Cremerie de Paris at Les Halles . a Food Hotsport since 1370

Cremerie de Paris Food since 1370
"Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands"

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1137 King Louis VI transfers
the two markets of the city
to the "Champeaux"
crossing point of rue Saint Honoré
and rue Saint Denis

1181 Philippe Auguste

creats the first two wooden buildings

1370 the Neufville family (later Neufville de Villeroy)
settles at the present Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon / VB
creating the foundations of the legends
around Cremerie de Paris

Les Halles food merchand family
settles in an old house on rue des Bourdonnais.
Richard Neufville (1350 - 1401)
is the first one of the family to live
at the future VB mansion.

les Halles et VB / Cremerie de Paris en 1552
Map of 1370 showing rue des Déchargeurs,
the future Cremerie de Paris N°1
is in a red circle.

les Halles et VB / Cremerie de Paris en 1552
The Neufville, later Neufville de Villeroy
attaches a lot of importance to the education of their children
that soon climb up the social ladder
in the Kingdom of France.

Francois Ier et Nicolas II de Villeroy
Nicolas II de Villeroy (14xx - 1554) is an advisor
of King François Ier (1494 - 1547),
brother of Marguerite de Navarre
He organises litterature meetings at the house

Marguerite de Navarre
Marguerite de Navarre (1492 - 1549)
also called grandmother of the Bourbons
is a friend of the Villeroy family.
She loves to attend meetings.

Marguerite does not know that 500 years
Paris most important Metro exit
located right in between the different Cremeries de Paris
will be named after her.

Leonardo da Vinci
For the moment nobody knows if Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)
has been there in person.
It is one of the many mysteries connected to Cremerie de Paris.
What is sure is that Leonardo
knew about the cultural meetings
as all the main writers of la playade have been there.

Leonardo was a friend of King François Ier
and his advisor Nicolas II de Villeroy.
King Francois bought Mona Lisa from him

But the Monas lLisa is not the only masterpiece artwork
connected to Cremerie de Paris history ...

Family links continue
Nicolas IV de Villeroy, grandson of Nicolas II de Villeroy
became a minister for Henri IV (grandson of Marguerite de Navarre)
and the first King of the Bourbon.

more about Marguerite de Navarre

The Villeroys
are advisors of the Bourbons,
the Kings of France

he children of the Les Halles food merchants
continue to be advisors of the Kings of France.

1559 Only 17 years old Nicolas IV de Villeroy
is asked to advise the Kingdom how to organize finances.
Villeroy helps Catherine de Médicis
to run the country as her own sons don't have the capacities.

Nicolas IV de Villeroy
Nicolas IV de Villeroy (1542 - 1617)
inherits the VB mansion.
His wife Madeleine de l'Aubespine, Dame de Villeroy
continues the tradition to host litterature reunions.
Piere de Ronsard (1524 -1585) writes poems in the courtyard.
The Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon
becomes a hotspot in the Kingdom of France.

Crystal Palace Londres
Henri IV (1553 - 1610)
the first Bourbon King
dies on rue de la Ferronnerie.

les Halles et VB / Cremerie de Paris en 1552
map of les Halles
in the red circle the first Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon.

Crystal Palace Londres
Nicolas V de Villeroy (1598 - 1685)
inherits VB from his grandfather Nicolas IV

Crystal Palace Londres
Nicolas V takes down the mansion of his grandfather
and replaces by the current Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon VB.
A mystérieux numer "5" is forged
into the railings of the central staircase.
280 years later the staircase will captivate
the attention of a fashion designer
and the birthplace of a famous perfume.
Crystal Palace Londres
1646 Nicolas V de Villeroy becomes the tutor of young Louis XIV.
The Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon
sees Louis XIV (1638 - 1715) grow up

les Halles et VB / Cremerie de Paris en 1552
map of les Halles
in the red circle dans the first Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon
from the times VB was the school of young Louis XIV

1671 The Villeroy family
sells the mansion
VB turns into a "Technology Hotspot"
La Poste
by Pajot & Rouillé
working with Thurn & Taxis

January 21
The Villeroy family sells the Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon VB
as Louis XIV had invited his childhood friends
Catherine de Villeroy (1639 - 1707)
et François de Villeroy (1644 - 1730)
to live at his future house,
the Place of Versailles still under construction.

