Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)

Coco Chanel

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Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)
Iconic fashion designer.
Friend of Dmitri Romanov and of Aimée Lopes de Sottomajor / Aimée de Heeren.
Night visitor of Cremerie de Paris
Helped to buy Cremerie de Paris N°1

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Visiting Coco Chanel
2018 New Years Lausanne

From time to time people working around the editor of this article
with our Cremerie de Paris expos
hear the crazy and funny Coco Chanel stories.

Most of the times they are 20 years younger,
so Chanel has left this world
before they were born ...

Sometimes they ask the question.
Can you tell me a little more about Gabrielle Chanel.
You are so lucky to have shared a friend with her.

Beaurivage PalaceDavis Aron Benali
For new years eve 2017 / 2018
the plan was made to follow Chanel's footsteps in Lausanne
where she had lived at the Beaurivage Palace.

The Hotel has a very charming Chef Concierge
Sylvie Gonin, a beautiful young womand with red hair.
Taken by the charme of David Aaron Benali
who came along for the trip
she found a moment - during the buisy new years season -
to show us a book.

Hotel guest registry
The book recorded the arrivals of Hotels guests
and who is there ....
1953, monday 27
Chanel, Melle Gabrielle arriving from Paris France
living in room N° 460.

David Aron BenaliCoco Chanel's dog
According to legends Chanel's dog is burried in the parc of the Hotel.
Unfortunately Sylvie did knot know the name of the dog ?
(In case you do please send an email to b "at"

And then there was another Book
bescribing the Hotel
in the same year 1953,
this was the year before Chanel reopend her fashion house in Paris.

"Mademoiselle Chanel provided a sharp
contrast to the general ambience
with her vim and vigour.

She always made a grand theatrical entrance
at mealtimes,
following lengthy preparations.

Although she had been forgotten by the masses,
her "look" and style rekindled fond memoires
in the clientele of the Beau-Rivage:
the rich old ladies in black lace dresses
and stiff velvet collars
to hide their turkey necks had worn her clothes,
her signature knee-length skirts,
thirty years earlier.

And the old gentlemen
leaning on their ebony sticks
had opened accounts at Chanel for their girlfriends,
or escorted her models out in the evenings
after fashion shows.

Whenever she crossed the hall
to the restaurant terrace,
a murmur would ripple through the hotel.
A fairy was passing and they would be transported
back in time
from the late 1930s
to their youth in Deauville in 1910."

Michel Gonin, book Bagages pour Vancouver
page 17-21
published in 1985

One of Sylvies concierge assistants
watching the sceene
right next to the giant Christmas tree
full of red bulbs
decoration the lobby
can't hide a smile on his face ....

What is so funny ?

"Sorry there are so many stories
about Chanel living in our Hotel.
Just imagined Coco Chanel coming back
and walking through the lobby tonight
for the New Years Diner
all dressed up
with young David Aaron Benali.
There would be more than a murmur."

Sylvie suggests,
"You should go the the cimitère du Bois de Vaux
and visit her.
If I would not be so busy rigt now I would go there with you.
It's a beautifull one hour walk from the Beaurivage along
the Lake of Geneva."

la tombe de Coco Chanel à Lausannevisiter Coco Chanel à Lausanne
Hasn't Coco Chanel designed a bank inviting her visitors
to stay a little and talk to her ?
Aimée de Heeren had discussed this idea while walking through Paris.

The picture shows the editor of this article sitting on the bank.
The second show David Aaron Benali who shoots most of our Videos
you can see on
We have met him thanks to an article
about Chanel visiting our Pokemon expo.

It was the time to visit her and to say
for the little jewel.
Without her jewel there would be no Cremerie de Paris today ...

So many quastions to ask
about great-uncle Dmitri
and even more about young Aimée
Chanel has know when Aimée was 50 years younger.

Suddenly the editor of the article has the impression
to hear the voice of a woman:

"Thank you for coming all the way from Paris
to visit me here in Lausanne.

I'm glad you are sitting on the little bank
I have imagined for my visitors
so that they stay a little longer
and talk to me.

I'm so glad my little jewel has helped you in life.
When you have no money behind you
everything is so much more difficult.
I'm so glad the jewel has brought you luck.

You were very lucky to be able to meet
Aimée de Heeren.

She was so beautiful people were speachless.
Can't beleive she lived so long.
The age difference you had is just unbeleivable ...

She has connected you with people
the barriers of time made impossible to meet
and through her
we have become friends
even though I'm 83 older than you.

And now your stories
make me become friends
with people that are over a century younger.

Your uncle Dmitri Romanov would be glad as well.
He died over 20 years before you were born.
He was so glamorous
and it was so difficult for him
to have lost everything in Russia.

One day you need to buy the jewel back.
This jewel was very special.
It survived the Revolution
and accompanied me for so many years.

But the most important is ...

Never forget to give a little help
to young people that cross your path.

With the Cremeries you will run
into many exceptional fashion designers.

When they are at their start
and they have nothing
like the young Coco Chanel
you need to help them a little.

And you know from the skies
I see a lot of things.
Every time there is a cocktail party
at the Cremerie de Paris
I'm am there.

Everything always needs to be
very beautiful"

I'm so glad my beloved Cremerie de Paris
has come back to life ...

Coco Chanel, imaginary conversation in Lausanne
2018 jan 1

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Coco Chanel & Cremerie de Paris
a Love Story

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