Joe Kennedy Jr & Aimée de Heeren by - a WW2 Love Story

Joseph Patrick (Joe) Kennedy Jr (1915 - 1944)

Joe Kennedy Jr (1915 - 1944)
WW2 soldier
helped to liberate France

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Joe Kennedy Jr (1915 - 1944)
boyfriend of Aimee de Heeren (1903 - 2006)
son of the US Ambassador in London Joe Kennedy Sr (1888 - 1969)
and Rose Fitzgerald / Rose Kennedy (1890 - 1995)
Rose was the daughter of John Fitzgerald (1863 - 1950)

brother of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 - 1963)
Rosemary Kennedy (1918 - 2005)
Kathleen Kennedy / Kathleen Cavendish (1920 - 1948)
Eunice Kennedy / Eunice Shriver (1921 - 2009)
Patricia Kennedy / Patricia Lawford (1924 - 2006)
Robert (Bobby) Kennedy (1925 - 1968)
Jean Kennedy / Jean Smith (1928 - 2020)
Edward (Ted) Kennedy (1932 - 2009)

oldest son of the Kennedy family
educated to become President of the United States

Oldest child in the Kennedy family
Joe Kennedy Jr was born in Hull, Massachussetts

Rose Kennedy, Joe Kennedy Jr, Rosemary Kennedy, John F KennedyRose Kennedy, Joe Kennedy Jr, Kathleen Kennedy, John F Kennedy
1919 Pictures of Rose Kennedy with her three oldest children Joe Jr, John and Rosemary

Kennedy children 1021
1921 Kennedy children in Brookline, Ma

Kennedy children 1021
1925 Joe Kennedy Jr and John F Kennedy in Hyannis Port, Ma

Joe Kennedy Jr at age 17, photo 1932
1933 Joe Kennedy Jr gratuated from Choate Rosemary Hall Boarding School
in Wallingford, Connecticut.
His brother JFK went to the same boarding school.

Joe Kennedy Jr, Ted Kennedy
1938 Joe Kennedy Jr gratuated from Havard with a Bachelor of Art degrée in government
The picture shows him with his young brother Ted.

From a young age John Kennedy Jr
was formed by his father Joe Kennedy Sr
and his grandfather John Fitzgerald, major of Boston
to become
the first Catholic President of the United States.

Son of the US Ambassador in London
Washington DC / London ... WW2 was on its way ...

1938 March 8 Joe Kennedy Sr was appointed by President Franklin D Roosevelt
to become US Ambassador in London.

In regards to Germany
Ambassador Kennedy did not share the opions of Winston Churchill.
He beleived in negociations with Germany
supporting the appeasement policy of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.
Ambassador Kennedy was determined to avoid new US military engagements in Europe
and to preserve peace.

Churchill belived any compromise
with the Nazis was impossible.

The young Kennedy children lived at the Embassy with their parents,
while Joe Jr and JFK studying at Harvard came to visit.

Joe Kennedy Jr, Joe Kennedy Sr, Edward Kennedy
This picture shows Joe Kennedy Jr with his father
and his young brother Edward
on the staircase of the US Embassy in London
14 Prince's Gate.

Joe Kennedy Jr, Joe Kennedy Sr, Edward Kennedy
Joe Kennedy Jr having diner at the London Embassy
with his father Ambassador Kennedy

Ambassador Kennedy and his wife Rose
very much enjoyed to participate in social events
attending the many pre war
balls, dinners, regattas, and derbies of the season.

Often their older children
were in their company.

Joe Kennedy Jr, Joe Kennedy Sr, Edward Kennedy
At a reception the two oldest Kennedy brothers
Joe Jr and John met a beautiful girl that got a lot of attention wherever she went.
The girl was Brazilian, she had come from Paris where she lived.
Everybody passing her way was fascinated:
Aimée Sottomaior Sa / later Aimée de Heeren

Falling in Love
with a Secret Service Agent
a story that started around
Cremerie de Paris
and the Cedre Imperial Meudon

Rio de Janeiro / Paris World War II was on it's way ...
Germany tried to get Brazil as an ally
to prepare for the Axis coalition
with Italy and Japan on their side.

