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Adress The Mountain Framingham MA, USA
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0:15 min, Bose | BOSE QUIETCOMFORT® EARBUDS - 静けさを、思いのままに

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History & Timeline:

Dr Amar Bose in 1955
1929: Dr Amar Bose is born in Philadelphia.

1956: Dr Bose graduates Ph. D. from MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Technology).

1956: Dr Bose buys a stereo system and he is insatisfied by the poorly performing speakers.
Following he does research on speaker technology.
His research efforts go into
psychophysics, studying the relationship between measurement and perception
and psychoacoustics, studying sound the way people perceive it.
Different patents come out of these studies.

1956: Dr Bose becomes a teacher at MIT (until 2001)

1964: Foundation of Bose Inc by Amar Bose.
MTI professor YW Lee gives $10,000 start capital.

1965: Sherwin Green, a young MIT grad student becomes the first Bose employee.

1968: Launch of the pentagonal 901 Direct Reflection Speakers.

1972: Bose enters the market of Professional Loudspeakers.

1984: Introduction of Acoustic Wave Music System.

1987: Dr Bose receives the "Inventor of the Year" award.

1988: Bose provided the sound system for the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary.

1990: Introduction of Lifestyle speaker system.

1991: December 20, Registration of the Internet Domain.
At this time only very few companies have the sligtest idea of the arising Internet.

1993: Opening of the first Bose store in Kittery, Maine , USA.

1993: Introduction of Bose Wave radio.

1995: Launch of the tiny only 4½" tall Jewel Cube speakers.

Bose Headquarters, Framingham
1997: New corporate headquarters at 'the Mountain', Framingham.

1999: Bose starts online sales.

Bose SoundDock for iPod
2004: Launch of iPad SoundDock®

Inventors Hall of Fame, Akron
2008: Dr Amar Bose inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron.
The Hall includes nearly 500 Inventors from a period of over 3 centuries
including the founders of other companies on the Fame List
like Thomas Edison founder of (GE), or William Hewlett (founder of HP).

2011: Donation by Dr Bose
of the majority of the shares in Bose Inc to
his former University MIT, Massachussetts Institute of Technology.

Bose Boutique Brussels
2011: June opening ot the Bose Store in Brussels.

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

The Bose name comes from India ...

Bose is the family name of company founder Dr Amar Bose.
Dr Boses father,
Noni Gopal Bose, was a political refugée from India who immigrated in the US.

Bose Logo

The Bose Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The 4 Letter Internet Domain is registered december 20 1991
which is a very early date for a Domain registration.
Bose owns a portfolio of approximately xx internet domains.