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Telephone +49 89 3820 Mail Contact
Adress Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Petruelring 130 80788 Munich, Germany
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Investors ETR: BMW via Google Finance  
Share info 2021: 91,33 €  
Market Cap 2021: 88.49 B €
2017: 59.47 B €
2008: 14.48 B €

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BMW History & Timeline:

Logo Rapp Motor
1913: was established by Karl Rapp
the company Rapp Motorenwerke with the intention to manufacture
V12 aircraft engines for the Austrian company Autro Daimler.

original BMW Logo from 1917
1916: March 17, "Rapp Motorenwerke" is renamed "Bayerische Motoren Werke"
The first director was the Austrian Engineer Franz Joseph Popp.

1929: The Eisenach Fahrzeugfabrik manufactures cars under license from
the UK car manufacturer Austin. They are called Dixi 3/15 PS
The production is tranfered to Berlin and after some improvements
the Dixi car is relaunched as BMW 3/15 PS
... the first automobile under the BMW label
using the BMW logo

1936: Launch of the BMW 328

1951: Launch of BMW 501

1955: Launch of BMW 507

1959: The company is facing serious financial difficulties

1959: December 9, shareholder assembly is supposed to vote a resolution
presented by Deutsche Bank to sell the struggeling company to Mercedes Benz.
The businessman Harald Quandt
injectes fresh money and following financial restructuring, aquires 50% of the shares.
The company turns around.

1961: Launch of BMW 1500

1966: BMW wins the car race 24h du Mans

1968: Launch of BMW 2800CS

1972: Olympic Games in Munich home of BMW
1972: Launch of BMW series 5
1972: Foundation of BMW Motorsport

1973: Foundation of BMW France

1975: Launch of BMW series 3

1976: Launch of BMW series 6 designed by Paul Bracq
1977: Launch of BMW series 7

1978: Launch of BMW M1 designed by Giorgio Guigiaro
only 399 items are build

1983: Nelson Piquet becomes World champion

1987: Launch of a concept car which becomes the BMW Z 1

1989: Launch of BMW series 8

1995: Launch of BMW Roadster
maufuctured in the USA
driven in the James Bond film "Golden Eye"

1998: Launch of the BMW recycling center

1999: Launch of a new car segment - BMW X 5
4 wheel cars

1999: Launch of BMW Z 8

2002: Launch of BMW Z 4

2003: Launch of BMW X 3

2004: Launch of BMW series 1

2006: Launch of BMW Hydrogen 7

Shworoom BMW Welt Munich
2007: October 17, Opening of the showroom BMW Welt
a 73.000 m2 expo center

2009: Launch of BMW X1

2012: Launch of BMW X6
2012: Launch of BMW i8 concept

Rixa von Oldenburg organizing charity gala, sponsored by BMWRed Cross charity gala
2010: August 13, Charity concert for the Red Cross in Berlin Potsdam,
organized by Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg

Shworoom BMW Paris

2012: Mai 23, Opening of the Paris showroom on avenue George V

Today BMW employs 95,453 people and generates 60,48 billion Euro in sales.
The wife and children of Harald Quandt still own 50% of the company.
His daughter Susanne Klatten is very interested in innovation and she loves to discreetly participate in inventions.

BMW also owns Mini and Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

Origin of BMW Name & Logos & Internet Domains:

BMW is the abreviation for "Bayerische Motoren Werke"
which means in english "Bavarian factory for Motor Engines".

The former Kingdom of Bavaria is a state (Bundesland) in the south of Germany.
The capital of Bavaria is Munich, seat of the BMW headquarters.

Logo Rapp Motor flag of Bavaria

The BMW logo was inspired by the Logo of Rapp Motorenwerke
(predecessor company of BMW)
and by the Flag of Bavaria. The BMW letters are arranged exactly like the ones of Rapp
while the horse logo in the center gets replaced by the national colors of Bavaria.

original BMW Logo from 1917BMW Logo from 1923BMW Logo from 1936BMW Logo from 1964BMW Logo from 2000

Internet Domain:
The 3 Letter Internet Domain is registered jan 29 1996
is hold in the name of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Munich.
BMW AG owns a portfolio of approximately 7,234 internet domains.
BMW is a 3 letter Domain, from to only 17,576 possible variations of 3 Letter Domains exist
Unlike other companies with 3 letter initials, BWM was able to get the domain in time.