The Brazilian President
Getulio Vargas was tempted to join.
He admired the German sens of order,
but he hesistated
and wanted more information about the new regime.

Getulio Vargas, Aimée Sottomaior
1938 early summer Vargas
sends Aimée Sottomaior to Paris
with the mission to get information.
Aimée spoke multiple languages, Spanish, English, French, Italian, some German
She had already been send to Berlin a few years before.

Joe Kennedy Jr, Joe Kennedy Sr, Edward Kennedy
Aimée arrived in Paris
settling at the hi class Hotel Plaza Athenee.
Covered with jewels
she jumped from one fashion sitting to another.
Soon Paris hi-society is captivated
by this beautiful young girl living such a luxury lifestyle,
luxury without a husband.

Getulio Vargas, Aimée de Heeren
The Brazilian fashion girl gave people the impresson
to be the daughter
of an ultra wealty South American landowner.
Coco Chanel, fascinated by her beauty, became her protector
and introduced her to Paris hi society.

Nobody imagined Aimée's father
Genésio de Sá Sottomaior to be a school teacher
in Castro. a small city in the Brazilian State of Parana.

It was the State of Brazil
that financed her lifestyle
thus disimulating her real mission,
not a fashionista, but a secret service agent
directly reporting to the President.

Through Helmuth James von Moltke (1907 - 1945),
a German / South African lawyer from Berlin
Aimée was given information and documents
with all the plans of Hitler,
few people outside Germany were imagining at the time.

These documents turned Aimée
from an order excecuting agent
into a resistant.
She understood that her destiny was to do something ...

The first thing was to influence her employer,
President Vargas not to enter the Axis Alliance.
As the Brazilian President was captivated by her
he listened to her advice .

But the young woman understood that
influencing Brazil was not enough.
Only the United States of America
had the economic power
to really oppose the Hitelr regime.

Aimée needed to connect with President Roosevelt.
She had already met him in Rio de Janeiro,
but approching the US president would be difficult

She needed to find an ally
helping her to connect with the US government .

Joe Kennedy Jr, John F Kennedy
1938 Nov at a reception in London
Aimée met the two sons of the American Ambassador.
She knew their father Joe Kennedy Sr
was very connected with Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

1938 Christmas The Kennedy family spends Christmas at St Moritz.
They stay in Suvretta outside the resort town
at the Suvretta House Hotel.

1939 February Joe Kennedy Jr
came to Paris to visit Aimée
She received him at the Hotel Plaza Athenee where she lived.

Pavillons BaltardCremerie de Paris
In Paris Aimée showed Kennedy
Cremerie de Paris at the Les Halles food market
a place full of magic with a centuries old history
she knew from Coco Chanel.
They walked through the market open all night.

Cedre Imperial Meudon with Aimée de Heeren and Joe Kennedy Jr
The next day Aimée took Kennedy to Meudon,
a beautiful small city in the west of Paris.
Meudon is the home ot the Cedre Imperial
another place Aimée knew from Gabrielle Chanel.

The Cedre is surrounded by the legend
to be able to give strenght and good energy.

rue de la Republique close to the Cedre Imperial, the houses are unchangedPropriety of Henri Blancard, close to the Cedre Imperial
Meudon, located outside Paris 9 km from the Hotel Plaza Athenée
was the place where she was hiding the documents.
To dangerous to keep anything at the Plaza Atenée.

The pictures show the entrance of rue de la Republique, once rue Napoleon. The villa was once the house of a famous photographer
Hippolyte Blancard, today the cafe Crepe et Croque C&C.

Aimée took the risk to show some documents to Joe Kennedy Jr
even though she knew his father,
Ambassador Kennedy was in close to Helmut Wohlthat,
a Nazi advisor.

rue de la Republique Meudon with the Cedre Imperial
The Cedre Imperial today seen from place du Rabelais

Cedre Imperial, Eiffel Tower
The Cedre Imperial Meudon
is a magical ceder tree.
Some people beleive this tree is a present
of Empress Josephine (1763 - 1814).

