Villeroy, the V in the domain

Villeroy - the V in the domain

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The domain
roots in the long history of the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon / Cremerie de Paris
The Villeroys key people in the Kingdom of France
are the "V" in the iconic Two Letter domain
They were advisors of the Bourbon Kings "B",
Henri IV, Louis XII, Louis XIV and Louis XV.

Raise of a story

1370 acquisition of a large house on rue des Bourdonnais
by Richard Neufville

Richard Neufville (1350 - 18 fev 1401)
first generation
was a sea fish merchand
in the Halles food market.

Richard II Neufville (13?? - 14??)
second generation
fish merchand in the Halles food market,
later maître d'Hotel for the Duke Philippe de Bourgogne.

Nicolas I de Neufville (14?? - 1549)
third generation
becomes State Secretary of Finance.

Nicolas I is the nephew and heir of Pierre Legendre (1465-1524),
Tresurer of France.
Pierre Legendre owned the spectecular Hotel Le Gendre
located on n° 31 rue des Bourdonnais.
The house was full of Renaissance Artworks.
(The building was detroyed in 1841
beeing on the grounds of today's Rue de Rivoli).

- Nicolas II de Neufville, Seigneur de Villeroy (14?? - 1553)
4th generation
becomes Secretary of the King.

- Nicolas III de Neufville de Villeroy called "le Gendre" (1525 - 1598),
5th generation
Tresurer of the State Savings and Advisor of the King
married to Jeanne Prudhomme.

Nicolas Iv de Villeroy
Nicolas IV Neufville de Villeroy (1542 - 1617)
6th generation

married to Madeleine de l'Aubespine (1546 - 1596)

Charles de Villeroy
Charles Neufville de Villeroy (1566 - 1642)
7th generation

Nicolas V de Villeroy
Nicolas V de Villeroy (1566 - 1642)
8th generation

Nicolas V de Villeroy
François de Neufville de Villeroy (1644 - 1730)
10th generation
childhood friend of Louis XIV
teacher of Louis XV

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