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Telephone +33 1 70194200 Mail Contact
Adress 150 rue Gallieni 92641 Boulogne Billancourt
Website Yoplait.com
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History & Timeline:

1964 :Six regional dairy cooperatives establish national marketing cooperative SODIMA.

1965 :Sodima introduces Yoplait brand.

1967 : Yoplait innovates and launches the first fruit yogurt, of which it remains the leader today on the world market for fresh dairy products

1969 :First international franchise agreement is signed for Yoplait brand.

1971 :Company introduces Candia fresh milk brand.

1990 :Sodima is reformed as Sodiaal; forms U.K. joint-venture Yoplait Dairy Crest.

1997 :Yoplait Polska subsidiary is opened.

1998 :Company changes name of Idéval cheese division to Les Fromageries Riches Monts.

1999 :Yoplait becomes number one yogurt brand in United States.

2000 :Jean-Claude Dorbec is named CEO

2002 : SODIAAL cède 50% de Yoplait à PAI Partners

2011 : General Mills acquires capital of Yoplait (purchase of a 51% stake from PAI Partners and Sodiaal)

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Internet Domain:

The 7 Letter Internet Domain Yoplait.com
was registered 6 October 1995
is hold in the name of Yoplait.