Crystal Palace Londres
350 years later
the Villeroys and the Bourbons
make a comback in a modern world
as their initials turn into
The "Two Letter Domain" one of the world's shortes
and most glamorous internet adresses

les Halles sur le plan Turgot
1671 - 1738 Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon VB
becomes the seat of the Royal French Postal Service
a private avant-garde hi tech company
and ancester of the Phone Book of the

In the large red circle on the right VB and Cremerie de Paris N°1
in the small cercle La Maison Rouge / Cremerie de Paris N°6, N°7 and N°8

Drawing by Louis Bretez
and his students.

Louis Leon Pajot
Louis Leon Pajot (1678 - 1754)
Postmaster, gérant of the Poste Royale
belonging to the Pajot & Rouillé
family is located at VB until 1738.

Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis
The Postmaster Anselm Franz, 2nd Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1681 - 1739)
is the link between La Poste Royale
and today's Phone Book of the World.

1738 La poste at VB comes to an end,
but 248 years later
1986 May Johannes 11th Prince of Thurn & Taxis
shows VB to a young student
and gives him the mission
to marke up the fallen saleep magic and energy of the house.

more about the Poste Masters Thurn & Taxis
key people in the history of Cremerie de Paris


1851 President Napoleon
relaunches a project of his uncle Napoléon 1er.
He decides to renovate the les Halles food market.
Construction of a first Pavillon by Victor Baltard

1848 Dec 11 : Louis Napoléon Bonaparte,
nephew or Napoléon I,
is elected President of the 2nd Republic of France.

The architects Victor Baltard (1805 - 1874) and Felix Callet
win a contest to build the new foodmarket.
They build a first Pavillon.

1852 Dec 2 President Napoleon becomes
Emperor Napoléon III.

1853 Jan 29 and 30 wedding with Eugénie de Montijo.

premier Pavillon Baltard
1853 The first Pavillon is constructed.
Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoléon III
doesn't like the construction.

Crystal Palace Londres
In London Eugénie had seen an avant garde new construction:
The Crystal Palace all made of steel and glass
a new type of construction new technologies hade made possible.

Pavillons Baltard
Eugénie decides to interfer with the project.
She asks her husband to stop the construction.

The same architect, Victor Baltar is asked to work on a new project.
using as much steel and glass possible.
1854 A new project is presented by Baltard.

À "rue des Halles"
is imagined from Eugenies summer residence in Biarritz
Villa Eugénie, today the Hôtel du Palais.
This street is designed as the main artery of the area
with the mission to connect the market
with Place du Châtelet where the two new theaters are contructed.

To the great despair of the promoters
Eugénie who was considered
as to be the greatest fashionista of her time
advises using the best sculptors
like Charles Gauthier,
to adorn the facades of the new buildings on rue des Halles
with decorative elements.

more about Victor Baltard

1860 Empress Eugénie
is fascinated by the geographic point
"Cremerie de Paris"
due the the former presence of Louis XIV
followed by Marie Antoinette

Eugénie is the creative mind
behind the construction of rue des Halles
and of the Pavillons Baltard

Imperatrice Eugénie
Empress Eugénie is getting more and more
involved into the construction
of the Halles Centrales fodd market.

plan du 15 rue des Halles
She is passionated by the geographic point
"Cremerie de Paris"
at the corner of 15 rue des Halles / 11 et 9 rue des Déchargeurs.

Louis XIVportail Cremerie de Paris
Her particular interest is due to the fact
that two hundred years earlier in the 1650
the place had been a childhood location
for young King Louis XIV (1638 - 1715)

Marie Antoinette
She was also interested by the presence of
Marie Antoinette (1755 - 1793)
at 11 rue des Déchargeurs.

Pavillon des Drapiers / Cremerie de Paris
On the exact same geographic spot
was located the Pavillon des Drapiers / Pavillon de la Mode,
a fashion hostpot during two centuries.

