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75008 Paris
+33 1 47 23 39 26
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History & Timeline:

1904 July 2: , Birth of René Lacoste in Paris France.
1923: Birth of a symbol, first crockodile
American journalist baptizes René Lacoste “The Alligator”
in reference to a bet between the tennis player and his coach over a crocodile suitcase.

1927: Simone Thion de la Chaume, future wife of René Lacoste
becomes French champion at British Girls Amateur Golf Championship.

Rene Lacoste
1925: René Lacoste wins the French Tennis chamionship.
1926: René Lacoste is the World n°1 Tennis player.
1927: René Lacoste wins the Coupe Davis Tennis championship.

1927: Artist Robert George createss the crocodile logo.

Rene Lacoste
1929: First introduction of the Lacoste tennis shirt.

1932 : Invention of the Lacost Polo
replacing the traditional long tennis shirts
the reference is L.12.12

1933 : Incorporation of "La Chemise Lacoste"
with help of André Gillier..
Launch of the fashion brand.

1940: Activities interrupted due to WW2.

1946: Reopening of Lacoste after the war.
1951 : Lacoste sees life in color
Every season has its colours!.

1952 : Lacoste Shirts exported to the USA.

1958: Launch of a Lacoste children collection.
1960: Launch of a Lacoste tennis racket in steel.

1961: Etablissements Gillier acquired by Devanlay-Recoing (today Devanlay S.A.)

1963: Bernard Lacoste becomes the President of the company.

1967 : Catherine Lacoste, daughter of Rene Lacoste
wins U.S. Open golf championship.

1968 : Lacoste equips the French ski team.
First perfume in collaboration with Jean Patou.

1981 : Launch of Lacoste sunglasses.
1985: Launch of Lacoste tennis shoes.

1989: Death of René Lacoste. He worked until the en of his life on company design and inventions.

1990: The Swiss Mauss family enters a 35% minority stake in the Lacoste capital
through their acquisition of Devanlay SA.

2005: Bernard Lacoste steps down for health reasons
and is replaced by his young brother Michel Lacoste.

2006 : LACOSTE Foundation
helps young people in vulnerable situations by supporting their social integration through tennis and golf.

2011 : Lacoste L!VE, the new Lacoste
for a young, avant-garde and contemporary audience.

2012 June:, Opening of the world's largest Lacost store on Knightsbridge in London.
Tensions in the Lacoste family.
Successive sale of shares hold byMichel Lacoste and his children Sophie and Philippe Lacoste to the Swiss Maus family.

2014:"The Big Leap / Life is a beautiful Sport" commercial.
Actors Paul Hamy and Anna Brewster,
Director Seb Edwards,
music DISCLOSURE - "YOU & ME" ft Eliza Doolittle

2017 : Novak Djokovic becomes the New Crocodile ambassador

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Coming is an family name of company founder René Lacoste.

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The Lacoste Logo was created by xxx.

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The Lacoste Letter Internet Domain
was registered 10 July 1997
is hold in the name of Lacoste.