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History & Timeline:

1675 Birth of Thomas Twining
in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England

1684 The family moves to London

1706 Thomas Twining bought Tom's Coffee House on London's Strand.

1717 Thomas Twining bought three houses
and converted them to shop
to opened Britain's first known tea room,
at 216 Strand, London.

1734 Twinings stops selling coffee
in order to focus on Tea.

1741 May 19 Death of Thomas Twining
His son Daniel Twining who takes over.

1749 Daniel Twining starts to export tea to America.
The governor of Beoston is a loyal customer.

1762 Mary Twining takes over the company
after the death of her husband Daniel Twining.
She runs the company for 21 years
which was very unusual for a woman at this time.

1783 Richard Twining, grandson of Thomas Twining
takes over the business from his mother.

1784 Richard Twining convinces
Prime Minister William Pitt
to reduce tax on tea in order to reduce smugelling.
As a result Twinings tea sales are booming.

1787 Twinings chooses its logo.
The lion is interpreted respect towards
Richard’s grandfather Thomas.
The two Chinese to the left and the right if the lion represent the trade with China.

1794 Richard Twining Jr (great-grandson of the company founder)
joins the company.

1824 Twinings creates a Bank Twining & Co , spun off as a seperate business..

1838 Queen Victoria grants Twinings an official royal warrant.

1839 Twinings adds Tea from independant plantations in India.

1857 Richard Twining Jr dies
leaving 9 children,
among them
Elisabeth Twining (1805 - 1889), a botanical illustrator
and Louisa Twining (1820 - 1912), a philantropist and social reformer

1872 Twinings adds tea from independant plantations in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

1892 Twinings & Co Bank is aquired by Lloyds.

1892 Arthur James Tweed (3 x great -grandson of the company founder)
enters the company and becomes one out of six partners
Arthur has a sense for advertising.

1899 first Twinings Ad created by Arthur James Tweed

1904 Twinings incorporated as a Limited Liability Company
with a capital of 100.000 pounds.

1910 Twinings opens its first shop in France.

1933 Twinings first blends its famous English breakfast.

1941 Historic Twinings shop on Stand destroyed in a WW2 attack.
Business continued during the war.

1952 Twinings becomes a public company
with a share capital of 400.000 pounds.

1953 Reconstruction of the Twinings store at 216 Strand

1956 Twinings creates the first tea bags.

1964 Associated British Foods acquires Twinings
for 2 million pounds.
Twinings continues to operate
as an independant brand with in the ABF conglomerate.

1972 Twinings becomes the first company to win the queen's award for export.

1980 Opening of a Tea factory in Greensboro, North Carolina USA.

1998 Stephen Twining (10th generation)
employed as a Brand Ambassador for Twinings

2004 Twinings started working with the charity « Save the Children » .

2007 Twinings 300 year anniversary.

2011 Opening of tea factory in .Swarzedz / Poland.

2013 Tastebar at 216 Strand launches & the launch
of luxury Signature Range of the finest ingredients.

2016 Twinning blend a very special
“Queen's 90th Birthday Tea“
at the request of Royal Warrant Holders
association in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's.

2017 300 year anniversary Golden Lyon tea store.

2019 Aquisition of the tea company PG Tips.

2020 July 17 Reopening of the historic Twinings store
redesigned as a "Home of Discovery"
by the agency Dalziel & Pow

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

Name of company founder and his descendants.

Twinings Logo

The Twinnings Logo was created in 1787.

Internet Domain:

The 8 Letter Internet Domain
was registered 1997 Oct 23
is hold in the name of Twinings.