In the 1780s Marie Antoinette
loved to attend reception
and fashion meetings
so she coule meet new stylists and fashion talents.

Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette and Eugénie
were fashion icons
during their respective times.

The 1854 portait of Franz Xaver Winterhalter
shows Empress Eugenie dressed as Marie Antoinette.
The painting is in New York at the Métropolitan Museum of Art

These historical roots gave
to Cremerie de Paris
a very special status ...

plan des Halles Centrales

more about Eugenie de Montijo

1866 - 1890 Henri Nestle
founder of Nestle in Switzerland
is fascinated by the Pavillons Baltard

1814 Henri Nestle (1814 - 1890) was born in Francfort
His family is hit by child mortality.

Cremerie de Paris et Pavillons Baltard

1843 with the help of a generous aunt
young Nestle is able to start a company in Vevey Switzerland.
Success takes time to come ...
Henri Nestle dreams of finding products
to improve the nutrition of babies.
His wife Clementine Ehmant (1833 - 1900)
daughter of a doctor, encourages his dream.

farine lacte Nestle
1861 Henri Nestle invents la farine lactée (milk flower).
1866 Establishment of the Nestle company in Vevey

Cremerie de Paris en 1910
1869 Cremerie de Paris N°1 opens
at the corner of the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon VB
15 rue des Halles
corner 9 - 11 rue des Déchargeurs.

The milk and cheese store is facing
the Pavillon Baltard N°10 dedicated to milk products.

Cremerie de Paris
fascinated many people
as it is sourrounded by all these
legends connected to the Kings of France
that had been there a long time ago.

Henri Nestle's farine lactée
received a gold medal
during the Paris Universal Exhibition.

Impératrice Eugénie et Alix Hessen
When Nestle comes to Paris
he always visits the Pavillons Baltard,
in particular N°10

Cremerie de Paris
also had a special link with Switzerland
as it was for a long time connected
to a milk production site
in Zollikhofen, 75 km from Vevey.
This resulted later resulted in a beautiful Cheese and Milk event
organised by the the Swiss Cheese federation.

see further below ...

1875 Henri Nestle retires
and sells his company for 1.000.000 Swiss Francs.

1888 before leaving this world Nestle
wants to leave a souvenir to his home town
the city of Montreux, near Vevey.
The souvenir costs him 80.000 Swiss Francs,
8 % of what he had received for his company.

Pavillon Baltard Montreux
The souvenir is a touch of glamour from Paris
and a symbol of milk production
a copy of the original Pavillon Baltard
adapted to the shores of the Lake of Geneva (Lac Leman)

As Baltard has already left this world,
the architect Henri Chaudet (1845 - 1931)
has the mission to accomplish the construction.
The city of Montreux cherishes his present since.

1890 July 7 death of Henri Nestle
1892 Opening of the Nestle Pavillon
also called "Marché couvert de Montreux".

Nestle Pop Up Store
2024 Over time the historic links between Nestle
and Cremeries de Paris are forgotten,

but they resurface
more than a century later
during the preparation of
a Nestle Froneri Pop Up Store
ordered by Laura Fantoni

see further below ...

more about Henri Nestle
more about the Pop Up Store

1886 Vincent van Gogh
the Villeroys, Cremerie de Paris
and Eugène Boch

Crystal Palace LondresNicolas Villeroy
Nicolas IV de Villeroy (1542 - 1617)
Nicolas Villeroy (1759 - 1843)

The old Villeroy,
advisors of the Bourbons, Kings of France
had left the VB mansion a long time ago (1671)
but their aura remains ...

