Romanov Hessen Windsor Solms Genealogy & Cremerie de Paris a fairytale

VB & Cremerie de Paris, a fairytale for the Romanov children
A story that left ... and that returned

VB (Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon) since 1129

Romanov / Hessen / Windsor Genealogy
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Alix Hessen (1872 - 1918)
Dmitri Romanov (1891 - 1942)
Anastasia Romanov (1901 - 1918)
Carl Solms (1903 - 2004)
Alexei Romanov (1904 - 1918)
Friederike Solms (1905 - 1993)

Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)
Aimee de Heeren (1903 - 2006) since 1991 / 2007

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The cartoon movie "Anastasia" mentions a music box from Paris.
The real jewelry box is the Cremerie de Paris,
a legendary place in the childhood of the Romanov children.
Cremerie de Paris /
an old house in France
with a history going back to the year 1129
is a fairytale for the Romanov children

1910s The Tsarina of Russia
tells the young Romanov children
the fairytales
she had hear as a child
from Eugenie de Montijo

Over a hundred years ago grew up in Russia
5 children of exotic beauty.
The were the 4 daughters and the son of Tsar Nicolas II
and his Anglo German wife Alix Hessen / Alexandra Feodorovna.

Dmitri Romanov with Nicolas II
Olga Romanov, Tatiana Romanov, Maria Romanov, Anastasia Romanov, Alexei Romanov

Around the children were many cousins
Three of them have a direct connection with todays Cremerie de Paris :

Dmitri Romanov with Nicolas IIDmitri Romanov with Nicolas II
Dmitri Romanov (1891 - 1942) was the oldest one.
Dmitri was the son of the Tsars uncle.
He had grown up with Sergei Romanov (uncle of Nicolas II)
and Elisabeth Hessen (older sister of the Tsarina (Alix Hessen).
Following a terrorist attack that had cost the live of his adoptive father Sergei,
14 years old Dmitri became part of the imperial household.

Dmitri Romanov with Nicolas IIDmitri Romanov with Nicolas II
Carl Solms (1803 - 2004) and Friderike Solms (1905 - 1993) the youngest ones.
They were both a nephew and a niece of Eleonore Solms / Eleonore Hessen (1871 - 1937)
the stepsister of the Tsarina and second wife of Ernst Ludwig Hessen (1868 - 1937).

Ernst Ludwig Hessen and the Tsarina (Alix Hessen) as well as their sisters
Victoria Hessen (grandmother of Philip Mountbatten, husband of Queen Elisabeth 2)
and Elisabeth Hessen were grandchildren of Queen Victoria

Carl Solms was a few months older than Alexei Romanov who admired him for being very sportive,
something Alexei suffering from hemophebia was not allowed to do.

Friecerike the young cousin of Anastasia.
The little girls copied each others hairstyle.

Tsarina, young Romanov childrenTsarina, young Romanov children
The Tsarina had a fascination for children
and when they were by themselves, she told them
stories about VB and the Cremerie de Paris.
Cremerie des Halles was a milkstore at the entrance of the Paris Les Halles foodmarket,
the world's most beautiful maket that ewisited since centuries
and that had been rebuild in the 1860s
by a woman the Tsxarina had known as a child.
There were many many stories,
a new one every day.

Louix XIV, third Bourbon King of FranceLouix XIV, third Bourbon King of France
The key caracter of the stories was a young boy
that had the same age than the children
and that had lived at the VB mansion (Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon)
250 years earlier ...
The young King Louis XIV, later called le Roi Soleil (Sunking)

Solms and Romanov ChildrenTsarina, young Romanov children
When they were among each other
the children continued to talk about Cremerie de Paris.
They all wanted to travel to Paris and discover this fascinating place
in the capital of fashion.

The cartoon movie "Anastasia"
mentiones a Music Box

The real music box
is Cremerie de Paris

The film does not match reality and retells Anastasia's life with a lot of phantasy.
The moovie enjoyed a positive reception from many critics
and received nomination for several awards,
like an Oscar award by the Academy Award for Best Original Score of the Best Original Score

Legendes about Cremerie de Paris
coming from the Tsarina, mother of the Romanov children
Alix Hessen growing up around Eugénie, the woman
that build le quartier des Halles de Paris

The Tsarina had a passion for her children
She was not interested in politics, state affairs, court issues ...
All she liked were the children and her husband.

At night she told them fairytale stories
The most beautiful ones were about a certain "Cremerie de Paris",
a milk store at the iconic Halles Centrales foodmarket in the heart of the French capital.