Since centuries the Cedre Imperial is sourrounded by the legend
to be able to give strenght and good energy.

Receiving secret documents
from Helmuth James von Moltke
Aimee had a lot of information
on Hitlers plans
the US government did not know.

The documents were hidden in Meudon.

To take the right decisions
Aimée needed a lot of energy.
She was watching the cedar meditating
about what she sould do.

Her idea was to go to London
trying to run into the sons of the American Ambassador.

The moment she met them
both boys were captivated by her beauty.

A few weeks later
something happened
at the Cedre Imperial Meudon
that should never happen to a Secret Serice agent.

She fell in Love

Cedre Imperial

Their relation would have an impact
on the course of World War 2
as it probably accelerated
the United States Cov -
wanting to stay out of the conflict -
to prepare for it.

Cedre Imperial Meudon
Zoom on the Cedre Imperial Meudon

Kennedy continues his road to Perpignan.

Hotel du CapHotel du Cap
In the summer Joe Kennedy Jr and Aimee Sottomaior meet again
in the South of France.

Kennedy Family Antibesd
The Kennedy family stayed at the Hotel du Cap.
The picture is taken 1939 July at the cabanas,
sitting on a small cliff above the Mediterranian.

Outbreak of World War 2

1939 Sep 1 German troups attack Poland.

1939 Sep 3 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
declares war on Germany.

Kennedy London
Above picture shows Joe Kennedy Jr,
Kathleen Kennedy on John F Kennedy
on their way to the British Parliament
to assist to the official war declaration by the United Kingdom

John F Kennedy London
John F kennedy reading a newspaper about WW2

Aimee de Heeren, Getulio Vargas
With all information transmitted to President Vargas
Paris was becoming to dangerous for Aimée,
German Secret service agents were in Rio de Janeiro
and someone had become aware of Aimées efforts
to distance Vargas from Germany.

1939 Aimée got the message to dissapear immediately.
She leaves everything at the Hotel Plaza Athenée
told the concierge she was visiting a friend in the country.
In reality shewas hiding in Meudon waiting for a way to leave France.

1939 November 15
Aimée took the ferry
from Le Havre to New York.
Her ticket was in the name of "Madame Lopes"

Leaving Europe
Lobbying efforts to influence Roosevelt

Anti Hitler activist in New York
Arriving in New York
Aimee and her sister Vera took a fancy flat in Manhattan, Park Avenue.
The state of Brazil continued to finance her.

Joe Kennedy Jr was now needed as an ally to convince
the Roosevelt Administration to take
action against the German regime.

The difficulty was also that Joe Kennedy Sr
had a more pro German point of view.
The relationship between Kennedy Sr
and President Roosevelt had become complicated.

Back in 1936 Aimée had already met President Roosevelt in Brazil
but it was difficult to rapproach him.

Aimée used all her know-how
to meet influential Americans
and to push them to take action against the Nazis.

Joe Kennedy Jr knew the sons of President Roosevelt,
James Roosevelt (1907 - 1991)
Franklin D Roosevelt Jr (1914 - 1988)
and John Roosevelt (1916 - 1981)

Even after the German invasion of Poland
and the outbreak of World War 2 (Aimee was still in Paris)

Roosevelt wanted to keep the United States out of war.
War in Europe divided the American opinion into two camps:
non-interventionists and interventionists.

Ambassador Joe Kennedy Sr was also among those
that wanted to keep America out of the war.

Kennedy Sr was getting more and more isolated in Britain.
Churchill disconsidered Kennedy Sr
and started to communicated with Roosevelt directly.

1940 May Germany invaded France
resulting in the fall of the Chamberlain government in Britain.

1940 May 10 Winston Churchill became British Prime Minister
Churchill wanted to have Kennedy removed as the American Ambassador.

1940 October 22 Joe Kennedy Sr was send back to the United States.
He was replaced by John Winant (1889 - 1947)

1940 Nov 5 Roosevelt reelected President of the United States for the 3rd time
promising his voters not to involve in foreign wars if he were re-elected.

1940 / 1941 multiple efforts of Aimée
to influence Roosevelt to take action against Germany.

