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History & Timeline:

Louis Francois Cartier
1847: Foundation of Cartier by the French jewler Louis Francois Cartier (1819 - 1904)
Mr Cartier started the company
buying the small jewler house of Adolphe Picard, 29 rue Montorgeuil in Paris 2eme.
This had become possible because he had worked for Adolphe Picard
who had no sucessor.

1853: Cartier opens 5 rue des Petits Champs near the Palais Royal in Paris 1er,
walking distance from the Halles Centrales.

1856: Princess Mathilde,
a cousin of Emperor Napoleon III discovers the Cartier store
and shows it to the wife of her cousin, the Empress Eugenie

1859: Cartier moves to a larger shop 9 Boulevard des Italiens.

The company is florishing under the Second Empire.
Empress Eugenie and her cousin Princess Mathilde had a passion for jewelery.

1874: Alfred Cartier becomes head of the company
which is renamed Alfred Cartier & Fils.

1898: Charles Ritz opens the Hotel Ritz on place Vendome.

Cartier Store Paris
1899: November, Opening of the famous store on 13 rue de la Paix.
The store is located near the Worth fashion Boutique on 7 rue de la Paix.

The few hundred meters between the Cartier Boutique and the Hotel Ritz
located on rue de la Paix and place Vendome
become the World's most luxurious shopping spot
of their times.

Alfred Cartier with sons
Alfred Cartiers has 4 children:
The 3rd generation of the family are
Louis, Pierre, Jacques and Suzanne.

Louis Cartier (1875 - 1942) marries Andrée Worth in 1898
Suzanne Cartier (1885 - 1960) marries Jacques Worth in 1910.
Pierre Cartier (1878 - 1964)
Jacques Cartier (1884 - 1941) married to Anna Margaretha "Nelly" Harjes (1878–1972)

Each of the 3 sons are in charge Cartier operations in 3 different countries,
they make the company becoming know worldwide:
Louis Cartier - Paris
Pierre Cartier - New York
Jacques Cartier - London

Louis Cartier
Louis Cartier (1875-1942) becomes head of the Paris Cartier operations.

1904: The Aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont complains
to Louis Cartier that pocket watches are not reliable during flights.
Louis Cartier develops a new watch with a distinctive square bezel calles Santos.

1902: Pierre Cartier opens the London store on 4 New Burlington Street.
It is the time of the coronation of Kind Edward VII who orders 27 tiaras.

1904: Cartier becomes official supplier to the British Crown.

1909: Opening of the London store on 175 New Bond Street by Jacques Cartier.

Boutique Cartier New York
1917: Opening of the Cartier New York store on 653 5th Avenue
by Jacques Cartier.
The masion belonging to Morton Freeman Plant is aquired
by exchanging it against a double-stranded natural pearl necklace.

Bague Trinity by Cartier
1924: Creation of the Trinity Ring (bague trois anneaux)
using 3 different gold colors.

1933: Jeanne Toussain become artistic director.

1940: Creation of the Panthère watch for Wallis Simpson / Duchess of Windsor.

1942: Death of Louis Cartier.

1964: Death of Pierre Cartier ending Cartier management of the family business.

The Cartier heirs (4th generation) are
Claude Cartier (son of Louis Cartier / Paris)
Marion Claudelle Cartier (daughter of Pierre Cartier / New York)

children of Jacques Cartier London
Jacqueline Elma Cartier
Alice Cartier
Jean Jacques Cartier (1920 - 2010)
Alfred Harjes Cartier (1922 - 1974)

The Cartier heirs decide to sell the company,
which is split off in pièces.

Elisabeth Taylor
1969: Richard Burton buys the 69,42 carats "Cartier Taylor Burton" diamant
and offers it to Elizabeth Taylor for her birthday.

1972: The Paris division of Cartier was bought by a group of investors around
investors led by Joseph Kanoui and Robert Hocq.
Robert Hocq is at the origin of les "Must de Cartier" line.

Nathalie Hocq
He is succeded by his beautiful daughter Nathalie Hocq
and Alain Dominique Perrin.

1974: The investors of Cartier Monde buys back Cartier London
1976: The investors of Cartier Monde buy back Cartier New York

1983: The Cartier Collection is created
with the intention to document the historic evolution of the brand.

1984: The Cartier Foundation for contemporary art is created by Dominique Perrin.
The foundation connects Cartier with contemporary artists.

1985: Launch of the Pacha watch collection.

1988: Cartier acquires Piaget and Baume & Mercier.
1988: The South African businessman Johann Rupert
founds the Switzerland based Companie Financière Richemont SA.

1989: Expo l'Art de Cartier, first grand style expo au Petit Palais in Paris.

Boutique Cartier Zuerich
1990: Cartier Store opened in Zuerich, Bahnhofstrasse.

1993: Foundation of the Vendome Luxury Group which reunites different luxury brands

1997: Alain Dominique Perrin sells Cartier / Vendome Luxury Group
to Richemont SA
and becomes the president of Richemont.

Boutique Cartier Amsterdam
2000: Cartier Store opened in Amsterdam.

2001: In New York the angle of Fifth Avenue and 52nd street becomes the "Cartier square".

Boutique Cartier Florence
2009: March 27, Cartier Store opened in Florence.

2010; November 30, Duchess of Windsor collection
record sale of Cartier jewels at Sotheby's London.

Boutique Cartier Duesseldorf
2011: October Cartier Store opened in Duesseldorf.

2012: March 28, Launch of the Cartier Odysee Video

2012: November 19, Launch of the Cartier Winter Tale Video

2013: December 4 Cartier Expo  at the Grand Palais in Paris

2020: March 17
Francesca Cartier Brickel, great granddaugher of Jacques Cartier
launches the Video: The Cartiers Watches

2020: April 18
Francesca Cartier Brickel launches the Video: The Cartiers Watches

2025: Fondation Cartier will open
at the former Louvre des Antiquaires
not far from Samaritaine
and Cremerie de Paris.

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

Family name of
company founder Louis François Cartier.

Cartier Logo

The designer of the elegant Cartier Logo is unknown,
the logo was designed before 1888.

Internet Domain:

The Cartier Letter Internet Domain
was registered 6 April 1995
is hold in the name of Cartier.

Facts & Figures about Cartier today

Many of the World's historic jewels have been sold by Cartier,
the Hope Diamond, the Romanoff crown, the Blue Venus or the Taylor Burton Diamond.

Richemont SA is based in Geneva and
is owned by the South African Ruper family.
The chairman id Johann Rupert.
Cartier employs 5500 people and operates 300 Boutiques.
Three-fourths of sales are generated from jewelry and watches.