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Adress Eaux Minérales d'’'Evian (SAEME)
Rhone-Alpes, Rue des Vignes Rouges, 74500 Publier
Website Evian.com
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History & Timeline:

1789 : Discovery of evian® natural mineral water properties
by Marquis Charles de Lessert / Laizer who drank from a spring in Evian
on the land owned by Gabriel Cachat. The water healed de Lessert
from medical problems he had been suffering from for years.

Gabriel Cachat starts selling bottles of this special water.

1806 : Opening of a first thermal spa opened.

1823 : Launch of the Evian Mineral company by M. Fauconnet
buying the spring from the Cacaht family.

1826 : Opening of a a bottling atelier.

1827: Evian springs bought by the Hôtel des Bains.

1859: Parisian investors buy the Cachat springs.
1860: Evian les Bains becomes French with the Savoie area being annexed.

1865 : With growing fame of the Evian water and the Spas
the small town of Evian is renamed Evian-les-Bains.
The new name underlines the status of a Span town.

1878 : Recognition of Evian Natural mineral Water

1826 : Beginning of evian® bottling

1900 : Opening of the bottling entity “La Manutention”.

1903 : Construction of the Source Cacaht water fountain.

1905 : End of the construcion of the' Belle Epoque style "Buvette de la fontaine Cachat"
designed by the architect Jean-Albert Hébrard.

1908 : Evian water is sold in glass bottles made by Souchon-Neuvesel (future BSN)

1908 : Opening of the Beaurivage Palace in Lausanne.
1909 : Opening of the Hotel Royal in Evian built by the Société des Eaux Minerales d'Evian
architect Jean Albert Hebard.

With the growing fame of the area evian® becomes more famous as well.

1950s : Gabrielle Chanel lived in Lausanne at the Hotel Beaurivage Palace.
She loved to take a boat crossing the Lake of Geneva
to go the the Source Cachat spring.

1954 : Construction of the “Evian-Gare” bottling site.

1964 : BSN (Boussois-Souchon-Neuvesel) buys 25% of Evion.

1965 : Opening of the new bottling site in Amphion-les-Bains replacing the “Evian-Gare”.

1969 : Evian start to sell in platic bottles.

1970 : BSN owns 100% of Evian.
Antoine Riboud (1918 - 2002), president of BSN has the idea to reconvert the firm
from a glass bottling company to a food company.

1992 : Co-foundation of APIEME.

1994 : BSN, owner of Evian waters renamed "Groupe Danone'

2009 : "Groupe Danone renamed "Danone".'

2016 : Evian Fruits & Plantes

2017 : Official inauguration of the evian® transformed bottling site

2018 : Evian announces that by 2025 it will only used recycled plastic to bottle water.

source Cachatsource Cachat
2019 : Renovation of the Source Cachat completed.

2020 : Renovation of the Belle Epoque Monument Buvette de Cachat

2020 : Evian has become the #1 premium springwater worldwide
sold in over 140 countries

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The Five Letter Domain Evian.com was registered 14 May 1997
is hold in the name of Evian.