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Qwerty keyboard
look at your phone / computer keybord
only two letters
a unique web adress
rooting in centuries of history
and at the same time the Pop Up Stores
of the World's most famous brands ...

food since 1370 - fashion since 1648 - tech since 1671

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Nicolas IV de Villeroy

after living at the VB mansion
(Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon)
for 300 years
the Villeroy family,
advisors of the Bourbons, Kings of France
sell their house

VB turns into a "Technology Hotspot"
Creating "La Poste"
Royal French Postal Services


La Poste VB.com
La Poste
going from 38 rue des Bourdonnais
to 11 rue des Dechargeurs in the heart of Paris

1671 January 21
The Villeroy family sells the Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon VB
as Louis XIV had invited his childhood friends
Catherine de Villeroy (1639 - 1707)
and François de Villeroy (1644 - 1730)
to live at his future house,
the Place of Versailles which is still under construction.

The buyers
Leon Pajot I (1625 est - 1668)
and Louis Rouille (1630 - 1694)
come from the city of Tours

They had grown up in two families
involved in transport activities.
The two friends have the project,
create a postal service
similar to the one the Thurn & Taxis had developed
in the Habsbourg territories
(today Belgium, Germany, Italy)
Their parents help to finance the project.

1677 the children of the company founders
get married
Louis Pajot II (1647 - 1708)
is the son of Louis Pajot I

Marie Anne Rouillé (1659 - 1694)
the daughter of Leon Rouillé

1694 Louis Pajot II
2nd generation

Louis Pajot II (1647 - 1708) becomes the next
Maitre des Postes / Postmaster.

1708 Louis Leon Pajot
3rd Generation

Louis Leon Pajot

1708 Louis Leon Pajot (1678 - 1754)
becomes Maitre des Postes

He is the common grandson
of both company founders
Louis I Pajot and Leon Rouillé

As a young boy Louis Leon
is not of good physical condition
but he is very bright.
He spends his childhood reading books
Educated by the Jesuits
he develops a strong interest in science ...
Travelling he meets
some of the most recognised scientists of their times.

post roads France

Under the management of Louis Leon Pajot
from VB are cordinated
900 Post Relais
located all around the Bourbon Territories
with some outlets in Italy.

The Pajot and the Rouille families
connect all their children,
sons, daughters, sons in law,
grand-children and cousins
to work in their Postal Company.
Louis Leon has six brothers and two sisters,
all working in the Postal company
Alexandre Pajot, Pierre Maximilian Pajot,
Jean Baptiste Pajot, Antoine Pajot,
Anne Marie Pajor, Maria Anna Pajot,
and Francois Pajot.

Louis Leon Pajot
studies all possible ways
to optimise post transport
at a time electricity and phones do not jet exist.
He starts a collection
of mesuring instruments .

VB and les Halles on the Turgot map
Drawing by Louis Bretez and his students.

The Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon VB
also called Hotel de la Poste
is a hotspot in Paris

Foreign visitors want to meet with
Louis Leon Pajot
and see his amazing collection of mesuring instruments

Among his visitors are Tsar Alexander of Russia

The problem is international mail.
Louis Leon Pajot needs a partner
covering territories
beyong the frontiers of the Bourbons

1710 Connecting with the
Thurn & Taxis Postal family

The Thurn and Taxis own another Postal company
based in Brussels and in Frankfurt.
The roots are in northern Italy.
They cover the territories of the Habsburgs.

Franz von Taxis
1290 Omodeo Tasso (1245 est - 1309)
had started a courrier service
in Cornello
in the Italian Alps
connecting Venice Milan and Rome

Franz von Taxis
1490 Francesco Tasso, Franz von Taxis (1459 - 1517)
is considered to the be the founder
of the European Postal system.
He is a 5? x great uncle of Anselm Franz

Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis
Anselm Franz 2nd Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1681 - 1740)

The two Postmasters
Louis Leon Pajot
and Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis
connect to exchange international mail.

