stylish Coco Chanel on
The picture taken in 1966 shows Coco Chanel
with the Baronne Marie Hélène de Rothschild
(wife of the Baron Guy - sitting next to Coco Chanel),
the actress Anouk Aimee (in the center)
and the Baronne Nadine de Rothschild (wife of the Baron Edmond).

Marie Hélène de Rothschild
was the queen of Paris sociéty in the 1970s.
Her legendary Hotel Lambert
of the cities most prestigeous receptions,
given by herself (and Guy) and the Baron Alexis de Rede.

And also the Chateau de Ferrieres 30 minutes in the east of Paris.
Asked about her parties la Baronne Marie Hélène used to say ...
"I want to create beauty, I want to convince people,
to open their eyes, to help people who don't know how to dress
... I have got a good eye.
And I was trained by Chanel.
Coco was a friend of my mother
and I went and sat on the floor and watched her work.
'Hide those armpits, they are hideous!' she would say.
She had a wonderful sense of proportion."
That couture sense of harmony, proportion and perspective
is brought to the parties.

Coco Chanel sitting on her sofa
Coco Chanel alone

beautiful Video by Vogue TV
presenting Coco Chanel's private appartment.
Interesting explanation of many little anecdotes and symbols
by Countess Marie Louise de Clermont Tonnerre (Chanel International PR)
interviewed by Carol Woolton (Vogue UK jewellery editor).

Did you know that Coco Chanel was very superstitious
and her logos and symbols can not only be found in her
creations but also in the furniture of her apartment ?

Coco Chanel in 1920
more of the history of Chanel

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