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The Villeroys & the Bourbons at the roots of the Cremeries de Paris
Sometimes one event results in another one ...
The Villeroys were Secretaries of State and until 1671 owners of the Hôtel de Villeroy.
The Bourbons were the Kings of France. Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon spend parts of his childhood at our Cremerie owned by his tutor Nicolas V de Villeroy.

Their century old history fascinated Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoléon III.
Eugénie transmitted her fascination for the Cremeries to the Romanov children.
The Children, in particular Anastasia, had their impact on the Cremeries de Paris as you see them today ...

Portail rue des Déchargeurs
Nicolas IV de Villeroy
King Henri IV
Dame Madeleine de Villeroy

King Louis XIII
Anne d'Autriche
Hotel de Villeroy & Palais Royal & Louvre
Nicolas V de Villeroy

Cremerie de Paris
N°1 : grande Cremerie de Paris (250m2)
N°2 : petite Cremerie de Paris (30m2)
N°3 : Pop Up Cafe Gladines (160m2)
N°4 : Pop Up Café La Factory
N°5 : Escalier Royal
N°6 : Cremerie de Paris N°6 (60m2)
N°7 : Pop Up Bar Maison Rouge (50m2)
N°8 : Pop Up Café Maison Rouge (150m2)

740 m2 full of history in 4 neigboring buildings that exist
since 1370 / 1870 , 1678, 1860 and 1870

Metro Exit Cremerie de Paris / Châtelet les Halles
in the historic center of Paris
between Canopé (200m), Centre Pompidou (300m) and Louvre (500m)


1370 - 1671
hotspot in the
Kingdom of France

Villeroy & Bourbon
Cremerie de Paris
Royal Residence until 1671
gate of the Cremerie de Paris
& Hotel de Villeroy
Nicolas IV de Villeroy
Nicolas IV de Villeroy
Secretary of State under 4 French Kings
owner of the first Hôtel de Villeroy
Henri IV, first Bourbon King of France
Henri IV, 1rst Bourbon King of France
had a room at the Hotel de Villeroy
lived at the Louvre
Madeleine de Villeroy
Dame Madeleine de Villeroy
poet Lady in waiting to Catherine de Medici
Queen Catherine de Medici
Queen Catherine de Medici
lived nearby at the Louvre
attended Madelaine de Villeroys poetry cercle
King Louis XIII, 2nd Bourbon King of France
King Louis XIII, 2nd Bourbon King of France
was trained by Nicolas IV de Villeroy
Anne d'Autriche, mother of Louis XIV
Anne d'Autriche, Queen of France
moved from the Louvre to Palais Royal
mother of Louis XIV
Paris map around 1650, Hotel de Villeroy during the childhood of King Louis XIV
Palais Royal, Hotel de Villeroy
childhood places for Louis XIV
Nicolas V de Villeroy
Nicolas V de Villeroy
rebuilt the Hotel de Villeroy in 1640
tutor of the young King Louis XIV
escalier d'honneur Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris
since 1640 all the Kings of France
have been to our Royal Staircase
N°5 engraved in the railings
Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon King of France
Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon King of France
Hotel de Villeroy was part of his childhood
created the Chateau de Versailles
since 1671 Telecom Hotspot
Pajot & Rouillé Thurn & Taxis
1671 -1738 La Poste, Royal French Postal Service developped by the Pajot & Rouille family.
1987-2002 Sony Phone center
1993 - 2006 first Internet Cafe in Paris since 2000 Phone Book of the World and Whitepages in many countries
Cremerie de Paris
1671 The Villeroys sold the house
to Louis Rouillé et Leon Pajot,
entrepreneurs that created "La Poste"
La Poste at the Hotel de Villeroy around 1715
map from 1715 showing
La Poste, Royal French Mail Services,
ancestor of French PTT
Post Coach Pajot & Rouillé
Post Coches were transporting mail
to 800 post relais operated by Pajot & Rouille
and to the Thurn & Taxis post network
Louis Leon Pajot
Louis Leon Pajot was the grandson
of Louis Rouille et Leon Pajot.
He was also an inventor.
Anselm Franz von Thurn und Taxis
Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis (1681-1739)
operated a his Postal organisation
from Brussels and Francfort.
courtyard of the Pajot & Rouille Post Center
Painting from 1700, mail distribution
The courtyard behind the Cremerie
is still the same
Hotel de Villeroy en 1736
Drawing from 1738
Hotel de Villeroy, home of VB
is still the same
Postal Routes in France around 1700
Post Roads in France
in the early 1700s
Post Roads arounds Paris in 1712
Post Roads of the Kingdom of France
Roads around Paris in 1712
Post coaches bringing mail from Paris to Italy
Horse caridges from Hotel de Vileroy
carried mail to Italy
along the Swiss Alps
Russian Tsar Peter the Great
Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia
was fascinated by Louis Leon Pajot
and came to visit in may 1717.
1738 end of Postal operations
The Pajot & Rouille family is so succesfull with their Postal Business they become one of the wealthiest people in France.
Jealous, Cradlinal Fleury, minister of finance of King Louis XV withdraws the postal licence
rue des Déchargeurs in 1756
rue des Déchargeurs in 1756
1789 French Revolution
With the French Revolution
many documents to the Hotel de Villeroy
are lost.
King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette
and most of the Villeroys are killed
Map of the Cremeries on rue des Dechargeurs and rue de la Ferronnerie 1756
1870 - 1970
3 Cremeries from the Halles Centrales, food market