A lot of pricing negociations are involved
as both Postmasters consider
the rates of the other one too expensive.

No TGV trains, no cars
they need to take horses
to meet each other

VB and les Halles on the Turgot map
Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon VB
11 rue des Dechargeurs Paris
(still exisiting)

Thurn Taxis Brussels
is at a distance of 263 km
from the Thurn & Taxis Palace in Brussels
(destroyed to build the Palais de Justice)

Thurn Taxis Frankfurt
at a distance of 478 km
from the Thurn & Taxis Palace in Frankfurt
(destroyed during WW2 bombing,
repuild in between a shopping mall,
lost his authenticity)

post roads France
European Post Roads In 1730

more about the Post Masters Thurn & Taxis
key people in the history of Cremerie de Paris

1738 End of the
VB Post

Louis Leon Pajot

1708 Louis Leon Pajot (1678 - 1754)
last Postmaster of the VB Post

Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon King of France
King Louis XIV (1638 - 1715)
appreciates the quality of "La Poste".
When a letter is really important he does not trust his entourage`
and insists giving it to Louis Leon Pajot in person.
Most of the times Louis Leon Pajot
takes his horse to collect the letter in Versailles,
but sometimes he also enjoys to go to VB
as the place reminds hime of happy times as a child.

At the same spot where are today the chairs
of our cafe Cremerie de Paris N°3 / Cafe Gladine
the 3rd Bourbon King watches Mail horses leaving the VB gate.

Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon King of France
Louis XV (1710 -1774),

1715 Louis XV succeds his great grandfather and becomes
the 4th Bourbon King of France

Growing up he becomes more and more annoyed
with the wealth of the Pajot & Rouillet VB Postal family.
His adviser Cardinal Fleury (1653 - 1743) tells the
King he should have the Postal revenues for himself.

1738 May 21
Louis XV withdraws the post license
In the early morning of the day police
comes to the VB mansion
to make an end to the Postal operations.
As the
King has absolute powers he can do what he wants.

End of a story

Over the years the VB mansion
is forgotten in Paris

It remains in the memory
of the Thurn and Taxis family.
The story is transmitted
from one generation to another.

The Thurn & Taxis want
to avoid a similar destiny
for their TT Post

1867 End of the
TT Post


The Thurn & Taxis family
manages to continue
their company
and manoeuvre it through
changing times.

Operations switch from Brussels
to Frankfurt.

letter send via Thurn & Taxis
A letter send 1856 May 24 from Hamburg to Paris
via Thurn & Taxis Post

Maximilian Karl Thurn Taxis
Maximilian Karl
6th Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1802 - 1871),
last Postmaster

1867 July 1 the Thurn & Taxis family
also loses their company
under the pressure of the State of Prussia.

But unlike
la Poste VB
The TT Poste
receives a compensation payment
3.000.000 Thalers,
only a third of the estimated value of the company
but still a significant amount
of money for that time.

more about the Post Masters Thurn & Taxis
key people in the history of Cremerie de Paris

248 years after the end of the VB Post
and 119 years of the end of the TT Post
1986 May
One or two thaler from the old Postmasters
will return to Paris
and provoke a
Return of the VB story

. 1876 The Invention
of the phone
will have an impact
on the future
of VB


phone invention patent
1876 february 14 Alexander Bell (1847 - 1922)
a scientist from Boston, USA
invents the phone
soon creating a need for Phone Books.

Alexander Bell, young inventors
Alexander Bell lived very long.
He had a secret

"to stay young
you need
to have young friends"

Among his friends was a young woman
that would one day play a key role
in the history of Cremerie de Paris.

