarnaLee Marriott
2023 Jan Fashion Cocktail Primark x NBA
to show the new Primark x NBA collection
a cooperation between the fashion house
and the American Basketball Association NBA
after a week preparation
a cocktail for only 3 h
January 12

more about the Launch event

. 2024 Jan Adererror
Fashion Week Showroom
from Korea


Who is next ?

petit Musée de la Mode
From time to time
our small "Musée de la Mode" shows this history
on the lower floor of Cremerie de Paris N°1

click on 3D picture to walk up the "Marguerite de Navarre" staircase
and to walk into Cremerie de Paris N°1

3D map of Cremerie de Paris N°9
decorated by Sony Playstation