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Emile Maurice Hermes
(photo © Hermes Paris)
Emile Maurice Hermes
3rd Generation

Emile Maurice Hermes is born in Paris 1871 December 18.

He is the son of Charles Emile Hermes
and grandson of the company founder Thierry Hermes.
His father dies when he and his brother Adolphe are young children.
The continuity of the Hermes company
is preserved by their mother Christine Hermes / Christine Pierrat


The turn of the century is marked by
the arriving age of the automobile
little by little replacing horses,
the main activity of the Hermes Business.

Rolls Royce RR Logo original BMW Logo from 1917
1904 is founded in the United Kingdom Rollce Royce
and 1916 is founded in Bavaria BMW
Both Brands
becomes a synonym of the new Automobile age.

Hermes Logo with Caleche introduced by Emile Maurice Hermes

Hermes Frères Ad
1902 Emile Maurice Hermes becomes president
of the Hermes company
together with his brother Adolphe.
The company was renamed Hermes Frères until 1919.
time when Adolphe left.

1918 The elder brother Adolphe withdraws himself
from Hermes Frères beeing pessimistic about the companies future.
The younger one Emile Maurice is not of the same opinion,
seeing in the changes new opportunities,
like leather accessories for cars.

While travelling to Canada
he found a kind of zip,
used to close the canvas roof of the cars.
The zip inspires him to adapt the technologie to jackets
which should be able to remain closed
while exposed to high speed
in an open automobile.

1918 Emile Mauice Hermes is granted a patent for zipper
that make it easier to open and close clothes.

He extended the companies activities beyond horsery.
One of his inventions are the Hermes scarves.

Caleche Hermes Logo
1945 Emile Maurice adopts the calèche
as a company logo.

The Hermes Girls
Emile Maurice has 4 daughters:
Yvonne Hermes (1902) married to Francis Puech
Jacqueline Hermes (1903) married to Robert Dumas
Simone Hermes (1905-1920)
Aline Hermes (1907) married to the perfumer Jean René Guerrand

He retires in 1951 and is replaced by his sons in law,
Robert Dumas and Jean René Guerrand.

He dies the same year, 1951 September 11.

Emile Mauric Hermes
leaves a faboulous collection you can find in the book below

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