Joe Kennedy Jr and Aimée
already had plans for the White House
and Rose Kennedy, the mother
thought that Aimée would be a great asset for her son.

It's only that nobody knew that Aimée was much older than imagined.
Well her age was her ultimate secret.
The editor of this article did not know it for 20 years,
until she told him 2006, a few days before leaving this world.

1941 Joe Kennedy Jr became part of the US Navy.
Kennedy withdrew before his final year at Harvard Law School to enlist in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

1941 Dec 11 President Franklin D Roosevelt signed the American declaration of war against Germany.
1942 May 5 Joe Kennedy received his wings as a naval aviator.
1942 Aug 22 President Vargas signs the Brazilian declaration of war against Germany.

1943 Joe Kennedy Jr returned to Britain to work on anti German submarine missions.
Aimée did not want him to.

Kennedy London
1944 June 6 Allied troups landed in Normandy to liberate France

1944 July 1 Kennedy had completed 25 combat missions
and was elegible to be send home.

Kennedy London
1944 Aug 12 Mission Aphrodite
Joe Kennedy Jr and his copilot Wilford Willy got the mission to attack
Mimoyecques, a German missle bunker located near Boulogne sur Mer
on the French coast of the channel.

The plane loaded with explosives was planned
to fly right into the bunker from where German missles were send to London.
The two pilots were supposed to jump off the plane
but the bomber exploded in the air
above the Blythe Etsuary on the British coast
not reaching his target on the other side of the channel.

Joe Kennedy Jr dies at age 29 for the Liberation of France.
His body was never found

1944 Aug 24 Liberation of Meudon by the Division Leclerc
1944 Aug 25 Liberation of Paris

1945 Mai 8 End of World War 2 in Europe

1946 Creation of a Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr Foundation in memory of Joe Kennedy Jr

1961 Jan 20 John F Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States

The friendship between Aimée and
the Kennedy family lasted for a lifetime

Most of the time Aimée and the Kennedy family met in Palm Beach

1095 North Ocean Boulevard Palm Beach
was a childhood place for Joe Kennedy Jr
and until the 1995 death of Rose Kennedy
a winter home for the Kennedy family.

Aimée lived not very far at 473 North County Road Palm Beach.

Half a century later
the secret service agent Aimée

Well it is not every day
a young student has the chance
to run into one of the World's major secret service agents.

Aimee de Heeren, Ben Solms
And like everybody else he had no idea about her real age ...

They met thanks to Johannes Thurn und Taxis
a friend from Bavaria they shared in common.

Aimée liked to have young friends.
Also it was very practical for her
that the her new friend, editor of this article, had a car.

Both the editor of this article and Aimée
knew the legends about the Cremerie de Paris
which kind of enhanced their friendship.

Cremerie de Paris reminded
Aimée of her friend Coco Chanel
and of her Love Story with Joe Kennedy Jr.

Aimee de Heeren, Ben Solms
Above picture shows Aimée sitting on the terrace
of La Roseraie, her house in Biarritz,
one of the rare moments
when she was telling stories from her past.

The most beautiful one
was the Kennedy story.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy
It was about a young man she had met
half a century before.
An American pilot that had died age 29 at the end of WW2
in the battle to liberate France.

A long time ago, at the beginning of the war,
he had helped her to transmit secret documents
to the Rossevelt administation
and to take influence on American decision makers
so that the United States
would prepare to take action against the Nazi terror in Europe.

Aimée had met many people,
but Joe was the one that had stayed in her heart
more than anybody else.
WW2 had ended their story,
but nothing could make him leave her mind.

It was touching to see that a young man
that had died half a century before
was still in the heart of an older woman,
a woman that was still so beautiful
people turned around on the street when she was walked by.

Cremerie de Paris

1993 Cremerie de Paris N°1 was for rent.
The editor of this article already had two little shops
next to the legendary Cremerie
but he was
only 25
and too young to be accepted buy the owner.

Aimée loved the place because it reminded her
about Joe Kennedy Jr
and also about her friend Gabrielle Chanel.

