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Author : Bettina Ballard
Published : Jan 1, 1960

Bettina Ballard (1905 - 1961), Paris-based correspondent
and later Fashion Editor for US Vogue,
was at the centre of the fashion world from the 1930s to 1960.
Native of Mexico, Bettina spend her early years in California.

Bettina Ballard and Coco Chanel
Ballard was a friend of Coco Chanel,
Cristobal Balenciaga and Elsa Schiaparelli.

"I particularly remember the season
when Aimee was lionized in Paris.

She was so pretty,
so genuinely nice,
carried gaiety with her like a fan,
and she was almost eaten alive.

Hung with diamonds,
she was pushed from fittings to balls,
never allowed a moment for private conquest
because every hostess needed her
for her party
to prove that she could draw the lioness of the season.

Aimee just wanted to dance and flirt and have fun.
That wasn't what Paris expected of her."

Bettina Ballard in her memoires,

Video in French talking about the Memoires
of Bettina Ballard

Bettina Ballard was capitvated
by the young Aimée Lopez de Sottomaior,
later Aimée de Heeren.

Bettina captures the spirit of pre-war Paris,
the working methods of the fashion greats
and the transformation of the post-war fashion industry with the arrival of Dior.

1952 Bettina Ballard was featured on the Best Dressed List.

In my fashion

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In My Fashion
Memoires by Bettina Ballard

In my fashion

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Les Memoires
de Bettina Ballard

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