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Adress Frankfurter Straße 145 61476 Kronberg Taunus
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History & Timeline:

Max Braun,( le 25 octobre 1890 à Schillgallen -6 novembre 1951 Francfort-sur-le-Main)

The history of Braun began around 90 years ago in Frankfurt am Main

1921 : The mechanic and engineer Max Braun (1890–1951) founded the company as a workshop for the construction of appliances,
His first product was a transmission belt connector (2) that substantially reduced wear on transmission belts.

1929 : Braun entered the radio industry, initially developing detectors for radio receivers, and then manufacturing complete radio sets.

1932 : The company became one of the first manufacturers in Europe to combine a radio and record player in one unit. During World War II The factories were almost completely destroyed.

1950 : Production of the first dry foil shaver.

1951 : Max Braun died unexpectedly in 1951. His sons Artur (1925–2013) (1) and Erwin (1921–1992) took over the management of the company.

1954 : Braun Brothers established a health service to provide preventive medical care for employees.

1955 : Radio Exhibition marked the start of the design era at Braun.

1957 : At the Milan Triennale, Braun won the Grand Prix for its overall range (and again in 1960).

1958 : The Museum of Modern Art in New York added various Braun appliances to its permanent collection of products of exemplary design.

1961 : At the International “Interplas” exhibition in London, Braun received the supreme award for outstanding use of plastic (and again in 1963).

1962 : Braun was awarded the “Compasso d’Oro” in Milan for superior design of industrial products.

1964 : The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) opened a new design gallery exhibiting the full range of Braun products.

1967 : Braun moved its headquarters to Kronberg (Taunus) and the Boston-based Gillette Company.
At the end of the 1960s Gillette was a weighty industrial giant, with three times as many employees and six times more turnover than Braun.

1971 : Braun established its clocks watches and pocket calculators product group. It was another segment in which Braun design developed a strong reputation and became world famous.

1984 : Partnering with Oral-B, Braun introduced the first dental center an oral irrigator and toothbrush.

1988 : The 100 millionth shaver was produced in the Wallduern plant.

1991 : Braun finally became the global market leader for foil shavers – a position it still retains today.

1996 : ThermoScan (USA) the former manufacturer of infrared thermometers (6), joined the Braun brand as a product portfolio expansion into health.

2005 : The Braun brand joined the consumer goods company Procter & Gamble as part of the acquisition of Gillette.

2021 : 100 years of Braun Design

Today : Braun focuses on the four key segments:
male dry shaving , female electric hair, hair care appliances and beauty devices.

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