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Hippolyte Jammet (1893 - 1964)

Hippolyte Jammet (1893 - 1964)
Founder of the Hotel Le Bristol Paris

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Hippolyte Jammet (1893 - 1964)
son of François Jammet (1853 - 1940) and Eugenie Loisel (1865 - 1949)
nephew of Michel Jammet (1858 - 1931)
husband of Yvonne Mollard (1904 - 2003)
father of Pierre Jammet (1925 - 2018)
clients of Cremerie de Paris

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Dmitri Romanov with Sergei Romanov
Hippolyte Jammet's parents

1888 Francois Jammet became the chef of the Cafe de Deux Mondes, rue de la Paix
bebore switching to the restaurant Bouef à la Mode, rue de Valois, Palais Royal

Dmitri Romanov with Sergei Romanov
Hippolyte Jammet

Cremerie de Paris

gate of the Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de VilleroyLouix XIV, third Bourbon King of France
Cremerie de Paris is part of a century old mansion,
since 1370 home of the Villeroy family,
merchands of the Halles foodmarket that became State advisors
and pied-à-terre of the Bourbons, Kings of France.
The young King Louis XIV, had spend parts of his childhood
at the house which was owned by his teacher Nicolas V de Villeroy.

1617 Nicolas V de Villeroy had inherited the old family mansion
from his grandfather Nicolas IV de Villeroy.
1640 To prepare the arrival of the young King the house was rebuilt.
The central staircase, l'éscalier d'honneur,
has iron railings with two N°5 logos forged into them.
In the Villeroy family the oldest boy was usually called Nicolas.
Nicolas 5, was the 5th Nicolas in the family line.
Instead of using his initials he choose to have two The N°5 symbols in the railings.

As an adult Louis XIV build the Palace of Versailles.
He and the Villeroy children were great friends from earliest childhood times.

1671 the Vileroys decided to sell the house
and the Villeroy children François de Villeroy and Catherine de Villeroy
mooved to the Versailles Palace.

The VB mansion became an avant garde Telecom companie.
Telecom activities lastet until 1738,
even though the Telecom genes stayed in our walls
so Telecom came back to life in 1986,
creating the basis for the Phone Book of the World,
editor of this website
but this is another story.

Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie
1848, Napoleon III, a nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte
became President of France
1852, he became emperor creating the Second French Empire.
1853, january 29 and 30 he married Eugenie de Montijo
probably the biggest fashionista of her times.

Pavillons BaltardPavillons Baltard
Napoleon III had the project to finish a plan
his uncle Napoleon Bonaparte (1789 - 1821) did not have the time to finish.
The project was to renovate the centuries old Les Halles foodmarket.

His wife changed about everything and became the chef designer of the project.
She did not like the first Pavillon Baltard
and asked the architect Victor Baltard to completely change everything
and to use iron and galss constructions she had seen in London.

Empress Eugenie and Alix Hessen
The Empress also asked Eugène Haussmann
to change the axis of the future rue des Halles,
so that the magical VB mansion would stay in place.

Queen Victoria by Winterhalterthe original rue des Halles
Back in the 1860s Eugenie had comissioned the construction of the Paris foodmarket
which was the world's most beautiful market.

Cremerie de Paris is part of both
the historic VB mansion located on 9 rue des Déchargeurs
and a new building construted on the corner of 15 rue des Halles
beeung a connection point of both
the France of the times of the Bourbon Kings
and the one of the Second Empire.

1870 Attacked by Prussia during the Franco Prussian war
the Second Empire came to an end and Empress Eugenie had to leave the country.
Linving until 1920 she was nostalgic about Paris
and repeated the fairytales of the VB mansion and her beloved Halles Centrales foodmarket
to a great great aunt of the editor of this website,
but this is another story.

Cremerie de Paris
during the times the parents of Hippolite Jammet
had their restaurant in the nearby Palais Royal

Halles Centrales foodmarket
map of the Halles Centrales food market
Cremerie de Paris were located opposite Pavillon N°10 & N°12
dedicated to cheese

Cremerie de Paris in 1910
Some of the legends must have come to the ears of young François Jammet
who got the food for his restaurants from the Halles Centrales marke

Training at the Hotel Meurice and the Hotel Adlon
Hippolite Jamet was 30 years old when he bought

Building the Hotel Bristol
Hippolite Jamet was 30 years old when he bought
the property of the count de Castellane
which he transformed into the Bristol

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Chanel N°5

The Hotel le Bristol in 1925
at the times it opened ....

Selling the Hotel Bristol
1964 Death of Hippolite Jammet
His wife continued the business with her son Pierre

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10 children / Grandchildren

Pierre Jammet (1925 - 2018), former owner and director of the Bristol Paris
historian and writer

Andre Jammet (grandson ?)
a grandson, comes from time to time
to the Bristol for a drink

Hotel Bristol
a jewel among the
Grand Hotels of the World

Grand Hotels of the World.com

Hotel Le Bristol is a jewel among the Grand Hotels of the World.
The N°5 in the logo comes from the historic staircase of Cremerie de Paris.

Hotel Le Bristol, Paris
Hippolite might be amused to see that the website
was invented at the same Cremerie he used to know as a cheesestore
and that - from time to time -
the editor of the website comes to the Cafe Antonia in the Lobby of the Bristol
to write some articles for the website ....

Hoteliers in the History
of Cremerie de Paris

Johannes Badrutt (1819 - 1889)
Berthold Kempinski (1843 - 1910)
Auguste Escoffier (1846 - 1935)
Lorenz Adlon (1849 - 1921)
Cesar Ritz (1850 - 1918)
Antoine Sella (1852 - 1931)
Anna Sacher (1859 - 1930)
Aviet Sarkies (1862 - 1923)
Henri Ruhl (1882 - 1955)
Octavio Guinle (1886 - 1968)
Conrad Hilton (1887 - 1979)
Hippolyte Jammet (1893 - 1964)