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Telephone +86 400-830-8300 Mail Contact
Adress Huaqiang Electronics World, Hua Qiang Bei,
Futian Qu
Guangdong Sheng, 518208 China
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History & Timeline:

Ren Zhengfei (25 October 1944)

Name :Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
Type: Private (Employee-owned corporation )
Industry: Telecommunications equipment,Networking equipment
Founded : 1987
Founder : Ren Zhengfei
HQ : Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Area : Worldwide

1980s : China's government tried to modernize the country’s underdeveloped telecommunications infrastructure.
Ren Zhengfei A former deputy director of the People's Liberation Army engineering corp.
founded Huawei in 1987 in Shenzhen.
HUAWEI is the official English transliteration of the firm's Chinese name.
The etymology of the character 华 is derived form " 花 " which means "flower". This is hinted at in HUAWEI's logo.

1990s : The company began its own independent commercialization of PBX switches targeting hotels and small enterprises.
Huawei’s launched its C&C08 program controlled telephone switch.
Huawei build the first national telecommunications network for the People's Liberation Army of China.

2000s : Huawei contracted with IBM, British Telecom
Huawei increased its speed of expansion into overseas markets, india , Europe, USA.
Huawei signed a Global Framework Agreement with Vodafone.
The company launched the world's first end-to-end 100G solution from routers to transmission system.

2010s : As of the beginning of 2010, approximately 80% of the world's top 50 telecoms companies had worked with Huawei.
Huawei won a contract with Everything Everywhere, the UK’s biggest communication company, to enhance its 2G network. The four-year deal represents Huawei's first mobile network deal in the UK.

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The Huawei Letter Internet Domain was registered 11 January 2000
is hold in the name of Huawei.