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Telephone +852 3008 9757 Mail Contact
Adress No.3 cangku, Sanshuiqu, Foshan, Guangdong, 528143 China
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1:17 min Video Shein Press Cocktail at Cremerie de Paris

0:50 min Video Shein Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris

0:59 min Video Shein Pop Up Store Bordeaux

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History & Timeline:

SHEIN is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform.

2008 : is founded SHEIN with numerous branches spreading from America, Belgium, Dubai, Nanjing, Guangzhou to Shenzhen, owning more than 6000 employees globally.

2014, 2015 : SHEIN got the acquisition of 2 Chinese and American rivals: ROMWE and MAKEMECHIC.

2018 : Supported by several venture capital firms like JAFCO、IDG and Greenwoods since founded, we successfully completed C round financing.

2019 : Shein opens Pop Up Stores at Cremeries de Paris N°1.

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Shein is an imaginary name.

Shein Logo

The Shein Logo was created by xxx.

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The 5 Letter Internet Domain was registered jan 16 1998
is hold in the name of Shein.