Phone Book of the World
When the first phones arrive in Paris two years later
nobody can imagine that - over a century later -
VB, the abandoned former seat
of the Royal French Postal Services
will one day become the center
of the Phone Book of the World

Alexander Bell.com
more about the links between VB & Alexander Bell

1878 Another Invention
with an impact on the future
of VB
the computer keyboard


first keyboard
1878 August 27 Christopher Sholes (1819 - 1890)
a printer and newspaper editor
from Milwaukee, USA
invents the keybord for typewriters

Deciding to place the letters V and B
right to each other
he gives "VB" a magical communication
tool for the future.

Very vew "brand names"
can intstantly de read
when looking at a keybord

When the keybord for typewriters are invented
noboday can imagine
that over a century later
the same keybord will be on
billions of phones and computers
giving even more importance to
spectacular web adresses.

"Qwerty" Keybord making the letters "V ans B" stand out.

In the French language
are used "Azerty" keyboards
Letters are positionned in a different order
To keep the magic global
VB remains in the same spot

VB stands out
on most keyboard
making the adress
extremely easy
to remember

At the VB mansion
Spirit of technlogy
remains asleep
throught the entire 19th and 19th century

first keyboard
Cremerie de Paris
becomes a Milk Store at the
Les Halles foodmarket.

The legends of the past
linked to young King Louis XIV
and the spirit of telecommunication
continue to attract iconic people
like Henri Nestle, Vincent van Gogh
and Alexander Bell

first keyboard

more in VB.com/food

1986 Spirit of Technology
wakes up
and returns to VB
thanks to Thurn & Taxis
not as a new Postal Center
but someting in the field of the PTT
(Postes, Telegraphes
& Telecommunications)

... an avant gared phone store
connected to Sony from Japan


first keyboard
1926 June 5 was born in Bavaria
Johannes Thurn & Taxis
Grandfather Albert 8th Prince of Thurn & Taxis
(1867 - 1952)
educated his grandsons
on the unique Postal history of the TT family

Thurn & Taxis
1952 Johannes 11th Prince of Thurn & Taxis
inherits directly from his grandfather
the main part of the Postal fortune.
He is the 6 x great grandson of Anselm Franz
mentioned above

Johannes has a strong interest
in everything related to PTT,
under control of State monopolies.
He dreams of reinvesting
in technology industries.

1986 January Fashion Week
Thurn & Taxis comes to Paris
and meets a young student
who works as a host in fashion shows.

He is amused by the student's
interest in crazy and funny stories
about his ancestores
carrying letters with horses.

1986 May Thurn and Taxis returns to Paris
and decides to show the student
VB, the old Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon,
the only place still in exisitence
from the times of the old Postal Services.
The place is in poor conditions
but nothing seams to have changed ...

Walking around
Thurn and Taxis has the impression
Spirit of Technology
fallen asleep 248 years ago
is still around
in the old walls of VB

back in 1738
the place was
one of the three avant-garde
centers of a global
Telecom network

Leaving the VB mansion
70 m down the street
Thurn and Taxis and the student
walk by a small shop
11 rue des Halles
with a sign
"Bail à ceder / Lease for sale"

Thurn and Taxis walks into an opposit cafe
(mobile phone did not exit yet)
and immediatly calls the number

Hangig up the phone:
"This is not even half of what my wife
spends on a dress,

I want to buy this place
for you
and you have the mission
to find a new idea
in the field of
Telecommunications ...

I will enjoy to observe
what you will be doing
with what might be one Thaler
coming from the old postmasters.

You will see
there will be many changes
in Telecom Industry
and there will be many opportunities ..."

first keyboard
1986 Thurn and Taxis with his friend Aimée de Heeren
and the young student.

1987 Opening of a small
phone store
next to VB mansion
thanks to a Thaler
left from the old Postmasters
Return of a Story

1987 opening of a small Sony Phone Boutique,
today Cremerie de Paris No2

Well when you are just 20
and you have the chance
someone gives you the keys
of a little Boutique in Paris
many adventures are
waiting for you ...

Laws connected to
Telecom monopoly made it impossible
to sell the phones,
but no laws forbidd to create a Service Center.

