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Preparing Cremerie de Paris
for Amazon by Atelier Nils Rousset

La Maison de Noel Amazon
by Moon Event

Arriving at the center of Paris with Amazon
by Cremerie de Paris

Amazon Opening Cocktail Video
by Normade Urbain

Amazon Opening Cocktail Video
by IT Numerique

Amazon Pop Up à la Cremerie de Paris N°1
Amazon Pop Up à la Cremerie de Paris N°2
Amazon Pop Up à la Cremerie de Paris N°3
Amazon Pop Up à la Cremerie de Paris N°6
Du vendredi 23 novembre au dimanche 2 décembre 2018.

Amazon France Press Release

Jeff Bezos starting Amazon

World's most valuable Company

2019 Jan 7, a month after it's iconic Cremerie de Paris Pop Up Store,
Amazon became the World's most valable company.
Amazon was created in 1994 by Jeff Bezos out of his garage near Seattle, Washington

Amazon is more valuable than any company producing luxury goods
even the entire luxury industry
does not reach the value of Amazon.

Creative minds behind the Amazon Pop Up Store

idea: Jeff Bezos, Frédéric Duval, Anne-Lise Menard from Amazon
event management: Julie Richard, Julie Joie, Mathilde Champion,
Manuel Delcourt from Moon Event
déco: Marie Hélène Galet, Atelier Nils Rousset
chorographie Art performance: Johan Nus
photos: Pascal Versaci, Clement van der Linden, Olivia Rutherford, Cremerie de Paris
videos: Florent Zarka, Hugo Raffoul de Comarmond, Cremerie de Paris (first Video Making of & Opening Night)
Stanislas Minondo (actor), Ben Solms, Worldscott (third Video - Arriving at the Center of Paris)

Partners of the Amazon Pop Up Store
Sony, Microsoft, HP, Moulinex, Lego, Levis, Ravensburger, Garmin, Smartbox,
Cafe Royal, Calor

New subway exit Marguerite de Navarre
The main subway exit of Châtelet les Halles
is stunning, but the construction took forever ...
The opening of the Amazon Pop Up Store
happened at a very special moment
as it brought a "visual end" to a never ending six year construction period.

Building fences, "completely forgotten" since august 2018,
were finaly removed november 22 at 3pm,
it was a little stressfull
only 3 hours !
before the start of the Amazon opening night ...
a public works truck finaly arrived to arrange the problem
which took 20 min to be resolved.

A little thank you note for their endless help with this and other "travaux" issues
to Nicolas Martin-Lalande, Jacques Chavonnet, Marc Mutti, Jean-Pius de Goëss,
Milicent Solms, Marie Dominique Ponthieu and Myriam Moll.
Without them the above pictures would look completely different ...

By the way Marguerite de Navarre,
the Lady in whose honor was named the subway exit
was the grand-mother of King Henri IV (grandfather of King Louis XIV).
They lived a long time ago but they all knew our Cremerie de Paris
which goes back to 1370. historic gate
The 3rd Bourbon King,
Louis XIV spend parts of his childhood in our old VB mansion
which was owned by his tutor Nicolas V de Villeroy.
Looking at many Amazon pictures
you can see the gate the young king passed back in the 1650s.
The building is still almost identical.

A lot of history is attached to our place which fascinated many iconic people
like Coco Chanel. She used to walk by at night when she could not sleep,
sometimes accompanied by Aimée Sotto Maior.
Chanel left a little jewel to Aimée which made it possible
to re-open Cremerie de Paris N°1
abandoned in the 1970 after the departure of the famous Les Halles foodmarket.

This was long before Amazon was born ....
And it is almost as if Chanel had already decided that she wanted
her beloved Cremerie come back to life and become
a "Meeting place of the World's most famous Brands" ...

Chanel knew Cremerie de Paris from her boyfriend Dmitri Romanov
the oldest of a group of Russian children who grew up in St Petersburg
listening to fairytales about a "VB" hotspot located far away in Paris.
The legends originally came from the old Empress Eugénie
who back in the 1860s had comissioned the construction
of our Rue des Halles and of the no longer exisitng Pavillons Baltard.

Most of the children also called
Olga, Maria, Tatiana, Anastasia or Alexei were killed in 1918
but a few ones escaped the Russian Revolution ...
With Dmitri, Nikita, Carl and Friederike the legends
around the Cremeries returned to Paris.
Carl and Friederike were the "baby sitters"
of the editor of this article ...

All this might have attracted the company that was on the way
to become the World's most famous Brand ...
Jeff Bezos did not want to pick "just any" random location
but a place with a bit of magic
to create his first Amazon Pop Up Store in France.

With the genious of Julie Joie, Julie Richard and Marie Hélène Galet
the Amazon Pop Up was so beautiful
it will alway remain in our centuries old history ...
Amazon Home of Xmas will be remembered
not only as "Beautiful",
but as "Very Beautiful".

Well the initials ot Very Beautiful aren't they
Please have a brief look at your keybord
VB is are right there .... / Very Beautiful