Louix XIV, third Bourbon King of Francegate of the Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy
Cremerie de Paris is part of a century old mansion
where another child, the young Bourbon King Louis XIV had lived a long time ago.
It was the house of the children François and Catherine de Villeroy,
their father was the tutor of the young Bourbon King.

Later they all lived at the Palace of Versailles.
The stories had a secret code "VB" so that adults
would know what their sorties were about.

Empress Eugenie and Alix Hessenyoung Alix Hessen
The Tsarina knew these stories from a childhood friend
the old exiled French Empress Eugenie (1853 - 1920) that was still alive
and that lived the United Kingdom.
Eugenie was a friend of her grandmother, Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901)
mother of Alice of the United Kingdom (1843 - 1878),
that had died when Alix was 6.

Empress Eugénie had lost her only child,
Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (1856 - 1879)
and loved Alix (the later Tsarina).
Sometimes before Alix went to bed,
Eugénie came to tell her about the Cremerie de Paris.

Queen Victoria by Winterhalterthe original rue des Halles
As a young woman Eugenie had married the French Emperor Napoléon III (1808 - 1873)
with the project to make Paris become the world's most beautiful city.
The new foodmarket at Les Halles Centrales was the project of Eugénie.
She knew the détail of everything.

The market was made of the "Pavillons Baltard",
10 glass iron pavillions
and some beautiful newly erected avenues like the "Rue des Halles".
On the corner of number 15 rue des Halles
and the centuries old rue des Déchargeurs
is located the Cremerie de Paris.

When a grand reception was going on in St Petersburg,
food was coming from this market brought to Russia with the Nord Express train.

1918 - Russian Revolution
End of a story
The 5 Romanov children are killed

1918 july 17 The five Romanov children were killed
under the oder of Vladimir Lenin.

The possible asurvival of Anastasia
remained a much discussed mystery for the entire century.

1920s - The Cremerie de Paris story continues
with Dmitri Romanov and Coco Chanel
N°5 and a little jewel

Dmitri Romanov with Nicolas IIDmitri Romanov with Coco Chanel
1920 Dmitri Romanov survives the Russian Revolution
and comes to Paris. He discovers Cremerie de Paris
and shows it to Coco Chanel.

Chanel staircaseChanel staircase
Chanel falls in love with both Romanov and Cremerie de Paris.
A staircase with a mysterious No5 forged into the railings
captivates her.

Video about Coco Chanel

Chanel staircaseDmitri Romanov with Nicolas II
What is left from their affair
is N°5 and a little jewel.

1938 - Coco Chanel runs into a secret sevice agent
Aimée Lopes de Sotto Maior
A little jewel from Coco Chanel

Aimée Lopes de Sotto Maior
1938 World War 2 is on it's way
and Brazil sends his most beautiful girl to Paris
to find information of what is going on in Europe.

Coco Chanel is captivated by the exotic looking Aimée Lopes de Sotto Maior (1903 - 2006)
without realising that Aimée is a Secret Service Agent
she connects her with many people .

Joe Kennedy Jr
While collected information on Germany
Aimée turnes into an anti Nazi activist.
In London she meets the son of the American ambassador
who falls in Love with her.

1939 november Life in Paris has become to dangerous for Aimee.
She moves on to New York.
Joe Kennedy Jr (1915 - 1944) helps her to influence the Roosevelt administration
to realise that action needs to be taken against the German Dictator.

old Coco Chanel

1960s after not seeing each over for twenty years
Chanel and Aimée meet again.
Chanel is still fascinated by the glamour of a woman that looks the same.

When Chanel cannot sleep and when Aimée just returns from a party
they walk from la place Vendôme to the Cremerie de Paris
to watch the Les Halles foodmarket open all night.
They go to Cremerie de Paris to admire a mysterious staircase
linked to Dmitri Romanov and the invention of the perfume N°5

a little jewel from Coco Chanel
1970 christmas Chanel is getting old,
shortly before leaving this world
Chanel gives the little Romanov jewel to Aimée.

1970s - The Cremerie de Paris stories continue
with Carl and Friederike Solms
Babysitting with the last survivors of the inner Romanov cercle
Creating a dream to reactivate Cremerie de Paris

Dmitri Romanov with Nicolas IIDmitri Romanov with Nicolas II
Carl Solms 1910 as a young boy with Alexei Romanov and Nicolas II
and 1972 as an old man telling stories about Cremerie de Paris
to his great-nephew Ben Solms.

