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Telephone +81 3-5771-0573 Mail Contact
Adress Konami Holdings Corp
9-7-2, Akasaka, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 107-8323
Website Konami.com Flag coming soon
Parent Konami.com  
Social Media Coming soon

Metal Gear Solid Pop Up Store on Cremerie de Paris.com
organised by François Linh Hoang from the agency Brainwash


2:24 min Konami Metal gear Pop Up Store @ Cremerie de Paris (2016)

3:53 min Video Metal Gear Solid V Launch @ Cremerie de Paris (2015)

0:57 min Anniversary Collection (2019)

5:38 min Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trailer (2016)

History & Timeline:

Konami was created in March 2006.
coming soon

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

Coming is an imaginary name.

Konami Logo

The Konami Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The Konami Letter Internet Domain Konami.com was registered 24 August 1995
is hold in the name of Konami.