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Telephone +39 0522 821 1 Mail Contact
Adress Smeg S.p.A, Via Leonardo da Vinci, 4 42016 Guastalla (RE), ITALY
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1:41 min Smeg HBFP01 Food Processor attachment (2019)

1:24 min Smeg Drip Coffee Machine DCF02 (2019)

0:40 min Smeg Stand Mixer SMF02 SMF03 SMF13 (2019)

0:30 min Smeg iconic FAB28 refrigerator (2020)

History & Timeline:

The story begin in the early XX , inspired by the idea of being ‘Made in Italy’ and start in Emilia-Romagna, a region well known for its food ...
Smeg, stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla (or the Guastalla Emilia Enamel Works),
Founded 1948 in Guastalla, Italy.72 years ago
Founder Vittorio Bertazzoni Snr
Headquarters Guastalla, Italy.

1900 : The family started making cookers.

1906 : The Family showed one of their products at the World Expo in Milan.

1948 : Vittorio Bertazzoni Sr founds Smeg in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in Italy.

1955 : Production of cookers begins, reaching its peak with the presentation of the first Smeg brand cooker.

1963 : The company presents Leda, the first Smeg branded washing machine.

1970 : Niagara is released, the world’s first 14-place setting dishwasher, meeting modern requirements for large wash capacities.

1971 : Production of built-in appliances such as ovens and hobs begins; these products will become part of the defining elements of Smeg’s success.

1977 : Franco Maria Ricci creates the Smeg logo which incorporates references to the burners of a gas hob and the round knobs of an oven.

1979 : Smeg sponsors the Ferrari Formula 1 team that runs with J. Villeneuve at that time.

1985 : the company begins working with architect Guido Canali to create ovens and hobs.

1991 : Smeg’s collaboration with important designers continues, with the company offering ovens and hobs designed by architect Mario Bellini.

1995 : The company with architect Renzo Piano which will lead to the production of hobs, ovens, fridges and the Smeg home garden.

1997 : The FAB range of fridges is created, a product line destined to become an international style icon and status symbol.

2002 : Guido Canali designs the Smeg Headquarters, for which he receives an honourable mention at the Milan Triennale’s “medaglia d’Oro all’Architettura Italiana” architectural awards in 2006.

2008 : Smeg celebrates its 60th anniversary and presents products designed alongside Marc Newson.

2009 : Smeg winthe Wallpaper Design.

2012 : Smeg and Italia Independent produce a new style icon: the FAB28 denim fridge.

2013 : SMEG500, a fridge which looks like a Fiat 500 car, born from an exciting collaboration between Fiat 500 and Smeg.

2014 : Smeg launches the small domestic appliances line designed by Deepdesign studio.

2016 : Smeg teams up with Dolce&Gabbana to create Frigorifero d’arte collection, a special edition of 100 FAB28 hand-decorated by Sicilian artists.

2017 : Smeg and Dolce&Gabbana unveiled their latest collaboration – Sicily is my Love.

2018 : Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg celebrate the authentically ‘Made in Italy’ by Divina Cucina inspired by the decoration of the Sicilian Cart, and one inspired by the mediterranean Maiolica ceramics.

2019 : The Vitality System and Smeg Connect collaborate with Disney to create Mickey Mouse special edition FAB.
In the same year Smeg announces the acquisition of La Pavoni, an historical company in the production of domestic and professional coffee machines. :Creation Date : 1996-04-18

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Coming is an imaginary name.

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The Smeg Letter Internet Domain
was registered 18 April 1996
is hold in the name of Smeg.