Nicolas Villeroy war born in Lorraine (eastern France)
Nobody knows if he is related to the "de" Villeroy from VB
but he was also given the first name Nicolas
His 3 x great grandfather
Florentin de Villeroy ()
had a "de" in his name

The 2 x great grandfather
Simon Villeroy (1608 -1657) didn't

Octavie Villeroy
1842 The granddaughter of Nicolas Villeroy
Octavie Villeroy (1823 - 1899)
married Eugen Boch (1809 - 1898)
brother of the Belgian ceramics producer Victor Boch (1817 - 1920)

Octavie Villeroy was the link
between Cremerie de Paris and Eugene Boch.
She had an admiration for the glamour
of the old Villeroys from VB
which she passes on to her nephew.
Cremerie de Paris et Pavillons Baltard
Eugène on his side connectect Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon
and Cremerie de Paris
with many impressionists and post impressionists
in particular Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)
but also Paul Cezanne (1839 - 1906), Emile Bernard (1868 - 1941),
Paul Gaugin (1848 - 1903), Henri Toulouse Lautrec (1864 - 1901)

1886 Eugene Boch was a student at the Atélier Cormon,
a school through which many painters have passed.
Just like his sister Anna Boch
Eugene was fortunate to have
significant financial resources
which he used to support his friends
by purchasing their works.

Even though Eugène Boch did not show his money
the artistic community knew he was wealthy
and the company Boch Freres from la Louvière
was well known.

Eugene Boch and Vincent van Gogh both
lived in Montmartre a few hundred meters from each other.
Eugene Boch rue Ganneron,
Vincent van Gogh at his brothers place 54 rue Lepic.

more about van Gogh in Paris by the van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

portaits of van Gogh - see 5m22

Octavie Villeroy
Rue des Halles during the times of van Gogh

Eugène Boch loved to show Cremerie de Paris
to his friends which must have contributed
to the fact that the most famous impressionists
walked through its doors
in the late 19th century.

Bistro des Halles
A Bistro des Halles during the times of van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh Halles de Paris
1886 Vincent van Gogh was in Paris
He knew about the magic of Cremerie de Paris through Eugène Boch

It is possible that Vincent van Gogh and Henri Nestle
mentionned before
have walked into each other
at Cremerie de Paris
but non of them imagined
today's impact of what they have created.

1888 June Vincent van Gogh and Eugène Boch saw each other in Arles.
Eugène appears in the fist version of
van Gogh's bedroom painting.
more about the bedroom painting by

the Red Vineyard
1890 February La Vigne Rouge, sadly the only painting van Gogh
sold during his lifetime
has a direct link with Cremerie de Paris.
Anna Boch and her brother Eugène
are connected both with it's past
and it's present.
more about the history of the Red Vinyard painting

Cremerie de Paris et Pavillons Baltard
Stories are passed down ...
As a child Ben Solms was a guide in a Ceramics Museum.
The curator of the museum, a marvelous Thérèse Thomas
told him the stories of the painters
Anna and Eugene Boch
and their links with Vincent van Gogh.
Two decades later the Van Gogh stories
created a rather unusual contact.

1999 the years Cremerie de Paris operated an Internet Cafe
a conversation started with a Lady from Los Angeles.
The Lady was interested in modern art.
She loved to listen to the van Gogh stories.

Ben Solms, Lois and Buzz Aldrin
The Lady met thanks to the magic of Cremerie de Paris
"please give me you email
next time I come to Paris
I want to see you again and know more about all
these crazy and funny stories ..."

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin
Mrs Aldrin came back accompanied by her husband
an Apollo 11 astronaute that had been
on the first flight to the moon
with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

A century before Vincent van Gogh
would not have imagined
what kind of people
would one day interested by him.

1870 Fall of the Second Empire
Eugenie and the Romanov children

Cremerie de Paris et Pavillons Baltard
1870 After the Franco Prusse war caused
by the desirs of expansion of Otto von Bismarck
the Second Empire falls.
Napoléon III and Empress Eugénie, the creative mind of les Halles
have to leave France
and settle in the United Kingdom in exile.

Pop Up Cafe Starbucks
1890 Inside Pavillon Baltard N°10
dedicated to milk products

Impératrice Eugénie et Alix HessenImpératrice Eugénie et Alix Hessen
Eugenie remains very attached to the quartier des Halles she has build
and when travelling to France she returns to Cremerie de Paris incognito.
The former Empress lives until 1920.
In England she transmits the legends of VB to children.
who love to listen to the stories and prunks of a young Louis XIV
the favorite child is
Alix Hessen.

