Aerial Views on the different Cremeries de Paris

Cremerie de Paris Sky Views

There are many sky view on the 10 Cremeries de Paris

Everything is located around Marguerite de Navarre,
the porte du coeur de Paris, the entrance to the center of Paris,
sortie 1 of the subway hub Chatelet les Halles.

more skyviews coming soon

Why Cremerie de Paris ?

  • in the heart of Paris
  • in the heart of history of France
  • ultra easy transport connections
  • direct train to both airports (30 min)
  • direct metro to all train station
  • 2h40 from London St Pancras
  • 4h10 from Frankfurt HbF


30m² to 250 m2 - all locations are next to each other.


places rootesd in the Kingdom of France
Margueritte de Navarre, grandson Henri IV, grandson Louis XIV


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15 rue des Halles 75001 Paris
9-11 rue des Dechargeurs
11 rue des Halles
12 rue de la Ferronnerie
45 rue St Honore
75001 Paris
Sorties de Métro Saint Opportune, Place Marguerite de Navarre.