The White Rose by

The White Rose

Author : Caroline von Krockow

The White Rose  by Chanel Book

Caroline Von Krockow fuses her passions for writing and art in ‘The White Rose’,
her seminal work of fiction.
Readers will find themselves embroiled in the dramatic and emotive life of a young art student,
Vivian, who lives nowadays in London.

She goes on an internal journey as her tumultuous and confusing past begins to piece together.
The diaries of Marie Anne, her maternal ancestor, reveal mysterious secrets.
The White Rose is a voyage through contemporary London, 19th century Vienna and Paris,
and Belle Epoque Europe – as well as the art that defines each of them.

It was the time Coco Chanel opened her Boutique on rue Cambon.
The Book describes the Paris of the early Chanel years

As Vivian takes destiny into her own hands
and develops a burning desire to find the painting.
The White Rose there are several obstacles in her way.
In short, it’s a page turner and unlike anything on the market.