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History & Timeline:

Decree of June 23, 1863
The decree signed by Napoleon III authorizing the use of Les Bouillens in Vergèze.

Château de Vergèze
The now PERRIER® Museum and former home of the Garnier Family.

Establisment Boulliens
This shows the project that established a spa resort at Les Boulliens, ahhh… a Perrier spa dreamy.
The Good Doctor Perrier
1898 : Dr. Perrier was up to a lot. This was the year the good doctor became the official medical director for our beloved bubbling spring.
Dr Perrier examined and tested this extraordinaire source. His diagnosis? He found that it indeed had therapeutic properties and thus worked at perfecting the bottling process.
Dr Perrier established the combination of water and CO2 gas in perfect proportions to deliver an unmatchable product experience.
In 2018, with the objective to reduce its water footprint, Perrier will start introducing a CO2 gas from an external source in its carbonation process, allowing to manage the water resource differently, and permitting to reduce the total water consumption, at constant perimeter. The blend of water and gas in the perfect proportions established by Dr Perrier will remain the same: hence continuing with the same winning formula established in the late XIXth century, that has made Perrier the most appreciated and most unique sparkling water in the world.

When Frogs and Rosbifs Unite.
Sir John Harmsworth, the brother of successful and very wealthy English newspaper magnates, met Dr. Perrier while studying French near Les Bouillens , renamed it PERRIER® as homage to the doctor, and began bottling In a quick the water in its distinctive green bottles.

Sir John Harmsworth
English founder of the modern Source Perrier.

Louis Eugène Perrier
Physician with experience in thermal spring medical direction. He perfected techniques for water and gas capture, and established the optimum blend for the water we know and love today.

At the turn of the 20th century the spring was still known by Les Bouillens as seen on this early label.

View of PERRIER® bottling
The Perrier bottling plant circa 1927.

PERRIER® Calling
the water from the south of France captivated Britain. This was a crowning achievement as PERRIER® was a symbol of Franco-British unity with its added value Royal Warrant, By Appointment to His Majesty the King ¬– talk about the royal treatment.

Visual of label
Label showing the Royal Warrant.

Royal court
Here we see the Prince of Wells, Edward VII, and Sir Winston Churchill enjoying a bottle of Perrier.

The Bubbles of the Elite
The competitors just didn’t have the sparkle they were looking for ¬– but PERRIER® did. In 1908 at the Franco-British Exhibition, PERRIER® lived up to its elite image by winning the Grand Prix des Eaux Minérales Vente de l'Année, after selling 5 million bottles in England and its colonies. Yet the so French bubbles were still better known in London, Delhi, and Singapore and were not yet champs...Élysée ¬in Paris – a paradoxical situation that would soon change.

Indian Clubs
In 1906 Sir John Harmsworth was in a car accident that left him paralyzed. Legend has it that during his rehabilitation, he was given weights, indian clubs, which inspired the pear shape of the PERRIER® bottle.

A Water Like No Other
the Vergèze bottling plant went all out by reorganizing itself and doubling in size, all while promoting Perrier’s classy image as the champagne of table waters. The carbonated mineral water soon became synonymous with elegance, joy, and celebration in France. All these characteristics were one of a kind for carbonated mineral water, and ultimately what led the little green bottle to break through its homeland’s tough crust.

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