Friederike Solms and Ben Solms in Lich
Friederike Solms 1910 as a young girl with her cousin Anastasia Romanov in Wolfsgarten
and again 1970 with her great nephew Ben Solm (red circles)

The fairytales about Cremerie de Paris
result in curiosity

1980 Ben Solms, now a 14 year old schoolboy travels to Paris
and tries to find the legendary Cremerie de Paris.

Cremerie de Paris still exists,
but since the 1971 departure of the Les Halles foodmarket
the place is closed and abandoned.

The idea comes up to reopen it,
but unfortunately
nothing was left from the Romanov fortunes

to help the project.

Carl Solms has very little money.
Frederike Solms makes her living as a beekeeper.

Nobody would have imagined that living very modestly
they were the last survivors
of the inner cercle of the Romanovs.

1993 A school exchange program makes it possible
to come to Paris.
Working as a host in tradefairs and fashion shows
provides some income and the possibility
to meet people that are hard to meet.

Nothing from the Romanov fortunes
exept a touch of glamour ...
The glamour is called
Thurn & Taxis
Aimee de Heeren
and Coco Chanel

1986 / 1993 / 2006 - Return of a Story
Running into a WW2 secret service agent
and friend of Coco Chanel
Aimée de Heeren
Reopening Cremerie de Paris

Aimée Lopes de Sotto MaiorAimée Lopes de Sotto Maior
1986 A Postman met in a fashion show
pushes the young student to find an idea in the world of
Telecommunications and
onnects the young student to Chanel's friend
Aimee de Heeren / Aimee Lopes de Sotto Maior

Aimée Lopes de Sotto Maior
1986 reopening the small Cremerie de Paris No2
as a Sony Phone Boutique and Repair Service.
Well when you are just 20
and you have the keys of a small Boutique in Paris
a lot of adventures are waiting for you ...

1988 Lady Diana is one of the customers
and adds a massive glamour to the small Boutique.

1992 The legendary Cremerie de Paris N°1 is for rent.
The small Sony Phone Boutique is doing very well
but it is impossible to convince the owner
to rent a large store to someone still very young.

a little jewel from Coco ChanelAimée Lopes de Sotto Maior
1993 Aimee de Heeren has an idea
"search for a bank loan
and buy the place instead of renting it."

But unfortunately France is a country that makes
things difficult when you are very young.

A miracle happens
a foreigh bank accepts to finance the project
under the condition a strong down payment can be made ...
The Sony Phones had generated quite some savings,
but not enough

Aimée de Heeren decides to sells the little jewel
Coco Chanel had left her ...
It become possible to buy Cremerie de Paris
as if Chanel
that had already left this world two decades earlier
had decided to continue the story ...

1991 / 1993 / 1999 - Return of a Story
Living the birth of the internet
Getting a Two Letter domain
Inventing the Phone Book of the World

a little jewel from Coco ChanelAimee de Heeren
1995 Cremerie de Paris becomes the first Internet cafe in France
1991 early years of the Internet.
Two Letter Domains are among the first domains to be registered.
The Story about getting the Two Letter domain is another faitytale.
VB is the acronym for "Villeroy Bourbon", the name of the old mansion.
It als means "Very Beautiful"

The internet connections,
still inexisting in Paris Hotels
attracts all kind of Americans
which are impossible to meet.

One was on the first flight to the Moon.
Another one invented the Internet domains
and others are still very young
and knowbody knows who they are
or who they are going to become,
maybe they did not know it themselves.

Today they come back
to open a Pop Up Store
for a company they have invented in the meantime.

since 2012 Return of a Story
Cremerie de Paris turning into a
Meeting Place of the World's most famous Brands

2012 Nike was the first to come to Cremerie de Paris
for an iconic Pop Up Store,
the Nike Barber Shop.

Romanov / Hessen Genealogy

A) Romanov

Nicolas II with his parents
A.1. Nicolas II
son of Tsar Alexander III (1845 - 1894)
grandson of Tsar Alexander II (1881 - 1881)

son of Dagmar of Denmark / Maria Fedorovna (1845 - 1928)
grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark (1818 - 1906)
grandson of Louise Hessen (1817 - 1898)

Nicolas II was the brother of
George of Russia (1871 - 1899)
Xenia of Russia (1875 - 1980)

Xenia Romanov (1875 - 1960) married to Alexander Romanov (1866 - 1933)
Irina Romanov (1895 - 1970) married to Felix Yusupov (1887 - 1967)
Andrei Romanov (1897 - 1981)
Fedor Romanov (1898 - 1968)

Nikita Romanov (1900 - 1974)
father of Alexander Romanov (1929 - 2002)
married to Mimi Valguarnera di Niscemi
Dmitri Romanov (1901 - 1980)
Rotislav Romanov (1902 - 1978)
Vasily Romanov (1907 - 1989)

Michael Romanov (1878 - 1918)
Olga Romanov (1882 - 1660)

B.5) Hessen Romanov
B.5 Alix Hessen / Alexandra Feodorovna (1872 - 1918)
6th child of
Louis IV Hessen (1837 - 1892)
Alice of the United Kingdom (1843 - 1878)

Alix Hessen
Alix Hessen was a grand-daughter of Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901)
and a childhood friend of Empress Eugenie who build les Halles de Paris.