1894 Alix Hessen marries Tsar Nicolas II
with her the legends of Cremerie de Paris
travel to Russia

Cremerie de Paris en 1910
1910 View on Cremerie de Paris
15 rue des Halles
corner 11 rue des Déchargeurs
In the background Pavillon Baltard N°6

Video Photos of les Halles around 1910

Impératrice Eugénie et Alix HessenImpératrice Eugénie et Alix Hessen
Alix Hessen repeats Eugenies stories to her own children.
For the young Romanovs Cremerie de Paris is a fairytale place,
it's the home of young Louis XIV
like other children consider the home of Santa Clauss
of the castle of Snow White
to be amagic place.

1918 The five Romanov children,
Olga (1895 - 1918), Tatiana (1897 - 1918), Maria (1899 - 1918)
Anastasia (1901 - 1918) and Alexei (1904 - 1918)
don't survive the Russian Revolution.

But some of their cousins are araound
when their aunt, the last Tsarina
tells fairytales to the children.
Thus tEugenie's stories about Cremerie de Paris continue to be transmitted ...

Dmitri Romanov and Coco ChanelCarl Solms, Ben Solms
Eugenie's Cremerie legends return to France

From the inner cercle of the Romanov children
the actors are among
the oldest and the youngest ones

1920 The oldest Dmitri Romanov (1891- 1942)
will become the boyfriend of Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)
1975 The youngest
Carl Solms (1903 - 2004) and his sister Friederike Solms (1905 - 2005)
will become the babysitters of Ben Solms
from today's Cremerie de Paris.

more about the Romanov family links with Cremerie de Paris

1921 Coco Chanel
a secret service agent from Brazil
Joe Kennedy Jr
and a little jewel

Dmitri Romanov et Coco Chanel

1920 The oldest from the inner cercle of the Romanov children,
Dmitri Romanov
is in Iran during the outbreak of the revolution.
He will strand in Boulogne sur Seine, near Paris.

1921 Dmitri meets Coco Chanel.
that falls in love with the young man
8 years younger than herself.

Chanel logo
Their story did not last,
but what is left is the iconic CC logo their created together,
perfume N°5
and a little jewel
that will later play a key role
in the reopening Cremerie de Paris.

Pavillon BOF
Pavillon Baltard N°1 facing Cremerie de Paris N°1

Marque Favorite
1929 Feb 5 Registration of the milk brand "Favorité"
in the name of Cremerie de Paris, 11 rue des Déchargeurs.
At this time Cremerie de Paris was called Emmental SA
see a list of Milk Stores / Cremeries by Le

plan des commerces des halles
1937 July a map is drawn showing the food stores
around rue des Halles
always Cremeries (Milk Stores) and Primeurs (Fruit Stores)
Red circles todays reopened Cremeries de Paris
Lila circles the no longer existing Pavillons Baltard N°10 and N°12 dedicated to milk products.
You also see the Pavillons N°6 and N°8 dedicated to fruits and vegetables.

Maison Rouge
1938 Coco Chanel that knew Cremerie de Paris
through Dmitri Romanov
shows the place to a new friend
Aimée Sotto Maior / Aimée de Heeren.

Aimée Sotto Maior by Horst
Chanel does not realise that Aimée Lopes Sotto Maior
later Aimée de Heeren
is a secret service agent sent to Europe
to get information for Getulio Vargas,
the President du Brésil,
approched by Germany to enter the Axis Aliiance

Helmut James von Moltke
Helmuth James von Moltke
gives Aimee secret documents from Berlin.
What she discovers transforms an agent excecuting missions
to an eraly "resistant"
and a key person in WW2.

The first she does is to influence her employer
Brazilian President Getulio Vargas to get away from Germany.

But she realises that she needs to get connected with US President Roosevelt
fiercely opposed to American involvement in the approaching war.

