Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

1924 is launched "Parfums Chanel".
Ernest Beaux brews the perfume,
one of the first ones to mix natural and artificial essences.
Coco Chanel designes the bottle,
the octagonal cap recalls the geometry and proportions of the place Vendôme.
The jewish businessman, Pierre Wertheimer provides the financing and
gets a 70% interest in the Chanel Perfume business.
20 % are hold by Théophile Bader.
Coco Chanel licenses her name and expertise for 10%.
Parfums Chanel are a different company seperate from the fashion house.

Chanel N°5 becomes a huge success.
Until today it is the best selling perfume worldwide.

Allure Homme Sport Cologne
Allure Homme by Chanel perfume