Alix Hessen
Eugenie, former Empress of France during the times of the Second Empire
tell young Alix endless fairtales about >Cremerie de Paris
At age 12 Alix fell in Love with 16 years old Nicolas Romanov

Alix Hessen
coronation of Tsar Nicolas II and Alix Hessen 1898

les cercle intérieur autour des enfants Romanov

The 5 children of Tsar Nicolas II and Alix Hessen
B.5.1 Olga Romanov (1895 - 1918)
B.5.2 Tatiana Romanov (1897 - 1918)
B.5.3 Maria Romanov (1899 - 1918)
B.5.4 Anastasia Romanov (1901 - 1918)
B.5.5 Alexei Romanov (1904 - 1918)

living with them young uncle Dmitri Romanov (1891 - 1942)
that had no parents

Dmitri was later the boyfriend of Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)
Chanel was a friend of Aimée de Heeren (1903 - 2006)
friend of Ben Solms, editor of
and remote great-nephew of Dmitri Romanov

B.1) Hessen Mountbatten Windsor Greece
Victoria Hessen
The Tsarina's sister and the oldest Hessen child
Victoria Hessen (1863 - 1950) married to Louis Battenberg (1854 - 1921)

Video about Victoria Hessen / Mountbatten

4 children
B.1.1 Alice Battenberg / Greece (1885 - 1969)
B.2 Louise Mountbatten / Queen of Sweden (1889 - 1965)
B.3 Georges Mountbatten (1892 - 1938)
B.4 Louis Mountbatten (1900 - 1979)

Philipp Mountbatten
B.1.1.2 Maguerite of Greece / Hohenlohe (1905 - 1981)
among great grand-children
B. jewelry designer Cecile Hohenlohe (born 1967)

B.1.1.3 Theodora of Greece / Baden (1906 - 1969)
3 children
among great grand-children
B. Bernhard Baden (born 1970)
B. Leopold Baden (born 1971)

B.1.1.4 Cecile of Greece / Hessen (1911 - 1937)
married to Donatus Hessen (1906 - 1937)
see B.4 Hessen Solms
son of Ernst Ludwig Hessen and Eleonore Solms
family died in plane crash

B.1.1.5 Sophia of Greece / Hessen / Hannover (1914 - 2001)
8 children

B.1.1.6 Philipp of Greece / Mountbatten Windsor (1921 - 2021)
1947 marriage to Queen Elisabeth II (1926 - 2022)
4 children
B. King Charles III (born 1948)
B. William Mountbatten Windsor (born 1982)
B. Anne (born 1950)
B. Andrew (born 1960)
B. Edward (born 1964)

Philipp Mountbatten
young Philipp of Greece / Philipp Mountbatten
with Ernst Ludwig Hessen
during the marrige of his sister Cecile

Philipp Mountbatten
Philipp of Greece / Philipp Mountbatten (1921 - 2021)
1953 coronation portait

Philip of Greece
Anastasia Romanov is a second degree aunt of Philip of Greece

Queen Elisabeth II was the sister-in-law of Cecile Hessen
great aunt of Ben Solms (Cremerie de Paris)
but as Cecile died in a plane crash in 1937, they hardly knew each other.

Queen Elisabeth II was also connected to Cremerie de Paris
through her husband's grandmother Victoria Hessen

and through her great-grandmother Queen Victoria
who was a friend of Empress Eugenie of France

Queen Elisabeth 2 grand-mother of
William Mountbatten Windsor,
now Prince of Wales (born 1982)

Anastasia Romanov is a second degree great-great aunt
of William Mountbatten Windsor

B.2) Hessen Romanov
Elisabeth Hessen
The Tsarina's sister and the second Hessen child
Elisabeth Hessen (1864 - 1918) married to Sergei Romanov (1857 - 1905)

Video about Elisabeth Hessen / Romanov

Elisabeth and Sergei had no biological children,
They adopted the children
Sergei's brother Paul Romanov (1860 - 1919)
had abandon after moving to France
B.2.1. Maria Pavlovna Romanov (1890 - 1958)
B.2.2 Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov (1891 - 1942)

