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Adress Via Nizza 250 10126 Turin, Italy
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0:48 min NEW FIAT 500 | The electric you don’t expect ft. Leonardo DiCaprio

13:50 min - New Fiat 500 | “The day of La Prima

0:34 min - New Fiat 500 | The line

1:54 min - Fiat 500 GQ | Milano Men's Fashion Week

History & Timeline:

The story Begin when a group of businessmen Giovanni Agnelli join to realize a mutual dream: an Italian automobile offering “democratic mobility”.

The Founder: Giovanni Agnelli (1866 Villar Perosa, Italy- 1945 Turin, Italy)

Name: Fiat: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Company Turin)
Headquarter: Via Nizza 250 Turin
Front of the Lingotto, headquarters of Fiat in Turin.

1899 : The company was stablished in Turin.
The Fiat 4 HP the first model of car produced by FIAT based on a third party design.

1900 : First Fiat plant opens with 35 staff; makes 24 cars.

1902 : Giovanni Agnelli becomes Managing Director.

1903 : The company is listed on the stock exchange and begins producing its first vehicles for goods transport.

1906 : Out of a total 8 million lire in annual sales, export sales reach 6 million.

1908 : The company begins manufacture of aircraft and marine engines, and trucks, buses, trams.

1910 : Fiat launched Six new models.

1912 : Fiat cars win the American Grand Prize, the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race and the Gothenburg-Stockholm Winter Cup.

1915 : Lingotto factory is the largest in Europe at the time.

1919 : Fiat comes out with the 501 “economy”, 505 and 510.

1921 : Release many models, including SuperFiat, the 519, a six cylinder luxury car, the 509 and the 503.

1929 : the arrival of the economical 514 and the elegant 525.

1930 : The arrival of the “Littorina”, the world’s first railcar.

1936 : The Tariffa Minima, better known as the Balilla, was very popular because of excellent gas mileage.

1937 : Mirafiori plant introduce the most advanced working methods to Italy.

1940 : The Fiat 016 locomotive broke the world speed record in the diesel engine category.

1951 : The transatlantic liner Giulio Cesare, powered by a Fiat engine, enters service and Italy’s first jet, the Fiat G.80, takes flight.

1955 : Arrival of the popular 600, the first Fiat rear-wheel drive passenger car.

1964 : Launch of the two-door, five-seat Fiat 850 sedan.

1969 : Fiat buys Lancia carmaker and half of Ferrari.

1970 : The 128, Fiat’s first front-wheel drive car, is named “Car of the Year”.

1973 : Fiat suffers first operating loss as result of strikes and the first oil price shock.

1976 : Centro Ricerche Fiat is founded and Libya buys just under 10 percent of Fiat.

1980 : Launch of the Panda, which immediately becomes key player in the economy segment.

1984 : Alfa Romeo becomes part of the Group.

Fiat Tipo
1988 : the Fiat Tipo is named “Car of the Year”.

1993 : The Company acquires the prestigious automaker Maserati.

1995 : The Fiat Punto, Fiat Bravo-Brava and then the Alfa Romeo are named “Car of the Year”.

2000 : Banks urge Fiat to sell Fiat Auto to DaimlerChrysler.

2002 : Fiat asks for crisis status from government.

2003 : Gianni Agnelli dies; brother Umberto takes over as head of family holding; a year later, Umberto dies.

2004 : Fiat names turnaround expert Sergio Marchionne to be its fifth chief executive in two years.

2005 : Fiat and GM dissolve five-year partnership with the U.S. auto giant paying Fiat.

2007 : Fiat launches the new Bravo and Abarth one of the most prestigious sports car brands in history, the new Fiat 500 becomes “Car of the Year”.

2009 : On June 10th, Fiat Group and Chrysler Group LLC announce a global strategic alliance.

2010 : Alfa Romeo celebrates its 100th anniversary and debuts the new Giulietta.

2012 : Fiat brand launches the 500L, a new addition to the highly-successful 500 family.

2014 : Fiat Group increases its ownership in Chrysler Group and merge to create Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

2016 : FCA announces a collaboration with Waymo (formerly the Google Self-Driving Car Project).

2019 : FCA and Groupe PSA agree to a 50/50 merger that will create a leading global mobility company.

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