In London she runs into a a young American
Joe Kennedy Jr,
son of the US ambassador.

rue des Halles 1939
1939 Feb Kennedy comes to Paris,
Aimée shows him Cremerie de Paris and the Cedre Imperial in Meudon.
Kennedy is captivated by her beauty.
Something happens that should not happen to a Secret Service Agent.
She also falls in Love

Their story has the mission
to influence President Roosevelt
to take action.
A difficult task but one the young Kennedys
know the sons of Rossevelt

View on Cremerie de Paris N°1
(at that time Cremerie Emmental today Pop Up Store Hotspot and Museum)
and N°3 (Fruits Paco Alcaniz today Pop Up Café Gladines)

1944 Aug 12 Joe Kennedy Jr dies for the liberation of France

Pop Up Cafe Gladines
1944 Aug 19 - 25 Liberation of Paris
photo 8 rue des Halles (collection cafe Vigouroux)

Video made around Cremerie de Paris in 1950

1961 John F Kennedy, younger brother of Joe Jr
becomes the 35rd President of the United States.

1962 Aimée Sotto Major that left France during WW2
runs into Coco Chanel again.

Their relationship turns into a deep friendship.

Vue sur le Pavillon Baltard N°8
View on Pavillon Baltard N°10
from what is today place Margerite de Navarre
The Pavillon was about 150 m from Cremerie de Paris N°1
and about 70 m from Cremerie de Paris N°7

Getting old Chanel was very lonely
and she enjoyed the company of et Aimée.
The two get into the habit of going for walks
towards les Halles in the middle of the night.
Chanel who has insomnia problems,
and Aimée, who has just returned from a party
find pleasure to observe the comings and goings
from the cafe Maison Rouge N°7
before entering the courtyard behind Cremerie de Paris N°1
to see the VB staircase N°5.

Maison Rouge
1971 Jan 10 Coco Chanel dies at the Hotel Ritz,
but 3 weeks before leaving this world
she leaves a little jewel to her friend Aimée
22 years later the jewel will have an impact
on the furture of Cremerie de Paris N°1.

text historique

Historical text referring to
the history of the Restaurant Gladines N°3,
including the previous owners the primeur Paco Alcaniz,
the creamer Jean Picault
and visits from
the stylist Coco Chanel, the Grand Duke Dmitri Romanov,
the secret agent Aimée de Heeren and her love story
with the young Joe Kennedy Jr
that like many other Love Stories
started at that place.

1969 Departure of the foodmarket
1971 Destruction of the Pavillons Baltard
and a part of the beautiful rue des Halles
End of a Story

1969 night of Feb 28 to March 1
departure of the food market
March 3 Opening of the new market in Rungis
(12 km south of Les Halles in the heart of Paris) .

1971 Georges Pompidou est au pouvoir.
Sa devise "Laisser de la place à la Modernité".

Georges Pompidou (1911 - 1974)
veut avoir un Forum Moderne
avec une rentabilité maximale
et beaucoup de surface de ventes.
Le premier Forum des Halles,
un Centre Commercial hideux, voit le jour.

1971 août Paris est dirigé par un préfet corrompu
Marcel Diebolt (1912 - 2002)
Pendant que les Parisiens sont en vacances
il ordonne la destrucion des Pavillons.

destruction des Pavillon Baltard
Une partie de la magnifique rue des Halles est rasée
pour faire place à des immeubles modernes.

Deux mois après la destruction des Pavillons Baltard
1971 octobre 29
le préfet Diebold démissionne pour travailler
pour le compte des promoteurs fonciers.

Des "enveloppes" massives ont dû circuler,
mais hélas ceux qui se sont opposés à la destruction
n'avaient pas assez de poids
face aux promoteurs et à la corruption ...

La rue des Halles avait initialement une longueur de 295 mètres,
elle allait jusqu´au numéro 32 ...
26 rue du Pont Neuf / 27 rue Berger

Le plus beau marché du Monde
doit céder sa place à la spéculation immobilière.
Seul le Pavillon N°8 est sauvé
et transféré à Nogent sur Marne.

chantier des Halles 1973
Au lieu de laisser les Pavillons Baltard en place
et afin de réduire les coûts
la RATP veut construire la future station
Chatelet les Halles à ciel ouvert.

