Bourbon, the B in the domain

Bourbon - the "B" in, a Two Letter dot com domain

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The domain
roots in the long history of the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon / Cremerie de Paris
The Bourbons, Kings of France
represent the "B" in the iconic Two Letter domain
They were advised by the Villeroys "V",
Nicolas IV de Villeroy, Nicolas V de Villeroy and François de Villeroy.

Raise of a story

Henri IV
Marguerite de Navarre (1492 - 1549)
grandmother of Henri IV
also called grandmother of the Bourbon Kings of France
Renassaince writer who came to the Hotel de Villeroy for Literature lectures
with Nicolas II de Villeroy, Pierre Legendre and Pierre de Rosnard.

The square in between Cremerie de Paris N°1 and Cremerie de Paris N°6
was named after her, place Marguerite de Navarre.
It is also the name of the sortie 1 / exit 1
of the subway station Chatelet les Halles.

Henri IVNicolas IV de Villeroy
Henri IV (1553 - 1610)
first Bourbon King of France
was helped by Nicolas IV de Villeroy to govern the Kingdom of France.
Henri IV had a guestroom at the first Hotel de Villeroy.
He died on rue de la Ferronnerie.

Nicolas V de VilleroyNicolas V de Villeroy
Louis XIV (1638 - 1715)
third Bourbon King of France
comes to the Hotel de Villeroy, from now on also called Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon
a a young boy to receive education from Nicolas V de Villeroy.

Louis XIV becomes a friend of the children of the house,
Francçois de Villeroy and Catherine de Villeroy.
Adults they were invited to live at the Chateau de Versailles

As an old man Louis XIV returned to the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon
in the meantime the Royal French Postal Services
owned by the Pajot & Rouillé family.
Louis XIV gives important letters to the mpostmaster Louis Leon Pajot in person

Nicolas V de Villeroy
Louis XV (1710 - 1774)
4th Bourbon King of France
knew about the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon from his teacher Francois de Villeroy.
Adult he was jealous of the fortunes of the postal services.
1738 may he withdrew the postal liscense from the Pajot & Rouillé family.

Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette XV (1755 - 1793)
wife of Louis XVI, grandson of Louis XV
came to Cremerie de Paris / Pavillon des Drapiers for fashion meetings.

Marie AntoinetteAnselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis
Johannes von Thurn & Taxis (1926 - 1990)
heir of the Thurn & Taxis Postal fortune
knew about the Hotel de Viulleroy Bourbon (VB)
from family stories coming from his ancestor,
Anslem Franz von Thurn & Taxis.
Anselm Franz was a mail exchange partner of Louis Leon Pajot.

Johannes von Thurn & Taxis was also a direct descendant
of Loouis XIII thorugh the brother of Louisx XIV, Philippe d'Orléans.
1986 he reactivated the Telecom activities of the Cremerie de Paris
helping with the start of the small Cremerie de Paris N°2.

Cremeries de Paris Telecom activities and a little jewel left by Coco Chanel
made it possible to reopen Cremerie de Paris N°1,
today the heart of the Phone Book of the World
and an iconic location for Pop Up Stores.

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