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Telephone +32 16 27 79 80 Mail Contact
Adress Aarschotsesteenweg 20, 3000 Leuven Belgium
Website Stella
Parent Anheuser Bush  
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History & Timeline:

Sebastian Artois
Born 25 May 1680 - Louvain, Louvain, Brabant-Flamand, Belgium
The story begin with a Star, Stella, mean “star,” refers to the Christmas star

1366 : Records of taxes exist on Leuven's Den Horen Brewery, a brewery that is still in existence today.
The Anno 1366 on the Stella Artois logo refers to the origin of brewing in the city of Leuven.

1425 : When the University of Leuven was founded in 1425 it not only brought knowledge to the city but it added to the know-how of brewing beer which had been discovered earlier by accident.

1708 : Sebastian Artois becomes the master brewer at Den Horen.

1717 : Sebastian Artois gives his name to the brewery.
Sebastian Artois decided to buy the brewery in 1717 after being admitted to the Leuven Brewer’s Guild as Brew Master in 1708.

1926 : Stella Artois was launched initially as a seasonal beer especially for the Christmas holiday market.
Stella Artois is a 5.2% ABV global lager first brewed Leuven Belgium.

1930 : The first Stella Artois beer is exported to the European market.

1960 : 1 million hectoliters of Stella Artois is produced annually for the first time.

1988 : Brouwerij Artois merger creating Interbrew.
Taylorbrands founder David Taylor created a new package design, bottle design, and shape.

1993 : InBev open a new fully automated brewery in Leuven.

2006 : Total production volume reaches over 10 million hectoliters annually.

2008 : InBev was part of the merger creating the Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) brewery company.
That same year, a lower-alcohol version, Stella Artois 4%, was introduced in the UK market.

2013 : Stella Artois beer become available in South Africa at a ridiculously high price.

2015 : Partnering with in a project to help women in particular.

2018 : Stella Artois launched L’Heritage Artois, a limited-edition lager made for the holiday season. It was sold in Champagne-style 750-milliliter bottles, with a slightly higher 6.5 percent ABV.

2019 : According to its website, Stella Artois will donate $0.06 per pint or bottle of Stella Artois and Stella Artois Cidre sold until April 30, 2019.

2020 : Stella Artois has helped provide access to clean water to more than 1.7 million people. Its goal is to reach 3.5 million people by 2020.

Stella Artois brewery in Leuven

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