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Telephone +49 89 63600 Mail Contact
Adress Wittelsbacher Platz 2 80333 Munich / Germany
Website Siemens Home
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Siemens Book Store

Time lapse view on the Siemens Connected Gallery

Electronic Art inside the Siemens Connected Gallery

Teaser of the Expo

Siemens Expresso Machine

Siemens Connected Gallery at Cremerie de Paris N°1

More on the Siemens Expo at Cremerie de Paris
13 - 15 october 2017

more on the Siemens Gallery on Cremerie de
Siemens Home Connect
Visitors were invited to discover the Siemens Home Connect product line,
in a gallery dedicated to digital art,
around augmented & interactive experiences,
co-created by a group of artists.

Nicolas Paciello, pastry chef of the Restaurant La Scène
finally brought his "personnal touch"
by proposing surprising creations made in the Siemens kitchen.

Creative Minds behind the Siemens Connected Gallery

Idea: Siemens Electromenager
Deco and Pop Up Store management: M.D., Laetitia Crampe and Carla de Barros from Extreme Events

Chef of the Siemens Kitchen: Nicolas Paciello from Michelin stared Restaurant La Scene

Gallery: ?
Artists: Benjamin Chassagne & Pierre Alexandre Dagba
Technical Director: Benjamin Legris
FX / CG Artist: Hugo Lefebvre
Application Developper : Yohan Le Breton, Rémi Grosson, Félix Arguillere
Electronic conception: Jean Rémy Perot
Sound design: Nicolas Zuber
Project Manager: Roman de Villeneuve
Installation & Set up: Benjamin Chassagne, Pierre Alexandre Dagba, Benjamin Legris, Hugo Lefebvre

video 1 David Aaron Benali (Cremerie de Paris)
video 2 Pascal Montary and Adrien Lachapelle (AC3 Studio)

History & Timeline:

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Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

Coming is an imaginary name.

Siemens Logo

The Siemens Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The Siemens Letter Internet Domain was registered 29 September 1986
is hold in the name of Siemens.