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Telephone +44 141 531 1801 Mail Contact
Adress Strathisla Distillery
Glasgow G5 OQB
UK / Scotland
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0:50 min Chivas XV - unleash your Gold (2018)

0:50 min Chivas XV - unleash your Gold (2018)

History & Timeline:

A Luxury grocery store opens in Aberdeen
The store is specialised in brand, rhum, coffee and spices.

1810 James Chivas is born

1810 John Chivas is born
The brothers and two of 11 children
that grow up on a farm in the Aberdeenshire.

1836 the brothers seattle in Aberdeen 1

1842 Chivas Brothers is choosen
as an official supplier to Queen Victoria.

1850 James Chivas decides tp create a whisky brand.
His first blend is called "Royal Glen Dee".
1860 A second whisky follows "Royal Strathythan"

1909 Chivas Brothers launches a new 25 years old blend
mainly exported to the United States.
This blend is called Chivas Regal.
1909 eis also the year Coca Cola is born.

1949 Chivas is bought by the Segram group.
1950 Chivas Brothers acquires
the Scottish destillerie Strathisla founded in 1786

2000 Chivas becomes part of the French liquor group Pernod Ricard

Henri Louis Pernod
1776 birth of Henri Louis Pernod
a Swiss stiller.

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

The word "Chivas" is a combination of
the expression "..." and "...".


Chivas Logo
The first Chivas logo designed in ... by ...
was made using ...
Chivas Logo
The current Chivas Logo was launched in ... as a result of
The ... represent Chivas products,
The typo is ..., created by designer ...

Internet Domain:

The Chivas Letter Internet Domain was registered 1995 may 11
It is hold in the name of Chivas.