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Telephone +1 425-882-8080 Mail Contact
Adress One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052 USA
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3h23min31 Video Verion Longue Soirée de Lancement Gears 5

11:50 Video Soirée de lancement Gears Ink Paris

0:30 min Video Musique Gears 5

2:02 Microsoft Launch Gears 5 @ Cremerie de Paris N°9

Launch Video Game Gears 5 at the Cremerie de Paris N°9
event organisé par Brainwash

XBox at Cremerie de Paris N°7 & N°8
event organisé par Brainwash

History & Timeline:

1953: Birth of Paul Allen

Bill Gates 1975
1955: Birth of Bill Gates

1972: Foundation of Taf O Data,
a company tracking car traffic data.
The founders are boyhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Microsoft Logo
1975, april 4: foundation of Microsoft in Albuquerque.

1979: company headquater moved
to Bellevue, Washington, USA.

1983: Introduction of Microsoft Word.
1986: Introduction of Microsoft Windows.

1979: company headquater moved
to Redmond near Seattle, Washington, USA.

1980: IBM asked Microsoft to produce the software
for its first personal computer, the IBM PC.
Most PC manufacturers licensed MS-DOS
Later as their operating system,
generating significant revenues for Microsoft.

1986: IPO / Stock market launch of the company.

1990: Introduction of Microsoft Office.

1993: almost 90 % of the world’s PCs
run on a Microsoft operating system/

1994: Marrige of Bill Gates and Melinda French.

1995: Release of Windows 95 /
Introduction of Internet Explorer.

1996: Launch of the travel portal Expedia.

1997: Microsoft offfers some Office packs
to Cremerie de Paris N°1,
hosting at the time the first Internet Cafe in Paris.

Among the cafe visitors some US Microsoft people
travelling through Paris and François Linh Hoang,
a design student at Creapole
and fututure organiser of
different Microsoft events
to take place at Cremerie de Paris.

1999: Microsoft becomes world's most valuable company
with a peak market cap of 618.90 billion.

2000: Steve Ballmer succeeded Bill Gates as CEO.

2001: Release of XBox entering the computer game market.

2001: Sale of the travel portal Expedia.

2000: Formation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
world's lagest charity foundation.

2006, nov 7: launch of the first Gears of War computer game

2009: lntroduction of the Search engine Bing.

2012: lntroduction of Surface computers.

Microsoft XBox One
2013: release of the Xbox One video game console.

2014: Satya Nadella succeeds Steve Ballmer as CEO.

2014, nov: Microsoft participates in the
Acer Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris N°1.

2015, oct 26: Microsoft opens a store on NY 5th Avenue.

2016: Aquisition of the professional networking website
Linkedin for 26.2 billion USD.

2018, nov: Microsoft is a partner of the Amazon
Pop Up Store at all Cremeries de Paris.

2019, april 25: Microsoft reaches $1 trillion market cap.

Brain Wash team
2019, september 5: Launch of the computer game
Gears of Wars 5 at Cremerie de Paris N°9
redesigned as a Tatoo saloon.

more coming soom ....

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

The word "Microsoft" is a combination of
the expression "microcomputer" and "software".


Microsoft Logo
The first Microfost logo designed in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen
was made using a programming language
using concentric lines and rounded edges.
Microsoft Logo
The current Microsoft Logo was launched in 2012 as a result of
a collective brainstorming amongst many Microsoft employees.
The four colors represent Microsoft products,
red for Powerpoint, green for Excel, blue for Word and yellow for Outlook.
The typo is Segoe UI, created by designer Steve Mattes

Internet Domain:

The Microsoft Letter Internet Domain was registered 2 May 1991
It is hold in the name of Microsoft.