Victor Baltard (1805-1874), Napoleon III (1808-1873), Georges Haussmann (1809 -1891), Queen Victoria (1819 -1901), Empress Eugenie (1826-1920), Gustave Eiffel (1832 -1923)
Emperor Napoleon III and Emperess Eugenie 1853 Napoleon III and his wife
have the project to build a new rue des Halles
connecting the new Pavillons Baltard
Empress Eugenie
Empress Eugenie of France
Rue des Halles Street sign
With the new "rue des Halles"
several historic buildings are torn down
but the Hotel de Villeroy
and Rue de la Ferronnerie remain
Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie
Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie 1860
Victoria has a strong influence on Eugenie
and the construction of les Halles Centrales
Empress Eugenie
Empress Eugenie petite
and grande Cremerie de Paris
during the times
of the Halles Centrales foodmarket
petite and grand Cremerie de Paris
cheese selection
from Cremerie de Paris
cheese stickers at Cremerie de Paris
Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie
Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie
Cremeries de Paris and Pavillons Baltard
Pavillons Baltard
and Cremeries de Paris
Cremerie de Paris N°3 - 12 rue de la Ferronnerie
Cremerie de Paris N°3 1900
Cremerie de Paris
1870 at the corner of the Hotel de Villeroy
and the newly created Rue des Halles
sets up a Millk Store ... Cremerie de Paris
Rue des Halles and Pavillons Baltard
Rue des Halles around 1900
Modern Art comes to Paris

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Anna Boch (1848-1936), Eugene Boch (1855-1941), Henri de Tououse Lautrec (1864-1901)
There are a multitude of historic links with Cremerie de Paris
Eugene Boch by Vincent van Gogh
there are a multitude of historic links
between van Gogh and Cremerie de Paris.
In the painting Eugène Boch
View towards les Halles by Vincent van Gogh
View from Vincents van Gogh's room
on rue Lepic towards
Notre Dame and the center of Paris
The Red Vineyard by Vincent van Gogh
The Red Vineyard painting,
only van Gogh painting sold during his lifetime
links with Cremerie de Paris
1880s / 1920s / today
Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923), Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), Thomas Edison (1847 -1931), Aimée de Heeren (1903-2006)
There are a multitude of istoric links with Cremerie de Paris
first Phone Book published in 1878
1876 Alexander G Bell invents the phone
1878 the first Phone Book published
in New Heaven / USA

Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone
loved Paris, the Eiffel Tower
and the unique flair of Les Halles.
He enjoyed the company of young people.
Aimee de Heeren
Aimée de Heeren met Bell when she was 18.
65 years later she met the editor of Cremerie de Paris, 80 years later she inspired him
to create the Phone Book of the World.
Tomas Edison
Thomas Edison invented electric light,
he was fasinated by Marie Curie, Aimée de Heeren and the Eiffel Tower.
Les Halles
has always been an unconventional place where people from different backgrounds get together ...
1890s / 1930s / today
Romanovs, Coco Chanel, Aimee de Heeren
The Romanovs know Cremerie de Paris since 1717 when Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725), visited Louis Leon Pajot (1678-1754), owner of the Hotel de Villeroy and Telecom Pioneer.
Paris and the magic of the old Cremerie de Paris Mansion made a lasting impact on the Romanovs
Maria Fedorovna
Maria Fedorovna was constantly in touch
with Paris where she had her clothes made.
She transmited her love for the city
to her grandchildren and their friends.
rue des Halles / rue de Rivoli
Rue des Halles was always been a place
joyfully mixing all kinds of people.
Picture 1970s the times Nicolas II was born.
Metro exists did not yet exist.
The older generation Dowager Tsarina Maria Fedorovna (1847-1928), Tsar Nicolas II (1868-1918), Ernst Ludwig Hessen (1868-1937), Eleonore Solms-Hessen (1871-1937), Tsarina Alice Hessen-Romanov (1872-1918)
- Coco Chanel (1883-1971) -, Maria Pavlovna Romanov (1890-1958), Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov (1891-1941)
Alexandra Fedorovna in Paris
Tsar Nicolas II and Alexandra Federovna
in Paris, picture 1896
Cremerie de Paris
there are a multitude of historic links
between the Romanov and Cremerie de Paris
Alexandra Fedorovna
Alexandra Fedorovna in 1907
wife of Nicolas II, last Tsar of Russia,
born Princess Alice Hessen and by Rhine
great great aunt of Cremerie de Paris.
Alexei Romanov
Alexei Romanov
never had the chance to come to Cremerie de Parie which was part of the fairy tails
told by his mother.
Nicolas II with Eleoneore and Emme Solms
Eleonore Solms, Grand Duchess of Hessen,
Emma Solms and
Nicolas II, Tsar of Russia at a picnic
in Münzenbrg, Germany - picture 1910.
The children Olga Romanov (1895-1918) & Tatiana Romanov (1897-1918)
Philipp Hermann Solms (1895-1918), Maria Nikolaïevna Romanov (1899-1918), Anastasia Romanov (1901-1918), Hermann Otto Solms (1902-1940), Carl Solms (1903-2003), - Aimée de Heeren (1903-2006) -, Alexei Romanov (1904-1918), Friederike Marie Solms (1905-1995), Georg Donatus Hessen (1906 - 1937), Ludwig Hessen (1908 - 1968)
Romanov Children in 1910
Romanov children in 1910,
Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei.
Solms and Romanov children in 1910
The Romanov, Solms and Hessen childen
loved to be together,
grand father, great aunts & great uncles
of Cremerie de Paris.
Ben Solms, Carl Solms
60 years later ... editor of as a child
with great uncle Carl Solms and a doll
once given by
Anastasia, his favorite cousine.

The Romanov's fascination for Paris goes back to 1717 when Tsar Peter came to visit.
In this Cartoon Maria Fedorovna with her grandaughter Anastasia.
Anastasia Romanov
Cremerie de Paris was part of the legends
the Romanov children
were told about.
Anastasia became a legend herself.
Anastasia and Dmitri Romanov

Aanastasia loved her young uncle Dmitri Romanov. Dmitri later escaped to Paris
where he showed Cremerie de Paris to Chanel
and helped to create the iconic perfume N°5
Cremerie de Paris
The Romanov children dreamed of visiting, Cremerie de Paris was know to them through their grandmother's fairy tale stories.
1909 Coco Chanel opens a store in Paris.
1917 Russian Revolution
1918 Nicolas II, Alexandra Fedorovna and the Romanov children are killed. Dmitri Romanov and his sister Maria survive and come to Paris.
1919 Dmitri and Maria Pavlovna Romanov have no more money, they meet Coco Chanel and start to work in fashion.
1919 Dimitri Romanov discovers Cremerie de Paris discribed in Anastasia's fairy tales and old family legends.
He shows Cremerie de Paris to Chanel. Until the end of Gabrielle's life the Royal staircase becomes Chanel's "secret night walk destination".
1920 Dmitri Romanov helps Chanel to create the iconic Perfume N°5
He connects her with Ernest Beaux, ormer perfumer to his family.
Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanov
Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanov in 1918.
first Chanel N°5 bottle
Chanel N°5 a project of
Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanov.
escalier d'honneur Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris
The Cremerie de Paris staircase
has seen all the Bourbon Kings of France.
It fascinated the Romanov children and Chanel
escalier d'honneur Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris
1938 Aimee de Heeren arrives in Paris as a secret agent for Brazil.
She fascinates Gabrielle Chanel.
Aimee also meets Dimitri Romanov and his friend Felix Yusupov.
1938 Chanel takes Aimée de Heeren to Cremerie de Paris.
1960-1970 at night Chanel and Aimee de Heeren walk though central Paris - their favorite route is place Vendome to Cremerie de Paris.
Coco Chanel and Aimee de Heeren
1938 Aimee de Heeren and Coco Chanel
become friends

there are a multitude of historic links
between Chanel and Cremerie de Paris
1970s Hotel de Villeroy "survives" the project to become a modern car park. 1986 the same Aimée de Heeren meets the editor of
1993 Aimée and Sony phone revenues help to buy an abandonded milk store, the former "Cremerie de Paris"
1986-2006 Aimée continues her "Paris night walks" with the editor of - her stories create a fascinating link with history.
1987 / 1993 / today
Spirit of Telecom returns to Cremerie de Paris