In the late sixties the designer Gabrielle Chanel
and Aimée used to walk to the Cremeries at night
to share souvenirs of the past.
Joe Kennedy Jr was
in the heart of Aimée
Dmitri Romanov in the heart of Gabrielle Chanel.

suggested not to rent
but to buy Cremerie de Paris.
With the help of a little jewel left to her by Gabrielle Chanel
is became possible to get a bank loan.

Cremerie de Paris became the very first Internet Cafe in Paris.
At that time French Hotels were not jet connected
and Internet made us run into fascinating web Pioneers,
almost all of them were Americans
where Internet was already getting used.

Buzz Aldrin
This is how we had the idea
to get our Two Letter domain
but Internet is another story.

Meeting the man from the Moon
Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin
A little connected to the Kennedy story
was an Apollo 11 astronaut
that Joe's younger brother
JFK Kennedy had decided to send to the moon.

Buzz Alrin, the editor of this article has had the chance
to meet whenever he came to Paris
at least a dozend times,
was fascinated by Aimée
and her links to the Kennedys.

Meeting the

The editor of this article
had the chance to meet Joe's Kennedy's youngest brother Ted.

The Senator came to Paris many times
always staying at the Ritz Hotel
and always meeting with Aimée when she was in town.

Once he drove Aimée and Senator Kennedy to Meudon
to visit the Cedre Imperial.

Aimée de Heeren, Ted Kennedy
2002 november 18
the editor of this article
had the chance to again
meet Senator Edward Kennedy / Ted Kennedy,
the youngest brother of Joe Kennedy Jr.

It was at a reception
"Les Années Maison Blanche"
at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris
where Aimée was invited.

The reception was given by L'Oréal
showing the dresses Jacky Kennedy
was wearing during her White House years.

Once arrived at the Museum,
Françoise Dumas, a Lady organising the event
asked us to come to a seperate room.
Liliane Bettencourt from L'Oréal the hostess of the evening
and Madame Chirac, at the time first Lady of France
were waiting to meet the Kennedy family.

Caroline and her husband Edwin Schlossberg were already there.
Aimée talked to Caroline about her grandmother Rose.

suddenly the door opened
Ted entered the room accompanied by his daughter Kara.
The Senator was so exited to see Aimée
he completely forgot to greet the hostess ...

Instead Amée and himself started to sing a song
they used to sing in Palm Beach half a century before.

Everybody was a little surprised.
Ted explained to his daughter Kara,
to his niece Caroline and to the editor of this article,
that all the Kennedy boys had been
completely crazy
about Aimée ...

Joe Kennedy Jr
John F Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
and of course himself

Joseph Patrick Kennedy
Years later a little snapshot of Aiméee and Ted Kennedy
taken that evening by the editor of the article
was found in a photo poach,
but maybe one day
a picture of young Aimée
and Joe Kennedy Jr will reapear.

Such pictures must still exist,
Aimée had shown some,
so they might still be somewhere
but as she was a Secret Service agent
her life during WW2 was very confidential.

Sometime old pictures
take years to be found again ...

Caroline Kennedy, Ben Solms
picture of the editor of this article
taken the same evening
with Caroline Kennedy
and Jackie's sister Lee Raziwill

Bye Bye Aimée
2006 Aug 3
for 19 years Aimee had invited
the editor of this article
to celebrate her birthday in Biarritz.

The editor of thie article had the priviledge
to come pick her up every year
at the Charles de Gaulle airport ...

June was party time in Paris.
While driving from the airport to rue de Varenne
projects of uncountable invitations
he would soon be allowed to accompany her
before her invitation
to wonderful summer vacation in Biarritz
starting at the end of July.

Joe Kennedy Biarritz
When walking with Aimée nearby
nearby the Biarritz lighthouse
she sometimes mentionned
that Joe had been there long time ago.

But 2006 no call to come pick her up,
weeks go by
End of July
her US secretary Dania Flores called
"Madame de Heeren cannot come to Paris,
she wants to know if you can come to New York
to be with her for her birthday."

Aimée de Heeren, Ben SolmsAimée de Heeren, Ben Solms
Pictures taken at parties
in Palm Beach and Paris

Visiting Aimee in the Lenox Hill hospital

Aimée: "Thank you for coming from Paris to see me.
I'm so glad you made the effort.

