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Robert Dumas
(photo © Hermes Paris)
Robert Dumas
married to Jacqueline Hermes (4th Generation)
Robert Dumas Hermes is born in Paris 1898 November 10.

His father in law Emile Maurice Hermes
gets along with his sons in law and integrates them into the
management of his Hermes company.

Robert Dumas becomes CEO of Hermes in 1951
after the death of his fawer in law.
He closely cooperates with his brother in law,
the perfumer Jean René Guarrand.



The 1950s are marked by
the ecomic boom after the war.

The iconic Chanel CC LogoChristian Dior
Coco Chanel is still in Lausanne, Switzerland
and still has to wait 3 years
before beeing able to return to Paris and the world of fashion.

Christian Dior is booming on Avenue Montaigne.

1951 is also the year of the legedary Beistegui Ball in Venice.
The Cremerie de Paris is selling Emmental cheese.


Hermes Logo with Caleche introduced by Emile Maurice Hermes

Robert Dumas very much continues
the line of his father in law
continuing to expand the line of beautiful Hermes accessories.

One of his improvements concern a extra large handbag
initially invented by Hermes in 1892
to carry horse boots and a harness.

The bag had already been modified in 1923 by Emile Maurice Hermes
for Julie Bugatti, the wife of the automobile constructor
Ettore Bugatti. It was called Torpedo N°1

1930 Robert Dumas decides to produce the bag in a smaller version for Ladies,
suitable to carry all kinds of smaller objects.
1935 a newer version is created, a little smaller adding a belt.
The bag is called "Sac à Depèches".

1955 something unexpected happens.
A young American Actress
Grace Kelly is in Paris
and she discovers the Hermes Store on 24 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.
She buys the "Sac à Depèches".

1956 a picture will make the Hermes Bag become
a worldwide fashion symbol.
It is the one showing Grace Kelly with her Fiancée, Prince Rainier of Monaco.
She uses the bag to cover the fact that she was pregnant.
The picture published by Life magazine
and reproduced on hundreds of magazine covers worldwide
had a phenomenal fashion impact.
Women are pooring onto the Hermes Boutiques asking for a "Kelly Bag".

Princess Grace of Monaco with Hermes Kelly Bag
Grace Kelly, later Princess Grace of Monaco
is photographed with the bag for Life magazine.
She keeps using the bag to hide the pregnancy
with her daughter Caroline from photographers.
Doing so the bag is exposed over and over again and becomes a fashion symbol.
Princess Grace becoming Hermes's most valuable Fashion Model.


The Hermes Girls
Robert Dumas and Jacqueline Hermes
have 6 children (5th generation):
Philippe Dumas married to Katherine Fender
Olivier Dumas married to Michèle Martin
Catherine Dumas married to Pierre de Seynes
Jean Louis Dumas (1938) ... CEO married to Renée Gregodires
Frederic Dumas
Thierry Dumas married to Odile Follenfant

The couple has several grandchildren (6th generation)
Alice Dumas - Emile Dumas - Jean Dumas
Axel Dumas ... CEO - Mathieu Dumas
Corinne de Seynes - Eric de Seynes - Guillaume de Seynes - Sophie de Seynes
Pierre Alexis Dumas ... Artistic Director - Sandrine Dumas
Charles Dumas - Edouard Dumas
Dorothée Dumas - Jean Christophe Dumas - Stéphane Dumas

Jean Louis Dumas
Robert Dumas never retires and is replaced by his son Jean Louis Dumas
after his death in 1978.

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