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Telephone +33 9 74 50 10 14 Mail Contact
Adress Groupe SEB, 112 Chemin du Moulin Carron, CS 90 229 69130 Ecully
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0:24 min Moulinex Companion TV commercial (2016)

0:30 min Vivez l'expérience Companion de Moulinex (2018)

History & Timeline:

The story begin in a small commune in called Bagnolet, when a genius inventor make the pleasure of cooking available to all … here is his story.
« Moulinex »is the contraction of Moulin Express, the electric coffee grinder.

The Founder : Jean Mantelet (1900 Rosny-sous-Bois-1991 Paris).

Foundation: 1937
Headquarter: 112 Chemin du Moulin Carron, 69130 ECULLY

1931 : Jean Mantelet, start in metal working plant inventing the Moulinette presse-purée.

1932 : Commercializing "Moulin-Légumes".

1937 : After the Bagnolet a new plant is established at Alençon under the name Moulin-Legumes the establishing the company.

1951 : Moulinex enlarge its products and gross sells.

1953 : He creates the first electric coffee grinder, the Moulinex, which gives the final name to the enterprise.

1957: : Moulin-Légumes is renamed Moulinex.

1961 : Moulinex uses the slogans "Moulinex libère la femme" (Moulinex, liberator of women),
and "Vive la cuisine presse-bouton !" (Long live the push-button kitchen!)
and in America "It's so simple when you Moulinex it".

1969 : Ranked on the French stock exchange.

1972 : Spectacular success.

1985 : The company edges towards bankruptcy and is only saved by personal investment from Jean Mantelet.

1986 : Jean Mantelet boost the company suffering from foreigners competing and modeling the strategy.

1988 : Jean Mantelet, implements a succession plan.

1990 : Death of Jean Mantelet.

1991 : Acquisition of Krups.

1995 : Losses top 700 million francs for the fiscal year.

1997 : The company reviewed restructuring program led by CEO Pierre Blayau.

2000 : Union with the Italian company El.Fi which owned the German Brandt.

2001 : The company declares bankruptcy. Groupe SEB eventually takes over.

2009 : New fasion desing Small Made in France, to boost the company.

2011 : Groupe SEB authorised to use the Moulinex brand and begins the relaunch process.

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