Thurn & Taxis, Aimee de Heeren, Akio Morita, Buzz Aldrin
Johannes Thurn und Taxis, Aimée de Heeren
Johannes Thurn & Taxis (ex Post) and Aimée de Heeren become friends with a young student, later editor of - photo Xmas 1986
 Electrica for Sony
1987 Ben Solms, later editor of opens an avant garde Sony phone store bringing Cremerie de Paris back into Telecom.
Sony phone IT A 550
Sony phones were so much
ahead of their times...
that they were banned by French PTT
still having a monopoly.
the first Sony Boutique
Phone Book of the World,
and today's Cremerie started
as a repair center for Sony phones
at petite Cremerie de Paris
Data Dicman
1990, a Sony Data Discman poster
already announces the soon to come
arrival of the internet,
facade of Cremerie de Paris N°3.
Cybercafe de Paris, webcafe from the early years of the Internet where were invented the Phone Book of the World and the White pages of many countries, today the Cremerie de Paris
1993 one of the World's earliest Cybercafes
was born inside a Sony Technology Boutique
occupying the grande Cremerie de Paris
Cybercafe de Paris, webcafe from the early years of the Internet where were invented the Phone Book of the World and the White pages of many countries, today the Cremerie de Paris
2000 Phone Book of the World signs
replace Sony at the Cybercafe de Paris

Apollo 11
Astronauts Neil Amstrong, Buzz Aldrin
and Mike Collins flying to the Moon.
Buzz Aldrin on the Moon
Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
photo by Neil Armstrong 1969.
Buzz Aldrin in Versailles
36 years later - Apollo 11 Astronaute
Buzz Aldrin and the editor of
walking around Versailles
background Aimée de Heere, photo 2005.
photo by Buzz Aldrin.
With the influence of the Cybercafe
visitors Cremerie de Paris got hold of
spectecular domain names ...
first registration of goes back to 1991
Cybercafe de Paris
Sony + Cybercafe de Paris
at Cremerie de Paris
1993 - 2005
Aimee de Heeren
2004 Aimée de Heeren already a 100.
She had met every major actor of the 20th
century and shared Alexander Graham Bell's
joy to be friends with young people
Aimee de Heeren and the editor of
Aimée de Heeren created the "link"
between today and fascinating history.
Without her, no Cremerie de Paris,
no Phone Book of the World and no
since 2011
for Very Beautiful

Pop Up Store Hotspot
magic places, attract magic people...
alphabetical brand list above
Junichi Masuda, coinventor of the Pokemon
Junichi Masuda, co-inventor of Pokemon
loves French history and made Cremerie de Paris become part of the famous Japaneese saga.
with the editor of in our Staircase
Julie Furiee, champion League of Legends
Julie Furiie, champion League of Legendes with Fabrice Massin from Acer (ex Sony) at the Acer Pop Up Store Nov 2014 inside Cremerie de Paris
courtyard of the Cremerie de Paris ... spirit of Telecommunications is still around
Our historic courtyard in 2016, from here is now edited
the Phone Book of the World
courtyard of the Pajot & Rouille Post Center, painting from 1700
Our historic courtyard in 1700, center of Royal French Postal Services
by Pajot & Rouillé
Cremerie de Paris
still the same ... almost 350 years later
gate of the Cremerie de Paris
& Hotel de Villeroy

whenever someone
is searching for a
phone number,

there is a good chance,
he discovers
the beautiful
Cremerie de Paris
Pop Up Stores ...

Phonebook of the a domain registered at the Cremerie de Paris

Phone Book of the World gives each Pop Up Expo at Cremerie de Paris
a global dimension ...
at any moment,
day & night,

our Cremerie's Phone Book

is visited by people
from over 100
different countries
Phone Book of
Phone Book of
Phone Book of
Phone Book of
Phone Book of
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Phone Book of New York
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Phone Book of
Phone Book of
Phone Book of
Phone Book of
The only Expo Location
in the World
with a Two Letter Domain
There are 125.000.000 .coms,
but only 696 Two Letters
and even less
read on a computer keybord
Very Beautiful Boutiques by
Each City Phone Book
indicated the distance
the town hall
to Cremerie de Paris

former home of La Poste, once Royal French Postal Service
former home Electrica for Sony, avant garde Phone & Technology Center
former home of Cybercafe de Paris, iconic Internet Cafe at the dawn of Internet
home of the Phone Book of the World
home of the unique Two Letter Domain