Dmitri was the half brother of
Vladimir Paley (1897 - 1918)
Irina Paley (1903 - 1990)
Natalia Paley (1905 - 1981)

Elisabeth Hessen
Maria and Dmitri Romanov had a troubled childhood
as their adopted father Sergei was killed when they were teenagers.
Their adopted mother Elisabeth decided to becom a nun

Elisabeth Hessen
Dmitri was placed into the family of Nicolas II
and Alix Hessen (Elisabeth's younger sister)

Dmitri had access to the fairytales about Cremerie de Paris
the Tsarina was telling to the children

Elisabeth Hessen
Dmitri grew up with the Romanov children.
Everybody admired him because he was very glamorous
and the oldest one.

Elisabeth Hessen
Dmitri Romanov with Ernst Ludwig Hessen`

1918 Elisabth was killed in the Revolution
Dmitri escaped to Paris
where he would become one of the keyperson
in the history of Cremerie de Paris

a little jewel from Coco Chanel
1920 Dmitri showed Cremerie de Paris to Coco Chanel.
She fell in Love with both
Romanov and the fairytales around the Cremerie.

Dmitri lived at the house of Coco Chanel in Garches, west of Paris

What is left from their affair is the perfume Chanel N°5
and a little jewel that - half a century later -
would help to reopen Cremerie de Paris

B.3) Hessen Prussia

Irene Hessen
The Tsarina's sister and the third Hessen child
Irene (1866 - 1953) married to Heinrich Preussen ( 1862 - 1929)

B.3.1. Waldemar Preussen (1889 - 1945)
B.3.2 Sigismund Preussen (1896 - 1978)
B.3.3 Heinrich Preussen (1900 - 1904)

B.4) Hessen Solms

Donatus Hessen
The Tsarina's brother and 4th Hessen child
Ernst Ludwig Hessen (1868 - 1937) married Victoria Melitta Sachsen (1876 - 1936)
B.4.1 Elisabeth Hessen (1895 - 1903)

Eleonore Solms
1901 Ernst Ludwig and Melitta divorced
which was a major scandal at the time
1905 Victoria Melitta remarries Kirill Romanov (1877 - 1943)
Rixa von Oldenburg and Georg Friedrich von Preussen
are among their great grandchildren

1905 Ernst Ludwig remarried Eleonore Solms (1871 - 1937)

Eleonore Solms
photo of Ernst Ludwig Hessen, Nicolas II, Eleonore Solms
Olga, Tatiana, Anastasia Romanov and Donatus Hessen

B.4.2 Georg Donatus Hessen (1906 - 1937)
married to Cecile of Greece (1911 - 1937)
B.4.2.1. Ludwig Hessen (1931 - 1937)
B.4.2.2 Alexander Hessen (1933 - 1937)
B.4.2.3. Johanna Hessen (1936 - 1939)

B.4.3 Ludwig Hessen (1908 - 1968)
married to Margaret Campbell Geddes (1913 - 1997)
no descendance
unfortunately Margeret (Tante Pegg)
was not very nice with children
and did not transmit any cultural heritage

nieces & nephews of Eleonore Solms

Philipp Solms, Alexei RomanovSolms and Hessen children
Philipp Solms (1895 - 1918)
Anna Agnes Solms (1899 - 1987)

Rosa Solms (1901 - 1963)
Hermann Otto Solms (1902 - 1940)
(grandfather of Ben Solms)

Carl Solms
Dmitri Romanov with Nicolas II
Carl Solms (1903 - 2004)
direct great-uncle and baby-sitter of Ben Solms (Cremerie de Paris)
first picture of young Carl Solms with Alexei Romanov
second picture of old Carl Solms with Ben Solms

Elisabeth Solms (1903 - 1997)
Johanna Solms (1905 - 1982)
Friederike Solms (1905 - 1993)
great-aunt & baby-sitter of Ben Solms

Ben Solms is only related to the Hessen Romanovs
through the marriage of his great-great aunt Eleonore Solms,
sister-in-law of the last Tsarina
and great-aunt of Queen Elisabeth 2.

Thanks to his "baby sitters" Carl and Frederike Solms
who had grow up with the Romanov children
half a century before
he had direct acces to Romanov stories including Cremerie de Paris.

a little jewel from Coco Chanel
A little jewel from Dmitri Romanov
given to Coco Chanel and later to Aimée de Heeren
made it possible to wake up
the forgotten Cremerie de Paris