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1:00 min Video Above and Beyond Land (2022)

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History & Timeline:

John Kemp Starley (1854, Walthamstow – UK; 1901, Coventry, UK).

1878 : The Rover brand came directly from the J.K. Starley & Sutton bicycle factory in Coventry, founded by John Kemp Starley.

1885 : The young builder presented atricycle, called Rover (vagabond in French) Rover Safety.

1896 : He renamed his company "The Rover Cycle Company.

1903 : Rover starts on its first motor car, led by designer Edmund Lewis who joined from Daimler.

1905 : Rover 8 HP.

1930 : Beat the famous Blue Train in France on the Calais / Saint-Raphaël route.
The Rover Light Six which beat the Blue Train on the Saint Raphaël / Calais route.

1934 : Lande designed new version baptised Streamline Rover P1.

1939 : The brand has largely earned its slogan:
"One of Britain's Fine Cars" is listed on the cover of Rover publications.

1947 : Rover's chief designer Maurice Wilks and his associates create a prototype using Jeep chassis and component.

1948 : The first Land Rover launches at the Amsterdam Motor Show.

1949 : The British Army puts in its first Land Rover order.

1951 : Land Rover is an iconic British car, so much so that King George VI granted Land Rover a Royal Warrant.

1964 : Land designed a new revolutionary version, allowed Rover to revive after the war.
Rover 90/110, the hour of retirement has struck for the venerable "auntie".

1967 : Rover becomes part of Leyland Motors, which the following year merges with British Motor Corp to become British Leyland.

1970 : Land Rover launches the Range Rover, with independent suspension and a new V8 engine.

1974 : Land Rover abandons US market[23] facing competitive pressure from Japanese 4x4 brands.

1975 : British Leyland part nationalized.

1976 : One-millionth Land Rover leaves the production line.

1978 : Land Rover Limited formed as a separate subsidiary of British Leyland.

1987 : Range Rover is introduced to the US market, following many years of demand being filled by grey market sales.

1988 : Rover Group is privatised and becomes part of British Aerospace, and is now known simply as Rover.

1989 : Introduction of Discovery.

1990 : The Ninety and One-Ten range of models are given the generic name of Defender.

1994 : Rover Group is taken over by BMW. Introduction of second-generation Range Rover.

1997 : Land Rover introduces the Special Edition Discovery XD with Freelander.

1998 : Introduction of second generation of Discovery.

2000 : BMW hands Rover Cars to Britain’s Phoenix consortium, a group of British businessmen.

2002 : Introduction of third-generation Range Rover.

2005 : Adoption of Jaguar AJ-V8 engine to replace the BMW M62 V8 in the Range Rover.

2006 : Ford acquires the Rover trademark from BMW.

2008 : Ford agreed to sell the Jaguar and Land Rover operations to Indian Tata Motors.

2008 : India Tata Motors finalized their purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford
and put them into their new subsidiary, Jaguar Land Rover.

2001 : Received a Queen's Award for Enterprise for outstanding contribution to international trade.

2012 : Fourth-generation Range Rover was exhibited at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

2013 : Land Rover and Jaguar Cars merged to form a single company,
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, producing vehicles under both marques.

2018 : Land Rover announced the launch of "Cortex"to create self-propelled cars-robots
that are able to independently navigate off-road in all weather conditions."

2019 : Land Rover announces it is working on a remote control system for its new Defender
that would allow low-speed driving from outside the car .

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