The time had come
to release Aimées best kept secret:
her age

"You know when we travelled
you had promised me never to look
at the age mentionned in passport.
I don't know if you respected that promise.

But anyways my passport age was not the real one.
I needed to be younger
so the Brazilian passport bureau
just took some years off
and later
all my life
nobody noticed.

The Kennedy never realised
I was much older than them
which would have been inacceptable
in society at that time."

"When we met, 20 years ago,
you were only 20 ...

Knowing my real age
would have been a barrier
to our friendship,
so I prefered to keep the secret."

On a medical bracelet was written
her name and her age

She died in New York
2006 Sep 13

Aimée was
12 years older than Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr,
14 years older than JFK
and 63 years older
than we editor of this article.

Video about the history of Cremerie de Paris
at minute 9 talking about Aimée de Heeren ...

Remembering Aimée
Discovering more about her past
and about
her Kennedy story

After Aimée had left this World
the editor of this article
started to really miss her
so he started to research her past.

Sometimes he visited the
Cedre Imperial in Meudon
remembering all the stories Aimée had told him,
as if it had been possible to bypass
the barriers o
f time.

Wasn't it kind of crazy to have been
to so many stories that have happened
such a long long time ago ...

opening Cremerie de Paris

2005 something sad happened to Cremerie de Paris N°1
The internet cafe closed, it was rented out
and all it's magic fell asleep.

2011, five years after Aimée's departure
Cremerie de Paris No1 reopened as a Brand Expo Museum.

Without all the glamour and history linked to Aimée
we would never have been able
to turn the place into a
Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands.

Fruit Store and historic Cremerie de Paris around 1939Cremerie de Paris No3 and No1 in 2023
Cremerie de Paris buildings in the heart of Paris
show some history on their walls.
Each Boutique has
it's history going back to the year 1129.

Cremerie de Paris history
Joe Kennedy is mentioned

above Cremerie de Paris No3 / Restaurant Gladines.

Sometimes people passing through the center of Paris
read it ...

The place is easy to find
facing the "Entrance G
ate to the heart of Paris"
the main metro exit of Chatelet les Halles
with a 30 min train connection to airport CDG
Chatelet les

If ever you should come to Paris
come by and rest a moment.

Think about the oldest Kennedy child.
It's a place that has crossed his path
84 years ago.

Gladines is not a hi-end restaurant.
It is simple, but everybody working there
has a unique touch of glamour.
And right opposit you see the Pop Up Store
events currently going on at Cremerie de Paris N°1

Cremerie de Paris history

The text on Cremerie de Paris N°3

1853 La rue des Halles fut imaginée par Eugénie comme artère centrale du marché.
Avec ses Pavillons Baltard Les Halles Centrales furent le plus beau marché du monde.
Se trouvaient ici le Primeur Paco Alvaniz puis la Cremerie de Jean Picault.
1920 Coco Chanel y venait avec son boyfriend Dmitri Romanov, cousin d'Anastasia.
Les enfants Romanov avaient grandi avec les légendes autour de la Cremerie de Paris.

1938 Aimée de Heeren, arrivée comme agent secret, connaissait cet endroit par Chanel.
1939 Lors d'un passage à Paris Joe Kennedy Jr est tombé amoureux d'elle.
1969 Le marché des Halles est parti et tout le coin quartier s'est endormi.
1986 / 1993 Cremerie de Paris a rouvert. 2013 s'est installé Gladines
redonnant de la vie ç cet endroit magique.
Des Love Stories continuent à naitre ici ...

Cedre Imperial Meudon

But there is another place
linked to Joe Kennedy Jr.
The already mentioned tree in Meudon
connected to the Love Story between
Aimée de Heeren & Joe Kennedy Jr

Some friends told the editor of this article
to write about it
"You have had acces to unbeleivable stories
nobody alive today knows about,
you must keep records about it

What would Aimée think ?

2015 July 25 100th birthday of Joe Kennedy Jr

2017 May 29 100th birthday of John F Kennedy

Aimée de Heeren, Ben Solms
2021 March 5
Sad news in the city of Meudon

City administrators want to
"Tear down the Cedre Imperial
to make place for a real estate project".

