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Telephone +33 3 83 30 80 24 Mail Contact
Adress 17 Rue des Cristalleries, 54000 Nancy France
Boutique 14 Place Stanislas, 54000 Nancy France
Website Daum.fr
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1:32 min Video Daum (2018)

6:48 min Video Daum Luxury French Crystal by Lynn Lewis (2011)

1:41 min Video about the Daum Eagle (2013)

5:30 min Video in French - Production (1965)

History & Timeline:

Jean Daum (1825-1885)

Auguste Daum (1853–1909)

Antonin Daum (1864–1931)

1878 : Fondation of Daum by Jean Daum with his first Son Auguste Daum (1853-1909) specialise in the pâte de cristal.

1885 : August become the leading director of the company Daum &Brothers.

1887 : The joining of Antoine who had just graduated from the l'École centrale des arts et manufactures de Paris.

1889 : The establishment of an artistic department which was entrusted to Antonin.

1893 : The recruiting of imminent Jacques Grüber he was entrusted with the creation of pieces to appear at the Universal Exhibition in Chicago.

1897 : Creation of « drawing school » Ecole de Nancy trained its own decorators and engravers In particular, Émile Wirtz, Charles Schneider, and Henri Bergé.
1900 : Daum awarded a “Grand Prix” medal in the Universal Exhibition.
Daum vase, circa 1900.

1901 : The statutes of the School of Nancy were officially established.

1906 : Daum revived glass paste, an ancient Egyptian method of glass casting.

1909 : Antoine played an important during the international exhibition of the East of France which marks the end of the School of Nancy.

1918 : Adjusting the company to new production conditions, maintaining the the quality, technique and aesthetic orientations.

1920 : Direction to new path Art Dec.

Major exhibitions : 1921 : The autumn fair.
1923 : Barcelona.
1925 : International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris.
1931 : Colonial Exhibition in Paris.

1950 : Daum produced pieces entirely in clear crystal .

1965 : New crystal brilliant promotes the creation of pieces with thick and flexible shapes.

1968 : Daum collaborating with contemporary designers, such as César, Roger Tallon or Salvador Dalí.

1976 : Pierre de Chérisey, grandson of Antoninus, was the last president of the Daum family to head the company.

1982 : the company decides to sell part of its historical collection.

1983 : The Daum and the musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancysign a sponsorship agreement, allowing the donation of works.

1985 : The crystal factory left the Daum family bought many times.

2009 : The company was bought by the Algerian-French financier Prosper Amouyal.

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