La Cremerie de Paris / Emmental SA ferme
elle reste fermée pendant très longtemps,
mais l'Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon
survit à la destruction.

plus sur les Travaux

1986 Reopening of the small Cremerie de Paris N°2
thanks to a Thurn & Taxis postmaster
not as a Cremerie / Milkstore
but as a Telecom shop
starting with avant garde Sony phones

1993 Reopening Cremerie de Paris N°1
thanks to the Sony phones
and a little jewel left by Coco Chanel

1992 Cremerie de Paris N°1 is for rent.
The owner is vared to rent a store that large
to someone still quite young.

Aimée de Heeren, Ben Solms
Infortunately from the Romanov fortunes nothing was left
except a touch of glamour.
The glamour was called
Aimee de Heeren and Coco Chanel

Un petit bijoux de Coco Chanel
Aimée de Heeren sells the little jewel Coco Chanel
had left her
to help increase the deposit for a real estate loan
and instead of renting
it becomes possible to buy Cremerie de Paris N°1
as if Gabrielle Chanel,
that had alreadu left this world 22 yeatrs before,
had decided to continue the story ...

1995 Cremerie de Paris N°1
becomes the first Internet Cafe in France
a touch of modern glamour,
a Two Letter domain,
adds to the story

Cybercafe de Paris

2012 Fromages de Suisse
Return of a Story

Pop Up Store Fromages de Suisse
2012 Sep 18 - 23 first Food Event
coming from Switzerland

The agency Posterscope
created the first food event
at Cremerie de Paris
43 ans after
the departure of the food market in 1969.

For a while Cremerie de Paris
was specialised in Emmental products
coming the Emmental Valley
in west central Switzerland.

Event animated by the chef
Jean Charles Karmann.

Logo Swiss Cheese Lab

more about the Swiss Cheese Lab

2013 Reopening of Cremerie de Paris N°3
2015 Reopening of Cremerie de Paris N°6, N°7, N°8

2016 Starbucks Pop Up Café
Return of a Story

Pop Up Cafe Starbucks
2016 Mai 27 and 28 The worlds largest
cafe chain Starbucks

Starbucks Chilled Classics
For the launch of cold drinks
"Starbucks Chilled Classics"
available in supermarkets and gas stations
Starbucks comes from Seattle
to present their latest product
at Cremerie de Paris.

Video imade by Cremerie de Paris
to keep a souvenit of the event.

plan Pop Up Cafe Starbucks
The agency Extrême
had the mission to design a Stabucks cafe
that would only be open for two days.

more about the Starbucks Pop Up Cafe

2016 Atelier Charal
Return of a Story

Atélier Charal
2016 Sep 16 to Oct 2
30 years of the meat company Charal

atélier Charal
The birthday night was celebrated
with the actors Louise Ekland, Richard Berry
and Antoine Duléry.


plan atélier Charal
The agency Strada Marketing imagined the Pop Up
which was present at two Cremeries
Pop Up Store N°1 and Cafe N°3.

more about Atelier Charal

2017 Weight Watchers
Return of a Story

Weight Watchers
2017 Sep 11 to 30 light food
Pop Up Store Weight Watchers

atélier Charal
View from the street
through the WW Pop Up Store
intothe historic courtyard
where Louis XIV used to play as a child.


just like Cremerie de Paris
Weight Watchers has a
Two Letter Domain
one ot the 676 shortest internet adresses and

more about the Weight Watchers Pop Up Store

2017 Escape Game Fanta
Return of a Story

Fanta Escape Game
2016 oct 27 au 31 Retour des Fruits
Escape Game Fanta pour Halloween

Canettes Fanta
Canettes Fanta spécial Halloween


L'agence Havas a imaginé l'évènement
avec Adrien Lebon
Cremerie de Paris N°1.

plus sur la Maison des 6 Trouilles Fanta

2012 à 2017 Buliding of the Metro Exit
Marguerite de Navarre
Entrance gate to the heart of Paris