The Boutique started to work quickly.
Telephone Lovers statred to buy
the avant-garde phone
while travelling to the US or to Asia
and soon they started to pour into the store.

AudioVisual people,
photographers, fashion models,
movies stars, Lady Diana

According to Akio Morita,
founder of Sony
No other electronics store
had comperable glamour.

1990 Aug opens what is today
Cremerie de Paris No6.

1990 Dec 14 Sadly Thurn & Taxis died
so he could only see the very beginning
of what his Post Thaler
had made possible.

1991 Screenshot
of Cremeries first website
published on the French Minitel System

1991 a first "web" site is designed,
not yet on the web
but on the Minitel
an avant-garde French competitor
af the American invented Internet.

Ben Solms
View on the first Sony Boutique
specialised in phones and Walkman.

1993 Cremerie de Paris N°1
at the VB mansion
thanks to the Sony phones
and a little jewel left by Coco Chanel
Return of a Story

Aimee de Heeren
1993 something unexpected happens
the magical Cremerie de Paris No1
right in the VB mansion is for sale.

The Sony Boutiques were doing well
but not enough to buy a place
ten times larger.

Thurn and Taxis would have helped
but sadly he was not there anymore
to give some extra Postal Thalers.
But he had left us a present,
not a financial present,
but a present full of magic.
Connected to technology,
but event more to fashion.

His present was called
Aimee de Heeren

Ben Solms, Aimee de Heeren, Joe Kennedy, Coco Chanel
Aimee did not know VB
through Postal Services
but through a friend that was in fashion.
Her friend had a fascination of an old staricase
located in the VB courtyard
with a mysterious No5 logo forged into the railings.

1970 Christmas before leaving this World
Coco Chanel had left Aimée a little jewel
she had received form Dmitri Romanov,
a boyfriend that had helped her to create No5
and her iconic CC logo.
The jewel was Chanel's luck bringer.

Aimée decided to sell the jewel,
so that it's value
would make it possible
to get a real estate bank loan
as if Chanel,
that had already left this world 22 years before,
had decided to continue the story ...


1993 June Cremerie de Paris
became the third Sony Store on
rue des Halles.

Every starts as expected
but 1995 the situation declines
with a management change in Sony ...

A new idea needs to be found ...

Brands with a Two Letter Domain

1995 Cremerie de Paris N°1
becomes the
first Internet Cafe in France

Adding a new touch of glamour,
a Two Letter domain,
Return of a story

Cybercafe de Paris
1995 Cremerie de Paris
becomes the first Internet Cafe in France

The first years are difficult
as there are not enough visitors.

The only clients were
American tourists.
Already using the web
they arrive desperately
as French Hotels were not yet connected.

Ben Solms
Cremerie de Paris had a magical PR Lady,
a little dog called Electrica.

Little Electrica had created a special connection
with a visitor from Santa Monica, California.
The client was captivated by our centuries old postal history.

Unfortunately he had to assist some difficulties
the cafe was facing.

When Electricity was cut while he was
in the cafe he told us.
"you know I'm from a technology background
and when you are a pioneer
you are always go through turbulences,
all what counts is that you keep going"

At the time we did not realise
the client was the personal assitant
of Jon Postel,
the inventor of the dot com domains.

He was so fascinated by our
long long technology story
he called Postel several times
so we should tell him
about the old Postmasters.


Meeting Postel had an impact
on later getting VB as a Two Letter domain.
But unfortunately
Two Letter domains were already registered

Activation timeline of Two Letter Domains
Brands with a Two Letter Domain

1999 Running into
the man from the moon
Return of a story

Cybercafe de Paris
1999 We had the chance
to meet a very amusing couple
also from California

Ben Solms, Lois and Buzz Aldrin
The Lady met thanks to the magic of Cremerie de Paris
was interested in Modern Art
and she was captivated
about the links with
Vincent van Gogh
connected to our history in 1886

Before leaving
she asks
"please give me you email
next time I come to Paris
I want to see you again and know more about all
these crazy and funny stories ..."

