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2:31 min Cremerie de Paris Pop Up Store Coca Cola x Rosalia (2023)

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History & Timeline:

John Stith Pemberton (1831 - 1888)

1831 : July 8 birth of John Stith Pemberton in Knoxville, Georgia.

1886 : May 8. Coca Cola is created by John S. Pemberton and served at Jacobs’ Pharmacy.
Frank Robinson, names the drink “Coca Cola,” and thinking the two Cs would look well in advertising,
pens the famous Spencerian script logo.

1887 : John Pemberton registers his “Coca Cola Syrup and Extract” label as a copyright with the U.S. Patent Office.

1888 : Asa Griggs Candler (1851 – 1929)
begins to acquire personal control of the Coca Cola formula and patents from John Pemberton and his partners.

1888 : August 16 Death of John Stith Pemberton

1896 : Soda fountain urns and clocks are first used for advertising purposes.

1898 : The first building is erected for the sole purpose of housing The Coca Cola Company.

1899 : The rights to bottle Coca Cola in most of the United States are sold by Asa Candler to Benjamin F. Thomas

1900 : Music hall performer Hilda Clark becomes the first celebrity to appear in multiple advertising formats,
including trays, posters and even bookmarks.

1906 : For the first time Coca Cola is produced outside the United States, in Canada, Cuba and Panama.

1909 : The Coca Cola Bottler magazine begins publication and is produced for more than 80 years.

1914 : Asa Candler makes a $1 million donation to Atlanta’s Emory University,
beginning the Company’s long heritage of support for the school.

1916 : Asa Candler retires from the Company to successfully run for mayor of Atlanta.

1918 : The first bottling plants are opened in Europe in Paris and Bordeaux.

1919 : Asa Candler sells Coca Cola for 25 million USD

1919 : Coca Cola is sold in packs of 6 bottles to encurage consumers to drink at home.

1925 : The Board of Directors passes a resolution placing the secret formula for Coca Cola
in a bank vault at the Trust Company Bank in Atlanta.

1929 : Asa Candler dies

1931 : Santa Claus is used for Christmas Advertising.
The artist Haddon Sundblom imagines Santa Claus to be overweight and joyful .

1936 : The 50th anniversary of Coca Cola is celebrated.
Artist N. C. Wyeth creates the calendar for that year.

1943 : The U.S. government requests that Coca Cola be made available to the troops.

1945 : “Coke” becomes a registered trademark of The Coca Cola Company.

1948 : Coca Cola is introduced in Egypt.

1950 : Coca Cola becomes the first product to appear on the cover of Time magazine.
The cover designed by Boris Artzybasheff shows the world drinking Coca Cola.

1958 : The Coca Cola Company sponsors a pavilion at the Brussels World’s Fair.

1960 : The Coca Cola Company acquires The Minute Maid Corporation, adding a line of juice products to its portfolio.
Caca Cola becomes available in cans.

1963 : TaB, the first diet drink produced by the Company, is launched.
The “Things Go Better with Coke” advertising campaign begins.

1964 : At the New York World’s Fair,
The Coca Cola Company pavilion houses an exhibit called Global Holiday that takes visitors to six exotic locales.

1971 : First introduced as a radio ad and later produced as a television commercial,
“I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” becomes an international hit.

1976 : The Coca Cola Company and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
agree to the first-ever sponsorship between a company and an international sports governing body.

1980 : A Coca Cola contour bottle becomes the central focus of the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”

1982 : Launch of Coca Cola Light

1990 : As the Berlin Wall comes down, Coca Cola is sold in East Germany for the first time.

1993 : Registration of the Two Letter Domain
The Company reenters India after leaving the country in 1977 rather than reveal the secret formula of Coca Cola.

1998 : The Coca Cola Company announces a 100-year partnership with the National Basketball Association.

2000 : The Coca Cola Company sponsors the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

2001 : The Coca Cola Company and Nestlé create a new company, Beverage Partners Worldwide,
to market readyto-serve coffee and tea beverages.

2008 : Launch of Coca Cola Zero

2008 : Sponsorship of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games connects with more than 500 million consumers in China.

2011 : The Coca Cola Company celebrates 125 years of brand Coca Cola.

Coca Cola Pop Up Store
2023 : Coca Cola launches "Coca Cola Creations",
special Coca Cola drinks only available for a short period of time.

The first cooperation is made with the Spanish artist Rosalia.
For the occasion Zyad Rouissi is asked to organise
a spectacular Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris, home of
The Cremerie is decorated as an infinity room.

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was registered 14 October 1994
is hold in the name of Coca Cola.
Coca Cola also owns the
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