Construction de la sortie Marguerite de Navarre

Pop Up Store Fromages de Suisse
plus sur la construction Marguerite de Navarre

2018 Pop Up Restaurant
Signature by Sodexo
Return of a Story

Pop Up Restaurant
2018 mars 26 au mai 26 Cremerie de Paris
se transforme en Pop Up Restaurant Vitrine
pour le groupe Sodexo.
Photo with Kilian Stephan

cuisine Sodexo
Cusine du Pop Up Restaurant Sodexo
au niveau -1 de la Cremerie de Paris N°1.
L'ouverture du restaurant a été rendue possible
grâce à la découverte de conduites d'extraction
datant de l'ancienne Cremerie
et cachées sous un faux plafond.


Le Pop Up Restaurant Signature a été dessiné par
l'architect interne de Sodexo, Monsieur David.

plus sur le Restaurant Sodexo

2022 Just Eat
dutch british food delevery service
Return of a Story

Pop Up Just Eat
2022 mai 28 Cremerie de Paris
se transforme en Pop Up pour
le groupe Just Eat
relie à 500.000 restaurants.

Cremerie de Paris Just Eat
Roberto Carlos
Cremerie de Paris en look Just Eat
avec le footballeur Roberto Carlos

Video Just Eat

Le Pop Up Just Eat a été dessiné par Left Productions

plus sur le Pop Up Just Eat

2022 Cookieway by Subway
World's largest restaurant chain
comes from the United States
to test a cookie cafe
Return of a Story

Pop Up Just Eat
2022 sep 1 au 7 Cremerie de Paris
se transforme en un Cookieway Cookie Cafe
pour Subway
la plus importante chaine de restaurants au monde
venue des Etats Unis

Cremerie de Paris Cookieway
Cremerie de Paris en look Subway

Video du Cookieway Pop Up Store by Subway

Le Pop Up Subway a été dessiné
par Zyad Rouissi de l'agence Friiday

plus sur le Cookieway by Subway Pop Up Store

2023 Coca Cola
World's most famous beverage brand
comes from the Unied States
for Coca Cola Creations
Return of a Story

Pop Up Coca Cola
2023 fev 10 au 12 Cremerie de Paris
accueille le lancement international
de Coca Cola Creation,
un nouveau concept de boissons
lancé avec des artistes pour une durée limitée.
La chanteuse Rosalia est l'égerie du premier Pop Up.

Cremerie de Paris 2023 et 1923
Cremerie de Paris en 2023 avec flashback 1923

Video du Coca Cola Pop Up Store

Le Pop Up Coca Cola a été dessiné
par Zyad Rouissi de l'agence Friiday

plus sur le Coca Cola Pop Up Store

2023 Chivas
World's most famous Whisky brand
comes from Scotland
Return of a Story

Pop Up Coca Cola
2024 dec 8 au 17
Pour celebre noël la plus belle marque de whisky d'Ecosse
s'installe à la Cremerie de Paris.

Cremerie de Paris 2023 et 1923
Chivas XV Pop Up avec l'artiste Dolly Cohen

Video du Chivas Pop Up Store

Le Whisly Pop Up a été dréalise par
Chloe Escaffre (Pernod Ricard),
Victoire Guillaumet, Lucille Pateau de l'agence Mnstr
et Andriana Jankovska

plus sur le Chivas Pop Up Store

2024 Nestle
World's most famous food brand
opens an Ice Cream Pop Up Store
with Froneri
Return of a Story

Cremerie de Paris 2023 et 1923
2024 March Cremerie de Paris No9
with a flashback
on a the next door food store
during the times of Henri Nestle
a hundred and fifty years before.

Pop Up Nestle Fronerie Extrême
Cremerie de Paris No9
hosts a laundry store
In the background is hidden
an extraordinary
Extrême Ice Cream place

Nestle Pop Up Store

Pop Up imaginé par l'agence l Uzine

plus sur le Nestle Fronerie Up Store

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Thank you for your time to read this article that is a little long.
We have the chance to have several historic connections
with the historic Cremeries de Paris
we were able to bring back to life
after many stories that left
With the Pop Up Stores the story has returned.

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