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin
Mrs Aldrin came back accompanied by her husband.
We had not realised he was an Apollo 11 astronaute that had been
on the first flight to the moon
with Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin
above snapshot was taken
in the gardens of Versailles.
We had the chance to meet these
unusal people evry yeay for seven years

They influenced us to invent the
Phone Book of the World

2000 Phone Book of the World
Return of a Story

2004 Whitepages
in many countries
Return of a Story

2004 May 13 Registration of Whitepages.fr
following liberalisation of .fr domain registration

2004 July Registration of Whitepages.it


Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis
The Postmaster Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis
is in the logo of the White Pages

more White Pages

2011 Cremerie de Paris
turns into a Brand Expo Location
the first expo is Nike Barbershop

2013 Reopening of Cremerie de Paris N°3

2013 Casio
Return of a Story

Pop Up Store Fromages de Suisse
2012 Sep 18 - 23 first Technology Event
coming from Japan

The Pop Up
was organised of the 30th anniversary
of G-Shock

Casio G-Shock 30th anniversary

more about the Casio Anniversary

2014 Acer
N°1 Tech Brand from Taiwan
Return of a Story

Acer x Microsoft Pop Up Store
2014 Nov 21 to Dec 11 Pop Up Store
by Acer x Microsoft

buffet Amazing Events Paris
Acer had a magical buffet
organised by Amazing Events Paris.

Video made by Cremerie de Paris
to keep a souvenit of the event.

Acer x Microsoft Pop Up Store
The event was imagined by Fabrice Massin
president of Acer France
who had started his career at Sony

more about the Acer x Microsoft Pop Up Store

2015 Konami
Return of a Story

Konami Pop Up Store and Cafe
2015 Aug 17 to Sep 5 Konami comes from Tokyo, Japan
to launch the video game
Metal Gear Solid

atélier Charal
The birthday night was celebrated
with the actors Louise Ekland, Richard Berry
and Antoine Duléry.


plan atélier Charal
The agency Strada Marketing imagined the Pop Up
which was present at two Cremeries
Pop Up Store N°1 and Cafe N°3.

more about Konami VIdeo Game Launch

2015 Reopening of Cremerie de Paris N°6, N°7, N°8

2016 Final Fantasy
coming soon

2016 Microsoft XBox
coming soon

2017 Siemens
Return of a Story

Siemens Electronic Gallery
2017 Oct 13 to 15 Siemens Electronic Gallery
at Cremerie de Paris No1

Werner von Siemens
Werner von Siemens (1816 - 1892)
created Siemens in 1847.
He already came by les Halles de Paris 1881
when presenting his electric tramway
at the nearby place de la Concorde.

His company remained a tech pioneer
based in Munich / Germany.

During the expo the client from Bavaria
was amused to find out
that one of their Kings had already
been to the same place.
King Ludwig (Louis) II of Bavaria had a fascination
for King Louis XIV
who had grow up at Cremerie de Paris

Siemens is among the first
companies to have registered
their domain name
Siemens.com as early as 1986.


more about the Siemens Electronic Gallery

2018 Amazon
ecommerce technology
from the US
Return of a Story

Fanta Escape Game
2016 oct 27 au 31 Retour des Fruits
Escape Game Fanta pour Halloween


Making of the Amazon Pop Up

more on the Amazon Pop Up Store

2012 à 2018 Buliding of the Metro Exit
Marguerite de Navarre
Entrance gate to the heart of Paris

Construction de la sortie Marguerite de Navarre

Pop Up Store Fromages de Suisse
more on the construction of Marguerite de Navarre

3D walk over the Marguerite de Navarre subway exit
into Cremerie de Paris No1 decorated by Omada

Marguerite de Navarre (1492 - 1549) already came to VB.
The godmother of the iconic subway exit was a Renaissance writer,
the grandmother of the Bourbons, a friend of Nicolas II de Villeroy
and Leonardo da Vinci (who painted the Mona Lisa).

