Louis XIV (1638 - 1715)

Louis XIV

Louis XIV (1638 - 1715)
Louis XIV was the 3rd Bourbon King of France.
He was the grandson of Henri IV the 1rst Bourg-bon King of France
and the great-great-grandson of Margueritte de Navarre
His childhood spend at the Hotel de Villeroy is at the origin of the many fairytales around Cremerie de Paris.

Before the birth of Louis XIV

Nicolas IV de VilleroyHenri IV, first Bourbon King of France
Villeroy's grandfather, Nicolas IV de Villeroy was already a minister
for Henri IV, grandfather of Louis XIV.
According to the legend
Henri IV had a permanent guestroom at the Hotel de Villeroy,
also called VB mansion (V for Villeroy, B for Bourbon)

Young Louis XIV & Cremerie de Paris

pavillon Henri IV
Louis XIV was born in Saint Germain en Laye au Pavillon Henri IV
1638 september 5.
His birth was considered a miracle as this parents
Louis XIII (1601-1643) and Anne of Austria (1601-1666)
had been married for 23 years without having a child
and heir to the throne of France.

Anne of Austria
1643 Anne d'Autriche becomes the regente after the death of Louis XIII.
She moves from the Louvre to the opposite Palais Cardinal / Palais Royal.
Louis XIV becomes the 3rd Bourbon King of France.
The painting shows him with his mother
and his young brother Philippe d'Orléans.

Nicolas V de VilleroyLouix XIV, third Bourbon King of Francemap
1646 Nicolas V de Villeroy is choosen to be the governor of the young king.
Villeroy and his family live on rue des Déchargeurs / rue des Bourdonnais
at the Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris.

The children of the VB mansion
François de Villeroy and Catherine de Villeroy become life-time friends
for Louis XIV.
Louis XIV is particulary attached to François (1644-1730) who has only two years
when the Hotel de Villeroy become a secondary residence for the young king.

Hotel de Villeroy is 10 minutes walking distance from the Palais Royal

The engraving from 1649 shows Louis XIV
and his brother Philippe with Nicolas V de Villeroy.

Louis XIV in 1654
Louis XIV in 1654, 16 years old performing a theater play.

1671 Nicolas V de Villeroy sells the VB mansion
to the postal entrepreneurs Louis Rouillé et Leon Pajot.
Spirit of Telecommunications in the mansion.

Old Louis XIV & Cremerie de Paris

The Villeroys moove into a new Hotel de Villeroy in St Germain en Laye.
1682 his son François and his daughter Catherine settle
with Louis XIV at the brand new Versailles Palace.

1708 Louis Leon Pajot become the maitre des postes
of the Pajot & Rouillé postal company.
Louis XIV apprecialtes him for the reliability of the postal services.

Louix XIV, third Bourbon King of France
1710s getting older Louis XIV returns to the VB mansion on many occasions.
Whenever a letter is really important for the King
he insists giving it to Louis Leon Pajot in person.

If he does not feel well Louis Leon Pajot meets Louis XIV in Versailles
to pick up his letters. Louis XIV also likes to come to the VB mansion,
to give a letter to Pajot. This reminds him of his childhood.
Sometimes he watches the Pajot & Rouillé horses leave
on a long distance journey carrying mail to
a Pajot Rouillé office in Venice or Rome
or to the Postal palaces of the Thurn & Taxis in Brussels or Francfort.

1715 Louis XIV dies in Versailles.
Great-grandson Louis XV becomes the 4th Bourbon King of France.
In his will Louis XIV designes his childhood friend from the times
spent at the VB mansion, François de Villeroy
to become the tutor of his heir, Louis XV.

1738 the Postal company is so succesfull Louis XV
becomes jealous,
overnight we withdraws the Postal license
making an end to Louis XIV's (his great-grand-fathers) postal services.

Telecom genes stay in the walls of the old VB mansion ...
one day they are reactivated ...

1789 with the French Revolution a lot of documents are lost.
Louis XVI and the Villeroys are killed.

The aura of young Louis XIV
& Empress Eugénie

1852 almost two hundred years later, the aura of Louis XIV is still around.
Napoleon III has the project to renovate the centuries old Les Halles foodmarket.
He plans to build a new avenue, rue des Halles
connecting the foodmarket with the newly erected rue de Rivoli
and the Boulevard de Sebastopol.

Emperess Eugénie, wife of Napoléon III
interferes with the project.
She changes about everything
and convinces her husband and the Baron Haussmann
to change the axis of the future rue des Halles,
so that the historic VB mansion can stay in place.

1870 Once the constructions are finished
and Les Halles becoming the world's most beautiful market,
France is attacked by Bismarck.
The lost Franco Prussian war forces Eugénie to leave France.

The aura of Young Louis XIV
& the Romanov Children

Cremerie de Paris - historic courtyard
1880 Exiled in the United Kingdom
Eugénie transmits the fairytales of the VB mansion and les Halles
to children, among them a young girl, Alix Hessen.
The aura of Louis XIV fascinates the little girl,
grand-daughter of Eugenee's friend Queen Victoria.

Cremerie de Paris - historic courtyard
1910 it's was turn of the "young girl's" children and their cousins
to listen to the Cremerie de Paris and Louis XIV stories.
This happened in Russia and in Hessen (now a state of Germany).

One of them was Anastasia,
another one Coco Chanel's later boyfriend Dmitri Romanov
and another one the great-aunt and "baby-sitter" of the current Cremerie de Paris.

1986 The stories are so fascinating they result
in the later reopening of the Cremeries, closed since 1970,
date of the departure of the Les Halles foodmarket.

The aura of Louis XIV
& an US Internet Pioneer

B for "Bourbon"
in a Two Letter domain name

1993 during the early years of the internet
the same place became a Sony Boutique and
the first Internet cafe in France.
At that time Paris Hotels are not yet connected
and the internet connection brings rather unusual people
to the VB mansion.

The magic linked to the childhood of Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon King of France
spend at the Hotel de Villeroy
fascinates some of these Cybercafe visitors.

One of them looks rather "scientific".
He was the assistant of Dr Jon Postel, the inventor of .com

He infuences Cremerie de Paris to get VB.com
as an ultra short internet domain.
"V" means Villeroy, owners of the old mansions,
"B" means Bourbon, the Kings of France
Henry IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI
all visitors of the VB mansion
When you look your computer keyboard
you instantly see the two "VB" letters.

Two Letter Domains are something very unusual,
there are only 696, most in the hands of US or Chineese Corportations
like Facebook, General Electric, Helett Packard or Jingdong.

The aura of Louis XIV
& some of the World's most famous brands

Cremerie de Paris - historic courtyard
The gate of the VB building still exists ....
371 years after Louis XVI came to the house.

When you are in Paris take the subway to Chatelet Les Halles
exit N°1 Margueritte de Navarre (Louis XIV's great-great-grand-mother)
walk 80 m to Cremerie de Paris N°1
and have a view trough the window on 9 rue des Déchargeurs.
You are right in the center of the history of France.

Cremerie de Paris has become a Expo location.
The magic of Louis XIV
attracts some of the World's most famous brands
to organise Pop Up Stores.

Weight Watchers Pop Up StorePokemon Center ParisSiemens Connected Gallery