Aimée de Heeren, Ben Solms
The grounds of the beautiful Cedre Imperial
are owned by the city of Meudon.
Some people in the city administation
want to get rid of the tree
to construct a car park
and a municipal building.

The centuries old Cedar is blocking the project.

The editor of the article immediately knew
Aimée would do everything
to avoid such a disaster.
Maybe the time had come to write
about Joe Kennedy Jr
and their connection with the tree ...

As a reaction to the plans
an association was formed asking to sign a petition.

Many older people in the city were sad,
but they did not know what to do.

Many people thought
that cutting down the Cedre Imperial
would be a shame
also in regards to history.

painting of a little girl
Children started to make paintings the tree,
hundreds of children from Paris and also from Israel.
The paintings were posted on instagram with the hashtag #cedreimperialmeudon
An instagram account was created @cedreimperialmeudon9
Cremerie de Paris organised an expo for the tree

Google Maps listed the tree as a landmark.

The editor of this article created the website Cedre Imperial
and started to write down
all he knew from Aimée about the history of the tree.
As France was in a Corona Lockdown,
there was a lot of time to research documents
an the stories he had heared.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy
The Swiss German artist Stephany von Fuerstenberg started a jewelry collection in honor of the cedar.
The Cedre Imperial appeared on the cover of the Phone Book of the World
and of the French Whitepages

Saving the Cedre Imperial Meudon
When telling a friend
that something needed to be done
to save the beautiful tree,
she replied
"Je te souhaite bien du courage"
which means
"Good luck, but I don't think you have any chance"

A little miracle happened

Denis Larghero
the mayor of Meudon that had decided to cut the tree
listened to all those that love it.

In the last minute
the destruction of the tree was canceled
giving the cedar a 7 years observation period.

It is not every day a mayor
listens to people that try to protect a tree
and many people are grateful for it.

2021 May 8 speach in French
Denis Larghero, mayor of Meudon
at the occasion of the end of WW2

Cedre Imperial Meudon with Aimée de Heeren and Joe Kennedy Jr
Maybe the aura of Joe Kennedy Jr
has also contributed a little to save the Cedre Imperial.

If ever you come to Paris
visit the tree
that is a beautiful souvenir
of Joe Kennedy Jr
and Aimée de Heeren.

Once you are there meditate for a moment
and you will see
that the Cedre Imperial
sends out a lot of good energy ...

His address is
11 rue de la Republique
92190 Meudon near Paris

From Paris take a cab,
The cedre 6.6 km west of the Eiffel Tower.

You can also take a train
RER C from Paris to Meudon Val Fleury

Delicious restaurants like La table de Meudon
or Olivia are walking distance from the tree.

Meudon is a beautiful place
full of beautiful 19th century houses
still preserved
from realestate promotion.

There are hundreds of John F Kennedy streets, bridges

In the 16 arrondissmement of Paris
Avenue John F Kennedy
leads to the town of Meudon.

No street, no avenue, no bridge
nothing for Joe Kennedy Jr.

Real estate developpers still want to cut the tree
but maybe in the future
instead of replacing the Cedre Imperial
by a building
it could be an idea to create
a garden around the tree
and name it
Joe Kenney Jr & Aimée de Heeren Square

A souvenir of a magical Love Story
that started in Meudon
and that later
contributed to the liberation of France.

Unfortunately since years
the tree is not getting enough water.
Too much of the grounds around it
are covered with ciment and road surface.
So for the moment people living in the town
bring water with watering cans by hand.

Cedar trees get very very old,
all they need is enough space,
enough water
and maybe a little bit of love and attention ...

Joseph Patrick Kennedy

In case you have more pictures
about Joe Kennedy Jr
or about Aimée Sottomaior / Aimée de Heeren
we can add
to this article
please contact us
mail: b "at

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Expo Jacky Kennedy by Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris
Meudon during WW2

Remebering Joe Kennedy Jr by Air and Space Museum

Joseph P Jr Foundation / JPKF