2019 Microsoft
Launch of Gears 5

Pop Up Restaurant
2019 Sep 5 Cremerie de Paris No9
decorated by Microsoft
as a Tatoo Bar

Ali Exporess Pop Up Sotore
Broadcast of the Microsoft Gears 5 Launch

Ali Express Pop Up Store Video

Microsoft Launch

more on the Microsoft Launch

2020 Ali Express / Alibaba
Technology from China
Return of a Story

Pop Up Restaurant
2020 Sep 24 to 26 Alibaba comes from China
to open it's first Ali Express Pop Up Store

Ali Exporess Pop Up Sotore
Cremerie de Paris No1
decorated with grass

Ali Express Pop Up Store Video

Ali Express Pop Up Store

more on the Ali Express Pop Up Store

2021 Ubisoft

2021 League of Legends Fitbit
Return of a Story

Pop Up League of Legends
2021 Nov 1 to 7 28 Cremerie de Paris
was part of a global Video Game Launch event
starting in Dubai,
followed by Paris, London, Madrid
Istanbul and Los Angeles

Leage of Legends Store Windows
Windows of the about to open Arcane Pop Up

League of Legends Paris
League of Legends Arcane Cafe and Pop Up
tagged by Video game monster

Video League of Legends

The League of Legends Arcane Launch
war organised by Sunny Borg from We are Collider

more on the League of Legends Events

2022 RealMe
Smart Phone Launch from China
at Cremerie de Paris
Return of a Story

Real Me Phone Launch cocktail
2022 sep 1 au 7 Cremerie de Paris
se transforme en un Cookieway Cookie Cafe
pour Subway
la plus importante chaine de restaurants au monde
venue des Etats Unis

Real Me Phone Launch cocktail

Around Peggy Yeung
a fashion from China attenting the Real Me cocktail
Sue Qing, Luna Hanyue, Luo Yin

Real Me Fnac Forum

Cremerie de Paris en look Subway

Video du Cookieway Pop Up Store by Subway

Le Pop Up Subway was created by
the agency Togaether

more on the Real Me Pop Up

2022 Fitbit Google
American Technology
at Cremerie de Paris + la Seine
Return of a Story

Fit Bit Google
2022 June 18 Cremerie de Paris
hosted the Fitbit days
a Sports event
around Google's Hi-Tech Fitbit watches.

Fitbit images
Fitbit / Google images
from Cremerie de Paris Museum

Video des Fitbit Days

The Google Fitbit event was imagined
by Maxime Piednoir
from the agency Sport Heroes

more on the Fitbit Event

2023 Sony Playstation
creates a Video Game
Return of a Story

2023 Feb 9 to 11
Sony Playstation transforms Cremerie de Paris No9
into an exotic restaurant
for the Video Game Horizon Forbidden West .

Sony Playstation Restaurant
Images from the Cremerie de Paris Museum

Playstation Video with actor Maxime Biaggi

The Restaurant was imagined
by Camille Martinez
Remi Vincent et Louis Govindin
from the agency Media Monks

more of the Sony Restaurant

2024 Samsung
N°1 Tech brand from Korea
comes for the Flammes
Music event
Return of a Story

Cremerie de Paris Samsung
2024 April 25 Cremerie de Paris No1
and Theatre du Châtelet
hosting Les Flammes Music event by Samsung
celebrating new Music talents

Samsung Reception

Music event Theatre du Chatelet / Cremerie de Paris No1

more in VB.com/museum

Thank you for your time to read this article that is a little long.
We have the chance to have several historic connections
with the historic Cremeries de Paris
we were able to bring back to life
after many stories that left
With the Pop Up Stores the story has returned.

To be informed about what is happening next,
please follow us on Instagram @Cremeriedeparisofficial