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Telephone +1 203-877-4281 Mail Contact
Adress 325 Subway Way Milford, CT 06461, USA
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0:15 min Subway Just Lke Nonna makes (2022)

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0:15 min Subway Just Lke Nonna makes (2022)

0:15 min Subway Just Lke Nonna makes (2022)

History & Timeline:

1930 : Birth of Peter Buck in South Portland, Maine USA

1947 October 3: Birth of Fred DeLuca in New York City, NY USA

1965 17 years old Fred Deluca meeds Peter Buck
who gives him the money to open a Sandwich store

Howard Schultz
1965 August 26 opening of the Restaurant
Pete's Super Submarines

851 Main Street à Bridegport Connecticut USA

The restaurant is not an immediate succes
but Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck try to improve the concept

The name of the restaurant gets simplified to Pete's Subway.
The name get's simplified again to become Subways.

1973 There are 13 Subway Restaurants

1984 Opening of the first International Subway

1996 January 17 registration of the domain

2021 Opening of a Cookie Pop Up Store in New York

2022 Sep 1 Opening of a Cookieway Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris

Today there are 41.600 Subway Restaurants
among them 315 in France
making Suway the World's largest Restaurant chain .

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Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

comes from Submarine Sandwiches
used in the Northern United States
for cylindrical bread roll sandwiches
split lengthwise
and filled with vegetables, meats and cheeses.

Subway Logo

The Starbucks Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The Six Letter Internet Domain
was registered 1996 January 17
is hold in the name of Starbucks.