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Charles Emile Hermes
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Charles Emile Hermes
2nd generation

Charles Emile Hermes is born 1831 March 31 in Pont Audemer, France.
Pont Audemer, in the Eure department, Normandy
is located near Deauville and 100 km North of Paris.
He grew up in rue de la Brasserie

His partents Thierry Hermes and Christine Pierrat
had immigrated from Germany.
Thierry had one brother André Hermes.


The 1860s are marked by
Industrialization and
Emperor Napoleon III's efforts to modernize Paris.

Eiffel Tower in 1889GE / General Electric
1889 is the opening year of the Eiffel tower
inaugurated by Gustave Eiffel on Mai 6.

It is also the time of the prepartion of the foundation of General Electric,
another brand on the Fame List
Coco Chanel is 6 years old.

Hermes Logo with Caleche introduced by Emile Maurice Hermes
In 1836 the family moves to Paris
where they set up a horness workshop
on rue Basse du Rempart in 1837.

In 1859 Charles Emile Hemes takes the management of the
already well established store.

Baron Haussmann
Soon an unexpected problem is coming up.
Baron Hausmann under the guidance of the Emperor Napoleon III
wishes to modernize the Parisian landscape
building large and geometric Avenues.

As one of these project concern the Boulevard de la Madeleine
and the Boulevard des Capucines
which shall be enlarged.
Thus it is planned to completely demolish
the rue Basse du Rempart
where the Hermes store is located.

A new location needs to be found for the Hermes store.
With the help of a eviction payment from the prefet de Seine
Charles Emile Hermes
is able to rent a much larger space on the
prestigeous rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré,
located at walking distance.


1880 are transfered the Hermes Ateliers,
then in 1889 the new Hermes store opens.

is the opening of the new store
which is soon to become a shopping landmark in Paris.

Boutique Hermes Paris
Boutique Hermes in 1915Boutique Hermes in 1915
The new Hermes store
is slowly growing over the years.
In the small picture you see the initial building
which only had 3 floors
while taduays building is much larger
including a garden on the rooftop.

Charles Emile Hermes diversifies it's production
to horse accessories including some silk products.

Charles-Emile Hermes has three children
Adolphe Hermes (1860)
Aline Hermes (1870)
and Emile Maurice Hermes (1871).
Emile Maurice Hermes

Charles-Emile Hermes dies 1876 October 31
two years befor his father Thierry Hermes
leaving the Hermes company,
his wife Aline Hermes / Aline Le Pavec
and 3 young children.

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