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Gucci History & Timeline:

Guccio Gucci
1921: Foundation of Gucci.
by the Italian Craftsman Guccio Gucci (26 March 1881 – 2 January 1953).
The company logo "GG" are the initials of Guccio Gucci.

According to the legend Guccio Gucci discoverd Luxury Luggage
in the late 1890s as an employee of the London Savoy Hotel,
a famous destination for chic travelers.
Later he was working some years for the leather manufacturer Ditta Franzi in Milan.

Guccio GucciGucci Boutique in Florence
1921: Guccio Gucci, 40 years old, started the Gucci company
as a small leather saddlery shop on 7 via della Vigna Nuova in Florence.

The first clients during the 1920s were Italien horsemen.
The reputution of Gucci was slowly building due to the high quality of the products
using the best possible craftemen in the Florence atelier. During the war
Gucci finds new materials, woven canapa of hemp from Naples to substitute imported leather.

Guccio Gucci and first store in Florence
1938: Opening of a second Gucci store on via Condotti in Rome.
1951: Opening of a 3rd store via Montenapoleone in Milan
and in 1953 a 4th at the Savoy Plaza Hotel East 58th Street New York.

Aldo and Vasco GucciRodolfo Gucci
Over the years Gucci's four sons, Aldo, Vasco, Ugo and Rodolfo
joined the growing company and replace their father who dies 1953 at age 72.

1955: Gucci name is registered as a trademark.

1959: Gucci Boutique in Rome moves to via Condotti.

1960: Gucci New York store moves to 5th Avenue, St Regis Hotel.

1961: Ppening of the Gucci store in London,
opening of the Gucci store in Palm Beach.

1961: The US fashion icons Jackie Kennedy and Aimee de Heeren buy Gucci bags.

1963: Opening of the first Paris Gucci store on rue Saint Honore.

1966: Rodolfo Gucci designs for Flora silk print scarf for Princess Grace of Monaco.

1968: September Gucci opens a shoe boutique in the St Regis Hotel in New York.

Gucci Boutique in Florence
1968: October, extension of the original Gucci store in Florence.
1968: November, opening of the Gucci store in Beverly Hills.

During the 1970s international expansion continued
under the influence of Aldo Gucci.
Stores opened in Tokyo (1972) and Hong Kong (1974).
The first ready-to-wear collections were launched,
featuring GG printed shirts or GG buttoned fur-trim coats.
Two stores open in New York on 689 and 699 5th Avenue

1975: Launch of the first Gucci perfume, Gucci N° 1.

1980: Tensions within the family, Paolo Gucci gets fired.
1981: Launch of the Gucci Acessory Collection.
The Gucci family tries to blocks Paolo Gucci to start a new "Paulo Gucci" lable.
A lawsuit between Paulo Gucci and his cousin Maurizio, his father Aldo
and his oncles Rodolfo and Georgio is creating a lot of media attention.

Maurizio Gucci
1982: Gucci shares became listed on the stockmarked.
Maurizio Gucci, son of Rodolfo Gucci and grandson of Guccio Gucci became the new company president.
Maurizio Guccio also held a 50% stake in the company.
The company had a movemented history due to fights in the Gucci family.

1984: The lawyer Domenico De Sole becomes president of Gucci America.
1985: Gucci products enter the permanent Moma collection.

1986: Internal Gucci family fights result in an IRS investigation on the company
and Aldo Gucci has to go to prison for one year.

1987: Investcorp, the Bahrain-based investment company, Investcorp
started investing in Gucci trying to buy as many Gucci shares as possible.
1989: Investcorp owns 50% of the stocks.

1989: Dawn Mello from Bergdorf Goodman become head stylist (until 1994).

1990: Aldo Gucci dies as a result of the stress in the battles with his son.
A young Texan designer, Tom Ford is hired.

1991: Gucci headquarters move from Florence to Milan.

1993: Maurizio Gucci sells them his remaining 50% shares for $ 170 million
ending the Gucci family ownership of the Gucci company.

Tom Ford
1994: Tom Ford is appointed creative director of the company.
His style becames more provocative and more glamorous
using among others silk cut jersey dresses with metallic hardware.
Gucci moves back to Florence to cut administration cost.

Domenico de Sole
1995: Domenico De Sole, previously CEO of Gucci USA
becomes CEO
and the company transformed from a mainly privately to a fully publicly hold company.

1995: March, Maurizio Gucci is assasinated by an arrangement of his wife Patrizia.

1996: French Luxury conglomerate LVMH make a takeover bid on Gucci.
Domenico de Sole and Tom Ford form a strategic alliance with the French holding company PPR (Pinault Printemps Redoute)

1996: Infestcorp sells it's remaining Gucci shares for $ 1.7 billion.
The battle over the control in Gucci continues for several years.

Gucci Boutique in Amsterdam opened July 1999
1999: July, opening of the Gucci Store in Amsterdam, Hooftstraat.

Gucci Boutique in Paris
2000: July, opening of the Gucci Store in Paris, rue Royale.

Gucci Boutique in Zuerich
2000: November, opening of the Gucci Store in Zuerich.

Gucci Boutique in Duesseldorf
2000: November opening of the Gucci Store on Koenigsallee in Duesseldorf.

2001: Settlement is reached between Gucci Group, PPR and LVMH.

2002: September 2, Gucci opens another Paris Boutique on 60 avenue Montaigne,
(in the exact same location where Christian Dior started his career as a fashion assistant).

2002: Frida Giannini from Fendi enters the Gucci Accessory division.
2004: Tom Ford and Domenico De Sole leave Gucci.

Frind Giannini
2005: Frinda Giannini becomes the company head stylist for both mens and womens.

Gucci Boutique in Brussels
2007: March 27, opening of the very elegant Gucci store in Brussels.

Gucci Boutique in New York
2008: February 20, opening of the new Gucci 5th Avenue store,
the World's largest Gucci flagship store.

2011: Sep 28, opening of the Gucci Museum in Florence in the Palazzo della Mercanzia.

Gucci Boutique in Luxembourg
opening of the Gucci store in Luxembourg.

Origin of Gucci Name & Logos & Internet Domains:

Gucci is the family name of company founder Guccio Gucci.

Gucci logo designed by Aldo Gucci
The Gucci logo was designed by Aldo Gucci.
The “double-G” logo of Gucci artistically employs the two interlocking “Gs”
Aldo’s fathers initials – Guccio Gucci. The Gucci logo has become
synonymous with luxury, fashion and style.
It is one of the world's very well know fashion logo ever created.

Internet Domain:

The 5 Letter Internet Domain was registered june 4 1996.

The domain is hold in the name of Guccio Gucci S.P.A..